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Confession #2,436

My best friend has trouble with insomnia off & on. Lately it’s been kicking up again & she’s been on a rant about it. Totally understand, but today she was upset over sleep deprivation & that it was going to kill her. I’ve quite literally lived in the brain fog with CFS for just shy of twenty years now. I average about 4 hours of useful sleep every night. I feel for her, but at least hers will even out eventually. I’d love to have that hope.

Victoire was the only person allowed near James’ hair. 

In fact, she was so good at cutting his hair, he encouraged her to start her own salon, and helped her get a place for it.

Part of Yomiuri Newspaper Interview (11 Aug 2015) translated by Mii9000 from Yuzuruhanyu forumnatic:

Though he attracts increasing attention as an Olympic gold medalist, he confessed that he was baffled by such attention. “I have been working hard not because I want to be famous, but because I like figure-skating and want to win.  I am not an idol or a TV celebrity. I am an athlete, and I want that to be the core part of my mind. I don’t want to let it waver.”

pic credit: twitter.com/soranokumo2014

C Why is appearance such a hot topic amongst some people in our community?! I left the gym the other day and stopped to get gas on the way home, looking very much like I was busting my ass at the gym, and this lady was like “that’s how you leave your house? I would never leave mine unkempt!” I said v respectfully that I had just left the gym. It reminded me of the criticism Gabby Douglas was getting for her hair when she was competing in the fucking Olympics -__-