olympics day 5

Lapidot Week, day 5: Olympics/Sports AU

End up using Hilary Florido’s High School AUs for this ‘cuz I had no idea what to do~ they are getting ready for the relay race during the sports festival, aparently Peri can’t properly stretch also what is bg

Also, here have the “gems” version~

Day 5: The Magician - Team Canon - Through a Forest Wilderness

Summary: Three years after the Kirkwall Chantry explosion, Hawke and Anders are still puzzling out this ‘inciting revolution’ thing together, one step at a time.

Author: @fauxfires

Prompt: 'The Magician’; & I went with one of the 'upright’ definitions - 'new beginnings’.

( Read on AO3 )

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Hello! Just a friendly reminder that there’s still five more weeks till Sourin Week which will be held on January 26 to February 2 of 2015. 

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