Often compared to Zinedine Zidane and admired for her skills, Louisa Nécib is considered like one of the best players in the world of women’s soccer nowadays. Her talent is undeniable and make her a unique player on the field. At the age of 29 she is retiring after the Olympics (in Rio) this summer, which means one thing for the french girls : bring the gold home.

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Surya Bonaly is the only female figure skater in history to do a backflip (a thoroughly illegal and dangerous move) – and in so doing, pioneered a move called a “Bonaly,” where one does a split in midair and lands on one foot. The other three skaters who’ve done a backflip (all male) have landed on both feet, 

As the video above states, she was rebellious and outspoken, and did not fit the standard image of figure skaters – either in skin tone or in types of moves performed. At the 1994 Olympics, she tied with Yuka Sato (a woman in the more traditional “ice princess” mold). When Bonaly received second place after a 5-4 panel decision, she protested by refusing to stand on the podium.

She’s retired now, living in the United States and coaching a new generation of girls to break boundaries.

I’ve been staring at the Olympic pictograms for WAAAY too long...

Horse to the left

Horse to the right

Horse real fast





Gotta turn the page!

Can I be a pretzel before I hit the wavy lines?


Competitive Ballet!

Sports with friends!

This 40-Year-Old Gymnast Just Qualified For The Olympics
Oksana Chusovitina might not be the teenage olympic gymnast we often see, but you better believe she can — and will — compete with the best of them. Last Sunday, the 40-year-old from Uzbekistan qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympic games. This will be Chusovitina's seventh time at the Olympics

“Am I old? I don’t feel old… Gymnastics keeps me young.”


A Passion for Pentathlon Brought @jameslenger and @jessdavis_usa Together

Try to keep up with @jameslenger and @jessdavis_usa on Instagram — their training schedules are pretty intense.

Meet James Lenger (@jameslenger) and Jess Davis (@jessdavis_usa): two pentathlon competitors in one incredible relationship. “We met at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,” James says. “We had trained together and been friends for a couple of years, which eventually led to us dating.” The two are bringing attention to the lesser-known sport, which consists of fencing, rifle shooting, swimming, horseback riding and cross-country running. Between competing in the ITU World Triathlon Championships and training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, saying that James and Jess are busy is an understatement. “We both understand each other’s schedules,” Jess says. “It’s a good balance between being able to keep the sport separate but being able to support each other.”


Hedaya Malak Won the World Taekwondo Grand Prix And Is Going To The Olympic Games in Rio

Securing herself a spot at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, and sailing through to receive the -57 kg gold medal at the 2015 World Taekwondo Grand Prix, Egypt’s Hedaya Malak qualifies herself as one of the top 5 women in taekwondo and one of the coolest women in 2016.

Her unbeatable drive, passion, and motivation allows Malak to qualify for this year’s Olympics at Rio, at fourth in the ranking, expecting to move to the third.

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