Football tag I was tagged by @schwarzenadler13 Rules: Have fun and tag 10 people !! 1. favorite club(s): Man United, FC Bayern Munich, AS Roma, Rayo Vallecano 2. favorite coach(s): Sir Alex and Carlo Ancelotti 3. favorite striker(s): Raul, Zlatan, Rooney, Javi Guerra, Ronaldo (he’s not a striker but he plays forward right now), TOTTI 4. favorite midfielder(s): Mkhitaryan, Thiago Alcantara, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger 5. favorite defender(s): Hummels, Martinez, Pique, Darmian 6. favorite goalkeeper(s): De Gea (on the fence right now, once the Spanish government gets everything organized I’ll make a final decision, but these things take time so I’m not sure what to believe), Iker, Kepa Arrizabalaga, Rulli 7. favorite captain(s): Iker, Totti 8. favorite stadium(s): Old Trafford, Stadio Olympico, Vallecas 9. favorite retired footballer(s): Cantona and Raul, Batigol 10. favorite trophy(s): Champions league 11. a moment that made you smile: CL Final 2008 when we beat Chelsea, when Francesco Totti received a standing ovation at the Bernabeu, and every time Totti has ever scored against Lazio 12. a moment that made you cry: Northern Ireland getting knocked from the euro, and when Totti scored a brace to win against Lazio last season after coming on in the dying minutes (happy tears) 13. a player you used to dislike but now like: Ramos 14. a player you like from a rival team: Coutinho, Lovren, Sokratis 15. a player you respect for their talent: Ronaldo 16. a player you want to hang out with: Ander Herrera

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