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Are you really insinuating that gay cis people have more privileges than straight sex workers and polygamous straight people..................

That’s not how intersectionality works.

Being straight gives you privilege. Separately, not being a sex worker gives you privilege. Being monogamous is yet another form of privilege.

I’m not here to play oppression olympics and qualify one as being harder or easier than the other. But the thing of it is, oppressions can stack. I was talking about hierarchy of privilege within the LGBT and queer communities.

A queer sex worker definitely has less privilege than a cis gay person who isn’t a sex worker. A non monogamous queer person definitely struggles more than a monogamous gay couple. A trans queer person definitely has less privilege than a cis gay person. These aren’t privileges monogamous non-sex-working cis gay people are necessarily asking for. Society gives it to you whether you like it or not. Society is also absolutely capable of saying to you “Hey, you might be gay, and I don’t like you for that, but at least you’re not a gay trans sex worker, so join me in hating trans sex workers.” When you agree to those terms, when you decide to give in to the unfair privilege you’ve been handed, that’s when you become oppressive. That’s why “I can’t help it I’m cis” doesn’t hold any water. 

The LGBT community needs to work on itself and get rid of this weird idea some of y’all have that you are incapable of having privilege over someone. We are all absolutely capable of performing oppressive action against each other, and are in fact far more likely to if we remain ignorant to the problem. Passive privilege turns into active oppression when left unchecked. Any critiques I deliver of the LGBT and/or queer communities are based in love and desire to see these communities stronger, and to see them stay relevant in the fight against oppression.


CWOQ 2016: United States vs Puerto Rico Highlights

Dear @jillellisdiary,

Happy Valentine’s Day! Will you be mine? Unfortunately, I can’t go on a date with you tonight because I’m too busy trying to secure a win over Trinidad and Tobago. But perhaps we could schedule our Valentine’s Day date for a later time? Let’s say…. Sunday, February 21st? At, oh… 4pm? At, let me think of a random location… BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston?

You bring your team and I’ll bring my team.

xoxo, John

@ellamasarisgoals and I color coded them.
Orange-left off the roster

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You and Lance are staying at a hotel in some foreign country for Olympic qualifiers, you tagged along as the doting fiance and assistant. The hotel is a high rise and you're near the top floor of the building, the suites wrapped in glass windows. Your first night there, he strips you down, pushing you against the glass, taking you from behind as you look out at the city skyline.

oh that’s totally a Lance move with his vanity and exhibitionism streak 

Sinful Sunday™

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so it's like. i totally get bettman doesn't have the final say in stuff the league does, like it's mainly the owners and such, but i still think it's hilarious when he said "WE're not participating in the olympics" like. who tf do you mean by "we" gary; ovi's already stated multiple times he's going regardless of the league's decision and i'm pretty sure the caps owner has stated he wholly supports ovi's decision. (1/2)

and then you got guys like kopitar and zuccarello who were, literally a week before the world cup, playing in olympic qualifying games just to get their respective home countries into the olympics in the first place, but now you’re gonna tell them they can’t play?? lmao good luck with that. (2/2)

i love it cause like the NHL thinks they have that much power that if ovi and other big names go they’ll be the ones the fans support??? like lol the league is nothing without their stars and the owners need to stop being so fucking self centered and get humbled a little. like the caps owner SHOULD support ovi because Ovi is the reason his team is relevant at all. and like what’s the problem with not shutting down the league and each team just sends the players chosen for their respective olympic teams, they play what??? 3-5 games without them and then they’re all back. they don’t gotta shut down the elague, everyone gets to go, the iihf pays for the room, board and player insurance. 

i just feel like we’re in this weird af tme period where the older generation is so so so sos os much more disconnected from the younger generation than it ever has so the old boys club that runs everything actually thinks everyone would agree with them. like we would see the millionaires and blame them just for being millionaires when the Billionaires are the ones making the shitty decisions. like it’s only selfish and ungrateful if the players do it, not when they do it. like pls.


Patrícia Mamona and Susana Costa of Portugal qualify for the Triple Jump final in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in 9th and 11th place respectively, making Portugal the only country with two athletes in the final.