RIO 2016:  The official blueprint for the emerging Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro states that favela residents won’t be displaced by development. Mayor Eduardo Paes has made similar promises in advance of the Summer Games, which begin August 5.

Adam Talbot writes for The Conversation that despite the assurances, residents of the Vila Autódromo favela on the edge of the Olympic site feel pressure to leave. The self-constructed community is located on what is fast-becoming prime real estate, he writes.

An estimated 80 percent of the 700 families there have accepted financial compensation in exchange for agreeing to relocate. Talbot warns that when slum dwellers agree to vacate, they often end up in poor quality housing with high electricity costs. The mayor states here that the remaining 30 families are welcome to stay.

The better option, says Talbot, a doctoral researcher in the sociology of sport and RioOnWatch contributor, is for the city “to make Vila Autódromo part of the show.” It’s not too late for the city to upgrade the infrastructure for the remaining residents, and showcase their favela as a cultural asset, Talbot writes.

Source:  Citisignals, 1 Feb. 2016; and The Conversation, 21 Jan. 2016


stumbled upon this video on Carli’s twitter and now I’m emotional.

Many people think we are here to win a gold medal. I think that’s a pretty accurate statement, but there’s a desire that goes way beyond the bling. It’s the desire to do something extraordinary.
—  Tobin Heath, on the Olympics. 7/20/12
Olympic feelings

It’s over. The Olympics.

This was the first time in my life I actually watched something of it besides the opening and closing ceremonies— and that I enjoyed sports at all I think. —I thought it was impressive that the gymnasts could do all those flips and bends and the swimmers were so fast and I didn’t know two people could dive that way and at the exact same time and I actually watched soccer for the first time…

And go Team America!!!- Kicking some foreigner tail :P

I mean the athletes were great but I actually got into the competition… And then I mean the entertainment was fantastic too… and hilariously awesome

plus I have a newfound love for Ryan Lochte

-he’s intelligent-

-and he’s classy-

-and he’s … well-

I don’t know what to do now… I’ve been watching these games so intently for these past days and I’m left like-

What now? I don’t want to watch boring athletes, I want the world’s finest!!! I don’t think I can watch normal television for the time being… I’m gonna go sulk and watch less intense and competitive television while the sheer aweand feels keeps me from going to sleep.

…Goodnight all!

One more for the road… :D

2014 Sochi Olympics

I have a huge, huge love for Russia (aph and the real country), the olympics, the world. 

So while the olympics I’ll probably scream, cry, squeal, flail and other fangirl moments. 


During the olympics: 

When my homeland (Canada, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales) wins: 

When one of my bbys win (Nordics, America, England, Russia, Japan, China):

My mom: 


omg i remember watching this with my family and freaking out even though i was like 12 there was lots of jumping involved