olympic vis

while you’re all going crazy over ning zetao, here are more chinese athletes

@xiao-dan i did my research. saved the best for last imo~

Swimmer: 孙杨 Sun Yang (aka 孙萌萌 -> sun cutie)

Fencer 孙伟 Sun Wei (more on the cute side than the 8pack side. also, look at those legs)

Fencer 董力 Dong Li (not in Rio, but still really attractive)

Fencer 许英明 Xu Yingming (also not in Rio. the fencing team is like an idol group)

Badminton 超级丹 Chao Jidan (he has his own underwear brand)


Fanmeeting in Kobe Day 2 (23.04.16)



Long & McQuade Mississauga (Toronto) Canada:

  1. Lovely 1978 Fender P-bass!
  2. I love a V with a bound neck.  This one is a special run for Giibson’s 120th anniversary.
  3. My fave Starla is still here…it has been here for AT LEAST two years!
  4. Starla (reprise)
  5. Yellow pickup, Burlington Vermont.
  6. I must say I love an Olympic White Bass VI.
  7. I don’t know much about basses that are not Fenders, so I have no idea what these are.  Pretty though…
  8. Another classic car from my trip to Vermont last week which just happened to coincide with a giant classic/antique automobile event!
  9. Say what you want about Ibanez, but they do make some great hollow bodies!
  10. There are at least THREE things in this picture that I wouldn’t mine taking home…