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while you’re all going crazy over ning zetao, here are more chinese athletes

@xiao-dan i did my research. saved the best for last imo~

Swimmer: 孙杨 Sun Yang (aka 孙萌萌 -> sun cutie)

Fencer 孙伟 Sun Wei (more on the cute side than the 8pack side. also, look at those legs)

Fencer 董力 Dong Li (not in Rio, but still really attractive)

Fencer 许英明 Xu Yingming (also not in Rio. the fencing team is like an idol group)

Badminton 超级丹 Chao Jidan (he has his own underwear brand)


Fanmeeting in Kobe Day 2 (23.04.16)


Fender guitars and basses were amongst the most sound-defining instruments in The Cure.

Robert Smith first got hold of a Fender Jazzmaster while recording 1979’s Three Imaginary Boys, the band’s debut album, when he was 20. Much to manager and first co-producer Chris Parry’s despair, he first intended to use his first ever electric guitar, a Woolworth Top 20, and was prompted to buy a more decent instrument. Which Smith did with a Fender Jazzmaster, though that was mostly because of how it looked - and also because the store did not have the Fender Jaguar he had in mind. BUT, The Cure’s leader couldn’t stop there: he still used a Top 20 pickup on his Jazzmaster…

You can take a good look at this Jazzmaster thanks to the A Forest video. It seems it was later turned black, during the Pornography Tour.

Though they are similar in looks, Robert Smith’s Jazzmaster is not to be confused with his first Fender Bass VI (link), an Olympic White six-string bass. Photo on the left shows the Jazzmaster at a 1979 concert - right is the Bass VI in 1981-82.