olympic trials

Why isn’t Bryshon Nellum’s story being passed around Tumblr? In 2009 he was shot twice, once in each leg, by gang members. After undergoing three surgeries he was told by his doctors that he would probably never reach world class speed again. Less than three years later he ran a personal best of 44.80 in the 400 placing third in the U.S. Olympic trials gaining the last spot on the team. In London he made it all the way to the semi-finals in the 400, while also running the first leg of USA’s 4x400 relay team who, after suffering some injuries, was still able to pull out a silver.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this is definitely in my top greatest comeback stories.


Before I go to be I really wanted to give these girls a shout out…the ones that got away…With the exception of Maggie; Amelia, Brenna, Rachel, Christina, and Emily were pretty much ignored at this event by the media and TV. And I feel it is only appropriate to celebrate their amazing accomplishment of being able to COMPETE at this meet, and I hope you all can agree that these women should deserve just as much love as the Olympic Team will receive. And for most of these girls…this may be their final night as an Elite Gymnast….