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“Try to selfie and she can’t keep a straight face!😜 thanks Hawaii ✈️ off to canada tomorrow for the Olympic Gala 👌” -Mark McMorris with Coco Ho


First off all: Was this anything at all what you were expecting? : o

Secondly: Thank you everybody who helped me complete this video!! I really appreciate all your help!! <3

Thirdly: FIN-AL-LYYY!!! PUH!! That took a good chunk out of me, but I am glad that I made it through. X,D

This is the first story of mine that was purely born out of how I interpriated the lyrics of a song (usually I create a story and then find a song that fits afterwards). Like the English “spouce”, the Finnish “puoliso” is not gendered and I always imagined Samuli singing about two men and their life together and I had to do something with it. :3

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Full WJSN on ASC Summary:

Cheng Xiao was declared the hottest idol of last week (super surfer, olympic gymnast, and starting pitcher aka Super High School Level Athlete).

Jae asked Cheng Xiao a question in English and waited for an answer, making everyone just sit there in complete silence, then Jae finally realized that Xiao doesn’t speak English fluently.

Xiao gave another flexability demonstration.

*Ok.” “Of course.” “Yes, I’m ok.” - Cheng Xiao

The girls discussed what they wanted the fandom name to be. One of the ideas was “Satellites” or “some kind of space shuttle.” The next idea was that the fandom name would have a syllable from “우주소녀” in it, so they suggested “우정” which means “friendship,” the shared syllable being “우.

Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, Dayoung, and Eunseo did a weird dance cover of Cheng Xiao’s ballerina solo (you know what kind of dance it was just by seeing the beagles’ names).

According to EXY, the main point of the MV is that Yeonjung comes to meet the group after they all pray for her. The second point is when “a criminal comes out and bothers Yeonjung” but the girls “win.” (idek) The third point is that Cheng Xiao “is just so pretty” and makes a spell to call out to Yeonjung. The last point is where Exy and Seola wore “scouters” and drove around space to find Yeonjung. Basically all the girls love Yeonjung and I love that.

Bona and Mei Qi showed us how to be perfect queens while dancing as Dayoung sang ‘Secret.’

The choreography has a dance move that’s actually sign language; The move/sign means “secret.”

They danced to ‘Secret’ with ‘Mo Mo Mo’ in the bg and it surprisingly matched up pretty well 0.0

The girls all liked ‘Secret’ the first time they heard it, thinking “THIS IS IT. THIS IS THE TITLE TRACK. NO QUESTIONS.” There was also an original version of the song, obviously different from the one we were shown.

The girls all took turns singing lines from ‘Secret’ (meaning every girl got to sing and we got to hear all their beautiful voices).

  • Soobin slayed Yeonjung’s long note. Twice. *drops mic*

The choreography changed a lot during the prep. period and it caused a lot of confusion because some members danced the changed versions while others danced the older versions.

“FIGHTING!!!” *lots of hearts all over*

They played a game called “The Queen of Secrets.” Each girl would reveal a secret in a relay. The audience would basically choose the weirdest/funniest/most interesting secret, but if a secret seemed a bit strange or weird, they’d ask for an explaination. Also, the winner would be given a box of perfume.

  • Cheng Xiao couldn’t pronounce her name. “I can’t pronounce my name!”
  • Seola has ‘puppy aegyo’ (a-freaking-dorable).
  • Exy said she cries easily.
  • Dayoung can’t eat sea food. 
  • Eunseo can’t multitask well. “Um…” “What is this?” “Ok, I start.” (later proved by her trying to do math whiling moving beans into different bowls with chopsticks).
  • Dawon is actually the clumsiest member of the group, though she tries hard and “pretends” to be calm (Dawon’s English slapped me in the face).
  • Xuan Yi grew up as a boy until she was 7 (later explained by Xuan Yi, who said she had super short hair and never wore skirts).
  • Mei Qi does some trippy ass, exorcist arm stretch while sleeping.
  • Bona forgot the Daegu dialect.
  • Soobin collects cicada larva (add this to her Pure Hobbies List along with coloring) (this also caused a lot of “???,” a grossed out Jimin, and giggles).
  • Luda has mismatched ears (one is missing the antihelical fold).

Seola showed us the puppy aegyo and Jimin shouted in excitement so loudly she started coughing.

Bona actually does speak in Daegu dialect, but since she hears Cheng Xiao imitating it a lot, she can’t tell if she’s speaking in actual Daegu dialect or Xiao’s version, which has some Chinese mixed in. It “started to sound a bit odd.”

Here’s Mei Qi’s “flexible” sleeping position: wtf how


  • “The butt of a monkey is?” “Long.”
  • “The pigeon is?” “Peace.”

How they calm nerves before a performance:

  • Yeoreum crosses her arms and pats her chest.
  • Dayoung goes to the bathroom.
  • Soobin eats chocolate.

Eunseo really wants to try a sexy concept (did a demonstration and said “good job” to herself).

Lots of fanart was shown (i recognized some from @freshstatiic & @birbyonce)

Karaoke preference:

  • Upbeat song: Cheng Xiao, Dayoung, Eunseo, Luda, Bona
  • Ballad: Seola, Exy, Dawon, Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, Soobin

Exy likes singing ballad because she listens to hip hop/dance music.

The girls would like to make a Ballad subunit.

Eunseo likes singing trot songs.

Alarm goes off, now what?:

  • *gets up*: Cheng Xiao, Seola, Exy (pls, we have evidence you don’t), Dayoung, Eunseo, Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, Bona, Yeoreum, and Luda
  • ‘fuck no’ *back to bed*: Dawon, Soobin, and Yeonjung (dragged under the bus by Dawon)

Dawon and Jimin went to school together, and Jimin said she always had to wait for Dawon because she took forever to get up.

It’s the day off:

  • Recharge the gay with sleep: Cheng Xiao, Seola, Exy, Dawon, Bona
  • Recharge the gay with food: Dayoung, Eunseo, Xuan Yi, Mei Qi, Yeoreum, Soobin, Luda

Preferred group concept:

  • All of them said ‘girl crush.’ I expect some dark colors and leather next time around Starship.
  • They like this concept better because they trained a lot with powerful dances. They feel more comfortable with the girl crush concept.
  • Example of what’s to come:

A fan from France was holding a sign that said Mei Qi’s name in Mandarin.

While traveling in the Wujubus, do you prefer sitting in the front or the back?:

  • Front: Seola, Exy, Dayoung, Eunseo, Xuan Yi, Bona, Soobin, Luda
  • ^^These girls feel sick in the back.
  • Back: Cheng Xiao, Dawon, Mei Qi, Yeoreum

Mei Qi was volunteered as the representative to compete against Cheng Xiao in a flexibility contest (Jimin was shook).

The Queen of Secrets was Eunseo!! “Oh my god.”

The girls all waved goodbye cutely in a little corner window as their MV played on the screen.




She’s a pro surfer, he’s a pro snowboarder and they are the perfect match. X Games winter gold medalist, Canadian 2014 olympic team member Mark McMorris & Hawaiian pro surfer Coco Ho.

“Our red carpet power stance 😋 Ahhaha! Always a great time in Canada or anywhere on my mans side! ☺️” -Coco Ho with Mark McMorris