olympic spirits


Two athletes have provided one of the most inspirational moments of the Rio Olympics so far when they tripped over each other in the women’s 5,000 metres - then helped one another to carry on.

American Abbey D'Agostino and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand were 3,000m into the race today when D'Agostino appeared to clip Hamblin’s heel, sending both tumbling to the ground.

But instead of appearing frustrated that their dreams of glory were apparently over, both women put on a display of the Olympic spirit that will live on long after the Games are over.

D'Agostino, 24, immediately got up to help her rival - then, as it became clear that she had a right ankle injury, Hamblin tried to help her continue.

Both athletes attempted to start chasing after the pack that had left them. But D'Agostino could not keep going as her knee had apparently twisted awkwardly in the fall.

She told Hamblin to go on as she collapsed on to all fours on the track. But the camera then came back to D'Agostino and she was back on her feet and running again.

Hamblin said: ‘When I went down, I was like “Whats happening, why am I on the ground?” And suddenly there’s this hand on my shoulder like “Get up, get up, we have to finish this.”

‘I’m so grateful for Abbey for doing that for me. I mean, that girl is the Olympic spirit right there.

‘I’m so impressed and inspiring that she did that. I’ve never met her before. Like, I’ve never met this girl before. And isn’t that just so amazing?’

Both Hamblin and D'Agostino were subsequently promoted to the 5000m final on Friday. [x]

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isfp: bee twatting
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istj: pest control
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zeus is the sagittarius god and his statue resides at olympia. the olympic games symbolizes the dream of sagittarius, a goal to shoot the bow and arrow towards. mars represents the competitive nature of the olympics, but jupiter and sagittarius epitomise the collective thoughts and vision, the olympic dream, the cultural engagement. olympic spirits where the ancient guiders of all things. 

When people are saying
• Ali Kreiger is not the best right back in the world
• Ali Krieger is not an attacking right back
• Ali Krieger should not start at the Olympics
• Ali Krieger is not going to start at the Olympics
I’m just like haters gon’ hate ✌

Who’s seen Rio’s medal holding figurines/trophies?

They are absolute genius pieces of design, and the general public is trashing them.

-They incorporate three olympic sports: volleyball, soccer, and rowing
-They have Brazil’s flag colors
-They spell out Rio
-They are built to hold the medals
-They are shaped to fit the Sugarloaf Mountains (see above)
-They are meant to represent the welcoming spirit of Brazil and the Olympic Spirit

And people are calling them trinkets, paperweights, shitty ornaments, and tatty souvenirs. Dozens of people have been saying that they can’t imagine people taking them home, but these are specifically designed to last because olympic medal winners kept throwing their bouquets away.
The amount of disrespect and disregard for the work put into these is absolutely disgusting.

To whoever made these trophies: thank you, they are amazing.

“I take my Bible with me, sometimes two of them, when I travel… . I always pray at every competition, when the judge’s hand goes up I am praying, and there are little Scriptures I like to quote. That keeps me motivated when I am about to go out on the competition floor. I would say little short prayers, quoting Scriptures: I can do all things through Christ, don’t fear, be courageous. Little things like that get me motivated.” 
  - Gabby Douglas