olympic qualifier

alright but imagine that the whole team goes ice skating one day and every other couple is gliding gracefully across the ice except for Neil and Andrew. Nicky and Erik, who’s in town for the holidays, are practically floating over the ice like an Olympic qualifying duo, Allison and Renee are elegantly spinning around each other, Matt and Dan are literally doing synchronized jumps off in one corner and Neil keeps on tripping over Andrew’s skates like a newborn doe. The last thing Andrew says on the ice is “No, Neil, like this.” right before slipping and busting his ass in front of the whole team. Neil and Andrew decide to sit rinkside with hot cider (holding gloved hands of course) for the rest of the day and the next time Renee suggests ice skating, Andrew gets up and leaves the room.

Ali Krieger had a pulmonar embolism that caused multiple mini-heart attacks.
Ali Krieger tore her ACL on the 2012 Olympics qualifier.
Ali Krieger had a serious head concussion 2 months before the 2015 World Cup.

Still, Ali Krieger came back every time even better and stronger.

She says she wants to keep playing for many more years as long she keeps enjoying the game.

Don’t doubt that she can and will be back in the Olympic games to get her medal.

Don’t doubt Ali Krieger.
Her name isn’t Warrior for nothing.

Well well well this is sketchy as fuck isn’t it. Last year the first MNT and WNT friendlies got scheduled in the same state, 60 miles from each other. This time, the MNT get StubHub, a cash cow in terms of attendance (they pulled 20k when their average last year was 8k. The WNT had 25k when they played there last year.) but the two WNT friendlies are in Texas? Where we’ve seen terrible attendance in the past? (5k, 7k in Olympic qualifying) Seems like someone’s trying to twist the attendance numbers to make sure less people see WNT games…