olympic hockey player

Ok! So, apparently there was this guy irl named Viktor Nikiforov…

He was a Russian Olympic ice hockey player in the 50s.

They were both born in December, albeit on opposite ends of the month, but that’s not even the craziest part!

If you look at his deathdate, Nikiforov died in 1989. Alright, now here comes the best bit.

Our Viktor…this guy: 

His official age according to the Wikipedia is 27. Which means he was born in 1989. That very same year!

And I’m just gonna leave this here.

*watching the winter classic with my parents, the Olympic commercial/interview thing comes on with Zach Parise*

my mom:“oooh he’s attractive”

*Patrick Kane*

my mom:“okay, even better”

*Sidney Crosby*

my mom:“oh good lord, he’s breathtaking. they clearly saved the best for last”

*my dad just rolls his eyes*

“If it wasn’t for her arm, she would have danced all the way back home.”

An Unlikely Pair” by Akichimihito

When Anna first saw Elsa skate, she instantly fell in love. However, it took many years before Anna finally managed to talk to Elsa. And then just a few years later they would go to the Winter Olympics together; Elsa, the World Champion figure skater and Anna as an Olympic rookie hockey player. (Elsanna, not icest)

Really Awesome fanfic! Just go read it because every detail is just “awwww”, seriously even Elsa’s body language is there just read it. Now!

Real quick fanart because it’s almost 2am here but Elsa’s outfit was calling me, and I put Anna on a Ghostbusters hoddie because yes.

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Lukas is and Olympic figure skater and Mathias is an Olympic hockey player and they meet by mistake. Lukas was practicing a routine and didn't know the hockey team was supposed to practice. Mathias's team leaves to go to another rink, figuring he ruined the ice with the pick on his ice skates. However, Mathias stays behind and talk to Lukas and learns he is actually a single father with a little boy. The two start dating and Little Emil becomes his Daddies biggest fan at their competitions. :3



Prompt: Hi! So I’m really getting pumped for the Olympics and I was wondering if you could write some sort of fic where Zayn and niall go to the Olympics, zayn as a hockey player or snowboarder and niall as a figureskater and they watch each other and spend the night before (when they’re all nervous) together and start dating and zayn brings niall flowers and a stuffed animal after his performance because omg adorable, I would be SOOOO happy ily

Prompt: Um, can you do a cute Ziall one shot? based on Half A Heart? Idk just do whatever you want, I have major Ziall feels and i just im sorry omg. Idk if you’re taking prompts..

Summary: Once together, it’s difficult being apart. Or the one where Zayn and Niall meet at the Sochi Winter Olympics and they fall for each other really quickly but some people want to break them apart, but they don’t let them.

Word Count: 20.3k

Warnings: there’s some smut but it’s not full on smut (SORRY PIA) but it’s brief, and it happens twice, ziall flirt with each other, icehockey-player!zayn and figureskater!niall

A/N: I mashed two prompts together, hope you don’t mind! This turned into a monster, it was supposed to be like 5k, fuckin’ ‘ell.

— — —

They met at the opening ceremony. 

It’s cute because, well, there’s stuff everywhere. Confetti falling all over them, so many people from different countries, doing different events and they somehow manage to catch each other’s eyes.  

Zayn sees him first.

The boy’s wandering through the large crowds of people and grinning wide. His small frame wrapped up in a big, green coat with matching pants and shoes along with his cute green beanie that looks a bit too big for his head. 

Zayn forgets how to breathe for a few seconds because everything seemed to slow down, his heart pounding in his ears as he makes brief eye contact with the beautiful blond. 

They smile at each other, and then that’s it. 

Zayn’s snapped back to reality by an arm thrown over his shoulder. Liam patting his cheek and saying something to him but he couldn’t hear. He was a bit overwhelmed.

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