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Welcome to the Handerslympics!

The Hawke/Anders Fic Olympics event is going forward in May. Sign-ups are still open! We will close sign-ups when we get to 14 participants (currently 8) or the event begins on May 10th, whichever comes first.

Already we’ve gathered a great number of people interested in writing Handers fics for Team Canon and Team AU! We’ve got authors like @fauxfires, @hollyand-writes, @un-shit-yourself, @mikkeneko and many more – and still plenty of room on each team if you are interested in joining.  Both F!Handers and M!Handers entrants are welcome!

On May 10th, the event will open: members of both teams will be given lists of theme prompts to choose from. Writers will be able to choose whichever prompt they like best, and they then have the next 10 days to write a fic on that prompt in either a Canon or an AU setting. 

At the end of the 10 days, on May 21st, writers begin posting their fics two by two, one prompt per day. Readers and spectators will read, comment their hearts out, and then give points to each entry depending on how well they thought it fulfilled the prompt and theme. Points earned will accrue to each team until, at the end of the week, either Team AU or Team Canon will be declared the winner!

If you’re interested in this event and would like to participate – either as a writer, a coach, or just a reader and voter, send a DM to either me (mikkeneko) or Reikah (fauxfires) to be pulled into the Discord chat set up for this event. NOTE: At this time, we only have writers signed up to be creators. We would not be opposed to adding artists to the teams as well, but to avoid the difficulty of judging a fic piece vs. an art piece, we would need to have AT LEAST one artist per team. If you are an artist and interested, don’t hesitate to message either of us if you’d like to discuss it!

  • Supernatural: So do you guys have anything planned for tomorrow?
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Doctor Who: Nope.
  • Homestuck: Oh no...
  • Supernatural: What?
  • Hetalia: .....*Eyes are wide open*
  • Supernatural: What's wrong?
  • Hetalia: *smiles*
  • Sherlock: .....
  • Doctor Who: ...What is going on?
  • Homestuck: Oh geez...
  • Hetalia: OLYMPIIIICS! WOOOOOH! *runs to his room and comes back with flags* SO EXCITED! *gives everyone flags* HERE YOU GUYS GO!
  • Supernatural: Wait what? Why...*gets a flag* It's just the Olympics...
  • Homestuck: You're no fun. *Waves flag in his face*
  • Hetalia: W-what did you say....? *looks at Supernatural*
  • Supernatural: I said it's just the Olympics. Nothing to special.
  • Hetalia: B-but...*looks at the ground* I-it's fun....T-the countries come together...n-no fighting or anything...*sniffs*
  • Supernatural: I-I...
  • Homestuck: Oh look you made him cry.
  • Hetalia: *rest head on Homestuck*
  • Supernatural: I...I didn't mean to...I'm sorry Hetalia...we could watch the Olympics.
  • Hetalia: *smiles* Yay thanks! *hugs Supernatural* THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!
Little Swimmer’s Club

Lucille had known from the very first time she had put him in water that she had a dolphin for a son.

She was always so proud of him at Little Swimmers, but right then she guessed he was too young to understand that.

Second was okay!

Second was way better than third, or fourth or fifth.

She looked down beyond his wet hair to the frown on his face as he watched the lad receiving his medal for coming first in the 15m club race.

Gordon was struggling to work out how on earth that had happened!  It didn’t matter to him that the other kids were older or taller.  

How had he come second?

He was never second!  

Lucille hugged him in close, wrapped in his lucky towel, hoping that it was a lesson better learnt early.  And yet knowing instead that, even at the age of five, it was in fact a lesson to make him even more determined to get to the Olympics.  They were all in for a rough ride from here on in.

She nestled her nose into his hair and offered, “S’okay Baby, s’okay.  You know what your Daddy says, sometimes you’ve got to let the other kids win!”

IT WORKED - This is especially for @photowizard17 for rescuing me from going bald from tearing my hair out.  Thank you so very much!  

“I like how despite substantially improving both the quality of his skating and his programs, Yuzuru is being written off and people are starting to anoint Shoma as the 2018 Olympic champion. We need to remember that it’s only the first half of the pre-olympic season and figure skating is as unpredictable as it gets. Keep your pants on and wait for next season before you start crowning anyone” 

  • Me: *in the living room on my phone*
  • People actually watching the Olympics: Hey, whose flag is that? Red and green... It's Italy isn't it? Is it Italy?
  • Me: *glances up at the TV* It's Hungary.
  • Announcer: And so-and-so from Hungary...
  • People: ...How do you know that?
  • Me: *sweats nervously* (The answer is 'anime' but do I really want to own up to that right now?)

“Speaking as a true Korean Yuna fan: the Koreans that constantly stalk Adelina’s instagram and bully her are not true Yuna Kim fans. In fact, most of them probably know nothing about figure skating as a sport. They’re just angry Koreans that use Adelina as a scapegoat for Korea not getting another gold medal at Sochi. That being said, I really hope that figure skating fans realize that there are a lot of Yuna fans out there that genuinely love figure skating and don’t hate on Adelina.”


Rosalina in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games… beautiful!! I’m gonna get this game


[ENG] 161119 MEETMBCEVERY1′s twitter update with SEVENTEEN

#주간아이돌 5주년 기념 팬덤올림픽 1위 아이돌!! #세븐틴 !!!드디어 금메달을 전달해드렸습니다!! 금메달을 받고 너무나 기뻐하던 #세봉이 ❤ 주간아이돌에 꼭 다시 나오고 싶다고 하셨습니다 😗 여러분 #세븐틴 은 사랑입니다!! (트윗지기도 본격 입덕)

#Weekly_Idol’s 5th year anniversary fandom olympic 1st place idol!! #SEVENTEEN !!! We’ve finally delivered the gold medal to them!! #Sebong-ie who were so happy to receive the gold medal ❤ They said that they definitely want to appear on Weekly Idol again 😗 Everyone, #SEVENTEEN is love!! (Tweet guarder also really became a fan)

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