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Constellations Ch 9 Sneak Peek - NATS


katsuki_yu I see you’re enjoying being back in Thailand

phichit+chu it is time for REVENGE yuuri

phichit+chu there is a national title out there that is soon going to be mine

phichit+chu i am going to worlds next year even if i have to strangle saowaluk on the podium to do it

katsuki_yu lbr he’d probably let you

katsuki_yu honestly it’s sort of terrifying how much the kid idolises you

phichit+chu i KNOW

phichit+chu my very own kenjirou minami

katsuki_yu who?

phichit+chu the skater who kept staring at you at ur nats, kinda gave off a ‘notice me senpai’ vibe

katsuki_yu blond hair with a red streak?

phichit+chu thats the one

katsuki_yu he was sort of… intense

phichit+chu he was very intense and also very much in awe of the great yuuri katsuki and posted like 100 surreptitious selfies with u in the background to his instagram

phichit+chu after the awards ceremony he really wanted to go talk to u but he chickened out when he saw u glaring

katsuki_yu glaring? why was I glaring?

phichit+chu bc u couldnt see anything

katsuki_yu so you mean squinting

phichit+chu when half the skating world thinks ur fckin terrifying yuuri, its glaring

phichit+chu maybe u should consider contact lenses

katsuki_yu hahaha ask celestino to show you pictures of my eyes when I tried contact lenses for the first time

katsuki_yu we had to drop out of an ice show in japan and go to the hospital instead

phichit+chu ooooh stories from celestinos midlife crisis yes pls

katsuki_yu I wish you wouldn’t call it that

phichit+chu what would u call moving to a foreign country bare weeks after breaking up with your girlfriend to coach a skater u saw skate on an abandoned rink once

phichit+chu bc i would call it a textbook midlife crisis

katsuki_yu why am I friends with you

phichit+chu bc u were lowkey rude to me when we met and i decided to befriend u out of spite

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu saowaluk made me a banner

phichit+chu i kno ur thai is shitty so ill save us all a bit of embarrassment and tell u it means ‘welcome home and good luck’

katsuki_yu would you say the banner is better or worse than the voicemail last year?

phichit+chu better

phichit+chu so much better

phichit+chu i dont kno if u remember but it was literally 40 mins of him apologising and crying bc he was being sent to worlds instead of me

phichit+chu i mean fair to him i was ROBBED

phichit+chu but i did miss last year’s nationals so like

phichit+chu its not like it was his fault

katsuki_yu if it had been a year or two earlier they would have sent you regardless

phichit+chu ah yes the olympic effect

phichit+chu basically the driving force behind christophes entire career

katsuki_yu oh my god he did start off in the olympics really young didn’t he

phichit+chu sent katsuki_yu an image

phichit+chu foetus!chris for ur viewing pleasure

phichit+chu looking at him this young and innocent u just sort of wonder where it all went wrong

katsuki_yu idk but I’m like 90% sure its stéphane’s fault

phichit+chu u kno what that makes a disturbing amount of sense

Golds and Diamonds (Oikawa x Reader) (Olympics!AU)

Team: Seijoh

Character: Oikawa Tooru

Notes: Inspired by China’s silver medalist diver, He Zi. It was so cute, I just had to make a fic about it!

C/N: Country Name

Originally posted by shintar0

Y/N opened her eyes just as her head was submerged underwater.

No matter what pool she trained in, she would always be fascinated by the way the light was filtered under the water. It was calming, and it almost distracted her from what was happening at the moment.


She took a deep breath as she broke the surface, pushing away the strands of hair that stuck to her face. The crowd was cheering, and Y/N’s heart swelled with pride. She offered a big smile to the spectators before climbing out of the pool, eagerly watching the replay on the screen.

It was easy to forget that Y/N L/N was representing C/N for the Olympics. At age 23, she was one of the youngest to compete in the diving event, and as such, everyone had set ridiculously high expectations for her.

She would have cracked under the pressure, if not for a certain someone who was going through the same thing.

Oikawa Tooru, age 24, was one of Japan’s Olympic volleyball players. Unlike Y/N, it wasn’t his first time at the Olympics; in fact, this was the second time he was competing for Japan. His killer serve, as well as his ability to draw out the entirety of his teammates’ skills no matter what team he was on as a setter, were only two of the things that brought him onto the international stage.

Oikawa and Y/N had attended the same university in the United States, and developed a common means of communication through English. They’d started dating since then, despite the various competitions that both of them had to compete in.

They lasted through graduation, and up until today. All in all, they’d been together for five years.

All Y/N could think about was making those five years worthwhile and bring a medal home for Oikawa, knowing very well he’d bring her a trophy.

Y/N watched the replay of her, right as she had jumped off the diving board. She had made a couple of quick somersaults before cutting cleanly into the water. It was a neat and clean dive, a result of Y/N’s endless training.

But she started to panic. What if the judges wanted something flashier? Was the dive too boring for them? I knew I should have done another somersault before hitting the water, I had time to execute it. Or would I have flopped?

Her thoughts were interrupted by her coaches ushering her into the locker room.

“You were amazing!” Coach Danica shouted. “That was one of the best dives today! And this is the finals, Y/N - I think you have a chance to earn the gold!”

“What?” Y/N stammered, stunned by her normally critical coach screaming praises into her ear. “C-come on, Coach, it wasn’t anything special…”

“But it was clean, and you didn’t break any rules,” the coach said, shaking her back and forth. “Well done, Y/N. Very well done!”

Y/N broke into a huge smile, touched by her coach’s support.

“Thanks, Coach,” she said. “Let’s hope I do win.”


Y/N’s heart crawled into her throat as soon as they announced the third place winner.

On camera, she looked calm and composed. But, good God, she felt like she was about to throw up.

I want this medal, she thought. But was I enough? Did I do everything I could to earn it?

They announced the silver medalist. Y/N’s spirits began to settle, and the familiar feeling of dread began to wash over her.

Ah, Y/N thought. Well, I’m not going to be the gold medalist. I guess there’s always next year…

First place, with 358.25 points…”

She bit her lip, trying not to cry. Sorry, Tooru…

“Y/N L/N, from C/N!”

At the mention of her name, Y/N’s jaw dropped, almost comically. All she could do was look around in amazement and mutter “what” a dozen times over as she approached the block.

Tears sprang to her eyes as the judges placed the gold medal around her neck, and the smile that spread across her face as they posed for a picture was genuine and true.

“Y/N L/N,” the announcer said. “23 years old, from C/N. She has made history by being the first athlete to earn a gold medal on their first Olympic experience.”

The announcer’s words were drowned out by the sudden cheers that erupted around the stadium. Y/N looked around in confusion, wondering what on earth was going on.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the announcer said. “It looks like we have a very special guest this afternoon!”

Y/N stood on her toes to look around. When her eyes landed on a familiar mop of brown hair, her heart stopped, and a surge of adrenaline coursed through her veins as if she was back on the diving board again.

“Japan’s elite volleyball player, who just recently won a game against Brazil and snatched the MVP award for the second time in a row, Oikawa Tooru!”

The stadium burst into applause as Oikawa came in view. Y/N could understand why he was a big deal; his good looks and accomplishments had girls drooling at his feet. It could be seen by the way he walked over to Y/N: his confidence stance and huge smile - a smile that was only for her.

As soon as he approached Y/N, she threw her arms around him. His arms wrapped around her figure, ignoring the fact that she was still slightly damp from her shower, and hugged her with enough force to lift her off her feet. The crowd went wild, flashing out their phones and cameras to capture the moment.

“Congratulations!” Y/N said, pressing her lips to Oikawa’s ear. “MVP again?”

“I wanted to bring an award to you,” Oikawa replied. “You were on my mind the whole game, Y/N; you’re the only award I’ll ever need.”

Y/N giggled, pulling away to show off her new medal. “Look!”

Oikawa grinned. “That’s amazing! A gold medal on your first Olympic match…you’ve made history!”

“It was for you, too,” Y/N said, smiling. “Thank you for standing by me.”

Oikawa flashed her a crooked smile. “No, thank you. You’ve kept me going all these years. You encouraged me to train, and train, and train, even though the coach gave difficult workouts and I couldn’t escape Iwa-chan’s nagging. You’ve supported my career, and you made our relationship work even though we spent most of our time competing in other places. Distance was never a hindrance for us - for you - and in those five years that we’ve been together, I now fully understand what you are to me. What I want you to be.”

If Y/N was anxious about winning the event, she was full on hyperventilating now as Oikawa got down on one knee, his hands never leaving hers. The crowd was in a frenzy now, screaming and clapping their hands. Through her tears, Y/N could see that the cameras had focused on the action, streaming it live through the screens that surrounded the stadium.

Y/N had never liked her face whenever she cried. But she couldn’t pull her hands away to cover her face, not when they were being held tight by Oikawa.

“Y/N L/N,” Oikawa began. His tone was still sweet and kind, but had an air of seriousness about him. The way he looked at her was like the way he watched the ball in the air - he was completely focused and serious about what he was about to do. But his eyes held so much love and adoration that Y/N almost shied away. There was no way that one person could care so much for another.

But Oikawa did. He didn’t need to say anything to tell Y/N just how much she meant to him, and the reality of it all sent a fresh batch of tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Y/N L/N,” he repeated. “I’ve been with you five years, and I want more. I never want to spend those years apart from you. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, and that love is all yours. All I ask of you is…”

Oikawa pulled away from Y/N, only to dig around in his sports jacket. He later pulled out a velvet blue box, much to the delight of the spectators.

His hands were trembling as he opened it, revealing a bright diamond ring sitting in plush, white cushions. It looked like it cost more than both of their life’s worth combined, and Y/N’s breath hitched in her throat.

“Y/N,” Oikawa said. His bottom lip trembled, and Y/N had to bite her own to keep her from sobbing. “I love you so much. Would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me and becoming my wife?”

As soon as the tears streamed down Oikawa’s face, Y/N threw herself into his arms, sobbing. When she was done, she pulled his face to hers and kissed him, repeatedly and passionately.

“Yes,” she said. “Yes, I will marry you. A thousand times, yes.”

The crowd was on its feet, cheering wildly as Oikawa slipped the ring onto Y/N’s finger, then standing up and pulling her in for a kiss.

Yes, Oikawa thought, as he hugged Y/N tightly. You are worth more than any medals or awards combined.

star wars modern au

rey and finn aka worlds best bffs - poe and jess just cant handle how beautiful they are - finn is always cold since rey keeps stealing his jumpers/hoodies/etc - poe is definitely orchestrating the perfect moment to give finn his jacket - jess thinks he’s an idiot and is definitely not always trying to keep rey warm before finn does - she loses, finn is like a rey warmth ninja - everyone else is just tired of their antics and doesn’t care any more tbh - theres only so many times you can see jess sprint across a room to tackle finn for taking off a jumper before you stop paying attention


Since y'all like Lampley so much, here you go lol #WardKovalev2 #Boxingego #Repost @boxingbully
Gotta agree with Jim Lampley for the 1st time… #facts.
Don’t be mad at @andresogward for something the ref did or didn’t do. All Andre did was beat him up. Sergey threw multiple behind the head shots (rabbit punches) that Andre didnt stop in the middle of the fight to complain, he returned the favor. Thats what veterans do. Sergey wasn’t used to being hurt. It was foreign territory for him. He panicked. And let’s not overlook that he was gurt by a right hand to the chin intially. #SOG #USA #olympics #boxingbully #boxing @hboboxing #hbo #ppv #russia #lasvegas

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Monsters on Ice

Seriously though these guys are flipping ridiculous. They aren’t super-saiyaan powering up and shattering whole planets, but they’re shattering world records like they were cheap wine glasses at an Asgardian wedding. 

Victor Nikiforov: 

While Victor may have been heavily influenced by Johnny Weir, I think his Career Path is probably a lot closer to the modern top figure skater in the world – Yuzuru Hanyu – who currently eclipses the competition.

Now I know a lot of people have been comparing YUURI to Yuzuru, but Yuuri’s career is far from the absolute Rocket-ship that has been Yuzuru’s career so far. And Victor’s rise to World’s Top Skater appears to be even BETTER than that.

Victor’s Medal Career:

Gold at Junior World Championships

5 consecutive Golds at the Grand Prix Finals (Yuzuru Hanyu only has 4 – but if he wins this upcoming December, that’ll be 5, and the most consecutive golds won at a grand prix final… ever. I mean he already holds that title, but it’d be by 2 fucking golds. If you aren’t blown away by this guy, you should be.)

5 consecutive Golds at the World Figure Skating Championships (Yuzuru only has 1, and nobody’s ever gotten more than 3 in a row In recent history - so we’ll say after WW2, typically 3 is the most anyone gets in a row, with the exception of Scott Hamilton who is the only skater since 1945 to get 4 in a row. Total number of medals, if you count them even if they didn’t get them consecutively adds Kurt Browning with 4 and Alexei Yagudin with 4. Our boy Victor here, has 5. With potential to win a nonconsecutive 6 if he heads to Worlds in season 2.)

Gold at 2004 European Figure Skating Championships

However many golds he earned at the Russian Nationals every year from 1999 to present (If Kubo-san borrowed Evgeni Plushenko’s record, that would be an additional 10, with a silver in there for good luck) 

At least 1 Olympic Gold medal (unofficially officially at Torino) 2006

At least 2 time Olympian (Torino in 2006 and Sochi Winter Olympics 2014) If Kubo-san’s pattern of putting Victor in Gold anywhere a Russian took Gold holds though, then Victor is at least a 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist - One at Torino, One at Salt Lake City 2002, with a silver in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics which would make him a 3 time Olympic athlete) 

Golds we’ll never know about in his Junior days, but I’m sure were plentiful in his younger years because HE’S FRIKKING BANK. 

Long-time World Record Free-Skate score holder, Likely World Record Short Program high score Holder, and I’m putting money on long-time world record combined high score holder. 

THIS MOFO was pulling 300+ combined score in 2012.

Look at that leaderboard, okay. Chris and Victor have literally BLOWN the world record off the fricking charts. Just tossed it to the side like a sweaty sports towel, and the announcers aren’t screaming their lungs out like they should be. Yuzuru Hanyu, the current WORLDS TOP RANK SKATER was the first to bust 300, but that didn’t happen until 2015! 

Psst - I would also like you to note that Yuri’s score at 6th place is right on par with the average TOP WORLD RANKED SKATERS today. Victor is so fricking extra. 

Okay. Now that we’re all excited, remember that Victor has been regularly pulling over 100 in his Short Program routines. So regularly, in fact, that at the beginning of the series he is able to off-handedly suggest he thought Yuuri would be able to get there, too. And Yuuri replied with a ‘casual’ “oh yeah because you do it all the time…” in all seriousness.

(Yuzuru wouldn’t start doing that until the 2014 Winter Olympics. In fact… NOBODY was doing that until Yuzuru Hanyu was doing that. And almost NOBODY is doing that to this very day, except Yuzuru Hanyu.)

Yuuri Katsuki: 

Yuuri is getting there, with Victor’s help. His Grand Prix Final Short program score of 106 would have been GROUND BREAKING in 2014. Yuzuru Hanyu wouldn’t score that high until the 2015 NHK Trophy – and immediately followed it up with a mind-boggling 110.56 at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships just March.

I want you to understand why I lost my literal shit when Yuuri Squinted at the score in the GPF and they announced it at 106. 

NOBODY but Yuzuru Hanyu has scored that high.  In fact, Yuzuru holds the top two spots in short program scores for all history AND the top score in the free skate at over 200 (219.48 to be exact), which is just as mind-blowing as a 106 SP Score.

Yuuri’s Record-breaking Free Skate score in the GPF is 221.58. Again – absolutely GROUND BREAKING. Yuzuru Hanyu would be the first to break 200, and he did it with a 216.07 in the 2015 NHK Trophy, where he was also the first skater to breach the 300 total score mark. 

Yuuri’s Free-Skate score at the GPF is higher than any skater has ever scored in the history of real life figure skating

But before that, Victor had held the world record Free-Skate score for a ‘long time’.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s world record combined total score is 330.43, which he got in the 2015 Grand Prix Final.  Yuuri isn’t quite there, but I imagine we’re going to see our Ice Monsters completely obliterate that. Or at least match it, during the next season. ** VICTOR ALREADY OBLITERATED IT**

You need to STOP boi.

Yuri Plisetsky:

He CRUSHED his Juniors. We don’t have anything official, except that we know he won gold at his last Junior Worlds because he goes hunting Victor to make good on a promise. 

Then he turns around and in his Senior Debut snags two podium spots in the GPF Qualifiers and DESTROYS the world record at the Grand Prix Final. Held by none other than Victor Nikiforov until earlier that same day, when Yuuri CRUSHED IT. 

With his world record GPF Score and Gold Medal at 15 FRICKING YEARS OLD, He’s already proving he’s the next Bakemono no Aisu.. no .. we can do better than that..   YOUKAISU !! 

((IF you aren’t watching Yuzuru Hanyu, you should be. Watch for him in March/April at Worlds, Oct-Nov for the GPF Qualifiers, and very probably in December for the Grand Prix Final. ))

***NOTE: OP is only a casual fan of Figure Skating and may have made mistakes - but did his best to research what he could to make sure he was gushing as close to the truth as he could manage.*** 


Watch Yuzuru Hanyu. Because if you want to see where Yurio is going to be next season, that’s where to look. 

**Couple of edits, due to some feedback - namely the WFSC record for number of consecutive golds - I’d like to point out that people prior to WW2 were pulling in as many as 10 … but that was Ulrich Salchow who was a pioneer in the building of the sport to what it is today, so I’ve chosen to go with post WW2 as that is what we would consider ‘modern’ figure skating.** 

** Thanks for the notes/messages you guys! I’m so stoked to see other casual fans willing to gush (and help) about IRL Skaters and records, and how fricking Extra our boys are.**