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Man Crush Monday: Joe Kovacs

The Olympics are only a few weeks away, and one of the athletes I’m most excited to see in action is sexy shot putter Joe Kovacs. 

The man is gorgeous. Exactly my type. He’s 6′0, 276 lbs of beefy, and has an adorable face. He looks like a cuddly teddy bear that I’d love snuggle with. 

Rio will be Kovacs first Olympics. He’s currently the world record holder in shot put, which he won in Beijing last year. 

Joe is also a fellow Pennsylvanian, which makes me like him even more. He hails from Bethlehem, PA. He’s only 27. I have no idea how long shot put throwers careers usually last, but hopefully this big sexy man has a long one ahead of him. 

When I think of my vision of the perfect man Joe Kovacs is definitely what comes to mind. Hopefully he brings home the gold! 

Hey just a reminder that Haikyuu!! isn’t queerbaiting for the simple reason that Furudate didn’t plan on making it look gay to get more readers.


Friday Frolics: Sliding To Sochi!

Bobsleigh Is One Of My Favorite Sports To Watch In The Winter. It’s A Thrill Watching A Two-Man Or A Four-Man Sled Whizz By You On An Iced Track At Breath-Taking Speeds!

Still More Thrilling Is Watching The Lycra-Clad Crew Push The Sled For Close To 50 Meters From A Standing Start On The Ice Track And Then Jump Into The Sled In Rhythm With Each Other! It’s Truly Artistry Of The Athlete In Execution!

These Sports Studs And Men In Tight Uniforms Are Fast, Fit, And Focused! There Are Several Teams To Watch In Sochi: Team USA, Team GB, Team Canada, And Team Germany. Another Favorite Is Team Australia Looking Mighty Fine In Their Tight Gold And Green Uniforms.

One Standout Is Bruce Tasker Of Team GB! He Is A Great Brakeman, And Is He Ever…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Wanted: New face for US men's swimming. Maybe Nathan Adrian?

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – Nathan Adrian felt a little strange walking around the pool during the U.S. National Championships.

Michael Phelps wasn’t there last week. Ryan Lochte was missing, too. And for the first time in almost two decades, when the American long-course world championship team was announced, neither of its biggest stars appeared.

“It’s weird, really weird,” Adrian said. “I’d been focused on swimming for so long, and then it was about swimming fast and then it was like you’re a veteran and then you look at it now and it’s like you’re one of the leaders of the team. It feels like it was only a few years ago I was nipping on the heels of Jason Lezak.”

Actually, it was eight years ago that Adrian captured his first national title.

But things change, and the search for new American leadership is starting all over again.

From Mark Spitz and John Naber in the 1970s to Matt Biondi and Rowdy Gaines in the 1980s, this changing of the guard has become relatively routine and virtually seamless. This time, it will be a more dramatic transition.

Phelps qualified for his first Olympics as a gangly teenager in 2000. From the point on, he, Lochte or both have represented the U.S. at every Olympics or long-course world championship team through the Rio Games last summer. Adrian was right there with them, at all those international meets since 2009.

So with Phelps retired and Lochte suspended, Adrian is in line to become the next face of the U.S. men’s team.

“He was a leader in Rio and I think he’ll be the leader till he’s done,” 20-year-old Townley Haas said.

It won’t be easy, but nobody is more qualified right now than the 28-year-old Washington native.

He owns five Olympic gold medals, has a smile that shines as brightly as any of them and a charisma that has made him one of the most popular swimmers. He apprenticed under Phelps and Lochte and, yes, even Lezak. A year ago, he was one of three captains on the men’s Olympic team. Today, he’s the only one heading to Budapest, Hungary.

The truth is, Adrian can’t do it alone.

“Those two are very big personalities,” said U.S. men’s coach David Durden, who also coaches college powerhouse California. “You’re not going to fill that void of Michael Phelps, for sure. We’re trying to get him back in the water for 2020. But we don’t need someone to be a Michael Phelps. We need them to be themselves and that’s something we’ll work on. We’ll miss Ryan, as well, because he’s that versatile guy who keeps it really light. We’ll miss that personality and want it back in 2018.”

Adrian has plenty of teammates who can help.

Some, like 32-year-old Matt Grevers, have been around. The four-time Olympic gold medalist rebounded from a crushing 2016 Olympic Trials to reclaim his spot on the U.S. team with a win in the 100-meter backstroke.

Others, like 22-year-old Ryan Murphy, are still carving out their place. The world-record holder in the 100 back and a three-time Olympic gold medalist in Rio de Janeiro, qualified in the 100 and 200 back despite a less-than-stellar performance.

After taking home Olympic silver in the 400 individual medley last year, 23-year-old Chase Kalisz will compete in the 200 and 400 IMs at the worlds.

But the man to watch may be 20-year-old Florida native Caeleb Dressel.

He won two golds on relay teams in Rio, both in relays and now embarks on an ambitious schedule from July 23-30. He qualified in six events - the 50 and 100 butterfly, the 50 and 100 freestyle and the 400 and 800 free relay.

“It’s incredible,” Adrian said when asked about Dressel’s feat. “But that’s a really grueling schedule at worlds.”

If Dressel can even come close to duplicating that feat in Budapest, Durden could have the perfect blend .

Up-and-coming stars like Dressel would have three more years to grow into their new roles.

And Adrian, the veteran who is still on top of his game and plans to stick around at least through the 2020 Olympics, will provide the veteran voice.

“I’d certainly take ownership of it,” Adrian said. “I’ve been blessed to have older athletes take care of me, so I know a thing or two about it and if that’s what it takes, I’m happy to do it.”


Testosterone Thursday

Not The Greatest Fan Of Michael Phelps (Too Much Hype Around Him) Or Ryan Lochte (Not Much Of A Personality). But Nathan Adrian…

Whoa, Nellie! He Is…

 Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Olympic Crush of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian may have the best pecs I’ve seen at the Olympics so far. 

Adrian and his teammates Michael Phelps, Ryan Held, and Caeleb Dressel all won gold in the 4x100 relay! 

Nathan is definitely the hottest of his relay teammates. Those pecs are glorious. He’s also half Chinese which adds some diversity to the US swim team. 

Nathan still has the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events coming up. 

Hopefully the sexy 27 year old stud will be bringing home more gold from Rio! 

some more check please battle of the blades au thoughts

(paging codiegirl1358)

  • jack and bitty do their routines to either (one) taylor swift songs from her debut country album, or (two) best of tim mcgraw
  • imagine the spangles and tassels that would be apart of their outfits if they did country music themes always!!! bitty doing spins and his costume being at least 40% tassels
  • everyone calling jack ‘brutey jack zimmermann’ because he’s kinda cranky whenever he does voice overs/one on ones and also he’s MASSIVE compared to bitty
  • they’re all so surprised, then, when jack is actually delicate af. his movements are so well considered, gentle and purposeful in a way that guys his size can’t always be
  • jack finding out, on screen, that bittle played hockey in high school and trying so hard to keep his cool but ends up totally embarrassingly himself on tv when he bombards bitty with questions and then blushes when the host says something about scoring
  • bitty finding out that jack drives a pick up truck “like a good southern boy”
  • bitty secretly being /so/ nosey about jack’s past, esp being like “kent parson is hot as heck, what does he smell like? i mean! not in a weird way”
  • jack resolutely being like “i DO NOT have a type, i am NOT into blond americans with olympic metals, i am BETTER than this” but then blushing when, on the first day of botb, bitty is like “alright sweetheart, give me your phone so i can add my number, you’re texting me tonight”
  • they win, obviously, because they’re amazing and hot and every single viewer is obsessed with their should-be romance, and they’re both classy and cute and amazing, but then jack is”””gazing””” at bitty when they’re given the trophy and jack drops it!!! and breaks it!!!
  • which is how a blushing jack laurent zimmermann, on national television, announces his giant crush on olympic skater eric bittle while fumbling over an excuse about healthy distractions

Diving To Sochi???

There Are some Sports That Should Be In Both Olympic Games!!

Tom Daley Epitomizes The Olympic Spirit!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!