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Man Crush Monday: Joe Kovacs

The Olympics are only a few weeks away, and one of the athletes I’m most excited to see in action is sexy shot putter Joe Kovacs. 

The man is gorgeous. Exactly my type. He’s 6′0, 276 lbs of beefy, and has an adorable face. He looks like a cuddly teddy bear that I’d love snuggle with. 

Rio will be Kovacs first Olympics. He’s currently the world record holder in shot put, which he won in Beijing last year. 

Joe is also a fellow Pennsylvanian, which makes me like him even more. He hails from Bethlehem, PA. He’s only 27. I have no idea how long shot put throwers careers usually last, but hopefully this big sexy man has a long one ahead of him. 

When I think of my vision of the perfect man Joe Kovacs is definitely what comes to mind. Hopefully he brings home the gold! 

Hey just a reminder that Haikyuu!! isn’t queerbaiting for the simple reason that Furudate didn’t plan on making it look gay to get more readers.

some more check please battle of the blades au thoughts

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  • jack and bitty do their routines to either (one) taylor swift songs from her debut country album, or (two) best of tim mcgraw
  • imagine the spangles and tassels that would be apart of their outfits if they did country music themes always!!! bitty doing spins and his costume being at least 40% tassels
  • everyone calling jack ‘brutey jack zimmermann’ because he’s kinda cranky whenever he does voice overs/one on ones and also he’s MASSIVE compared to bitty
  • they’re all so surprised, then, when jack is actually delicate af. his movements are so well considered, gentle and purposeful in a way that guys his size can’t always be
  • jack finding out, on screen, that bittle played hockey in high school and trying so hard to keep his cool but ends up totally embarrassingly himself on tv when he bombards bitty with questions and then blushes when the host says something about scoring
  • bitty finding out that jack drives a pick up truck “like a good southern boy”
  • bitty secretly being /so/ nosey about jack’s past, esp being like “kent parson is hot as heck, what does he smell like? i mean! not in a weird way”
  • jack resolutely being like “i DO NOT have a type, i am NOT into blond americans with olympic metals, i am BETTER than this” but then blushing when, on the first day of botb, bitty is like “alright sweetheart, give me your phone so i can add my number, you’re texting me tonight”
  • they win, obviously, because they’re amazing and hot and every single viewer is obsessed with their should-be romance, and they’re both classy and cute and amazing, but then jack is”””gazing””” at bitty when they’re given the trophy and jack drops it!!! and breaks it!!!
  • which is how a blushing jack laurent zimmermann, on national television, announces his giant crush on olympic skater eric bittle while fumbling over an excuse about healthy distractions

Friday Frolics: Sliding To Sochi!

Bobsleigh Is One Of My Favorite Sports To Watch In The Winter. It’s A Thrill Watching A Two-Man Or A Four-Man Sled Whizz By You On An Iced Track At Breath-Taking Speeds!

Still More Thrilling Is Watching The Lycra-Clad Crew Push The Sled For Close To 50 Meters From A Standing Start On The Ice Track And Then Jump Into The Sled In Rhythm With Each Other! It’s Truly Artistry Of The Athlete In Execution!

These Sports Studs And Men In Tight Uniforms Are Fast, Fit, And Focused! There Are Several Teams To Watch In Sochi: Team USA, Team GB, Team Canada, And Team Germany. Another Favorite Is Team Australia Looking Mighty Fine In Their Tight Gold And Green Uniforms.

One Standout Is Bruce Tasker Of Team GB! He Is A Great Brakeman, And Is He Ever…

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Olympic Crush of the Day: Nathan Adrian

Nathan Adrian may have the best pecs I’ve seen at the Olympics so far. 

Adrian and his teammates Michael Phelps, Ryan Held, and Caeleb Dressel all won gold in the 4x100 relay! 

Nathan is definitely the hottest of his relay teammates. Those pecs are glorious. He’s also half Chinese which adds some diversity to the US swim team. 

Nathan still has the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle events coming up. 

Hopefully the sexy 27 year old stud will be bringing home more gold from Rio! 


Diving To Sochi???

There Are some Sports That Should Be In Both Olympic Games!!

Tom Daley Epitomizes The Olympic Spirit!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Girl Meets Popular Farkle [Riarkle Fanfic] Chapter 1

Fast forward to GMW’s junior year. Farkle is officially THE popular guy at Abigail Adams, it was bound to happen with his brains, looks and charm, but Riley’s having a difficult time sharing her best friend with the Farkle fanatics. Multi-fic story (not sure how many chapters there will be) exploring what it’s like for Riley to be on the other side of this predicament. Did she miss her chance? 

Next Part(s):

Chapter 2: #1 Homecoming Draft Pick [x]
Chapter 3: The Purple Astronaut and Pluto [x]
Chapter 4: Maya, Smackle Time [x]
Chapter 5: Mr. Matthews’ Daughter [x]
Chapter 6 | Final: Princess Anne & Joe [x]


Chapter 1 [THE Farkle and the best friend]

It’s their junior year in high school and Farkle has been deemed the school hottie. It was about time the girls sought after the charming, handsome intellect.

Riley sat at their usual table in the cafeteria. She was the first one to arrive, already bringing a packed lunch from home. She had her AP American Lit book open to a short story she was supposed to read by tomorrow.

Originally she thought freshman year was terrifying, sophomore year was brutal but junior year was in a league of its own.

Her parents stressed it was a vital year for college. She needed to buckle down if she wanted to go to NYU like she had imagined.

She heard her phone beep and received a text from Maya, her best friend was going to stay in the art room to work on a piece she could not lose momentum on.

She felt a tap on her shoulder, Smackle waved at her and pointed to her new boyfriend mentioning that they were going back to the science lab to continue an experiment for class.

Smackle and Farkle broke up at the end of freshman year, Riley hadn’t received the whole story, despite everyone else in their core circle bombarding them for insight to this day.

In the end both friends stated it was an amicable split, they rather be friends and continue on with our balanced group dynamic.

Riley was intrigued and wanted to learn more but did not want to pester them. Instead she kept the glue of their group tightly in tact, in fact the former couple remained close friends.

Smackle met a lovely guy from her non-stop schedule of AP classes, he was an adorable transfer student from a rival school and smart as a whip.

Farkle on the other hand…

She received another text, Lucas let her know that he and Zay were eating off campus with their baseball team and then heading to their game early.

Riley glanced around the room but instead of trying to find Farkle she settled back on her book. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up, “Abandoning me too?”

She asked with her big doe eyes. He beamed with a grin and shook his head, “And leave one of my best girls deserted? Never!”

He pulled up the seat next to her. She couldn’t help but smile widely, in just a span of two and a half years Farkle transformed from adorably handsome boy genius, to what girls deemed the full Farkle package.

It all started freshman year, Farkle and the decathlon team won the Nationals because of his winning question. He became a state-wide hunk. That year he started a vlog online featuring his experiments and ultimately showcasing his charm. It became a viral hit.

He had grewn taller, his fashion style continuously transformed into GQ meets Farkle-esque originality and everyone finally took notice of the amazing individual all his friends had seen since they met him.

Oh and he became what the cheerleaders call a totallll stud looks wise, no longer was he baby-faced puny Farkle. His features accentuated and his body toned up by spending some time with Zay and Lucas at the gym.

Riley always thought Lucas had the best physique but she couldn’t deny that her best friend since six years old had become the girl everyone in the school…district would kill to date.

“What are you working on?” She lifted her book up and he nodded his head. “Ah our reading assignment for the quiz tomorrow. I can meet you…”

They were interrupted when Becky, a girl from his AP French class walked up to them and placed a hand on Farkle’s shoulder.

“Hi Farkle!” Becky had been around since their freshman year. Riley and Maya had art class with her and in sophomore year they had biology with her. She wasn’t a mean girl, in fact she was decent but she was one of the girls constantly vying for Farkle’s attention and that got to be time consuming.

Farkle looked up and a smile graced his lips, “Hi Becky, how’d you do on the test today?”

She pushed a lock of her long blonde hair behind her ear, “Oh it went pretty well. I owe it all to your tutoring session yesterday. Thank you so much Farkle, I’ll think of a way to repay you.”

Riley observed him as he listened to her attentively. That was Farkle, he was throughly invested in all the people he interacted with and as much as Riley adored that about him she also kind of despised it. Here she was talking to her best friend and Becky comes in and swoops in on her best friend time. This was so typical.

10 minutes later Farkle excused himself to get back to lunch and hanging out with Riley before the bell rang. Becky finally acknowledged Riley with a hello and waved away at the two of them. She added she’d text Farkle tonight.

“Unbelievable.” It slipped out of Riley’s mouth like word vomit.

He narrowed his eyes at her peculiarly. “What’s up Riley?”

She let out a breath, “It’s just…” She turned to face him, “You’re just so highly coveted nowadays I feel like I barely get to see you. And when I do see you it’s for such a short span of time.”

Riley shook her head, “I must sound so childish.” She mustered a half smile, “Just forget it, it’s stupid.”

Riley watched his face drop. He seemed sadden by her confession. She was on the verge of apologizing once more but he placed an arm around her and pulled her in for a side hug, “Aw come here. I’m so sorry Riley. I’ve been a really awful friend to you. Your feelings are completely valid and I need to be a better friend and more present. I hope you can forgive me.”

She wanted to tear up, maybe it was the time of the month mixed with this sappy story she was reading for class and the lack of time she spent with Farkle lately that was making her more emotional than usual.

“Thank you Farkle. You’re a real sweetheart.”

She leaned into his frame and he caressed her back, “Nah you’re the best, thanks for always putting up with me Matthews.“

“Ugh get a room!” They heard their mutual best friend playfully groan. Maya stood behind them in her art apron, she pulled the other half of Riley’s sandwich out of the plastic container and took a bite.

“Thanks honey! Now momma’s gotta get back to her masterpiece. I needed to refuel. Also, I can’t make it to tonight’s study session, and I’m pretty sure the other three are going to bail.”

Riley groaned, “Maya they all have valid reasons like yourself. Are you going to watch Lucas’ game today? I’m sure he’d appreciate his girlfriend going to one this season.”

Long story short, Riley and Lucas tried to date. The words of her Uncle Jack rang through her ears throughout the entirety of their relationship - she rather be friends with Lucas than lose him in the long run, especially when she didn’t have those huge butterflies in the pit of her stomach for him anymore, it was more of a content lovable friendship feeling she wanted to hold onto forever.

For Maya though, the feelings never dissipated and only grew. They had been blissfully dating for a year now and were never better…for the most part.

Maya scoffed, “What so I can get kicked out of another game for yelling “too much” at the umpire? No thanks! I think he’d appreciate me not attending.“

Riley and Farkle couldn’t help but laugh, Maya pointed her finger at Farkle, “Alright Farkle, don’t stand up Riley tonight. You’re in charge of keeping her company! I don’t want to hear about you ditching her for any of Farkle’s Fanatics you hear me Mr. Abigail Adams Most Wanted?”

He chuckled happily and nodded his head, “Yes Maya, I vow to not leave our girl tonight.” He wrapped his arm around her comfortably, “See we’re one solid chain, nothing will break it.”

She nodded, “Good, because I have no problem breaking you.” She grinned widely, “I don’t care if you’re practically double my height and are as fit as an olympic swimmer I will crush you.” She stared at him menacingly and pecked Riley’s cheek.

“Bye honey.”

Riley waved, “Bye peaches! Can’t wait to see your new piece. You go girl!” Farkle smiled, no matter how old Riley got she still embraced the smiley Riley within her.

She turned back to Farkle and placed her elbow on the table and a hand to her cheek, “Sorry she threatened you, I definitely didn’t mean for that to happen!”

Farkle chuckled to himself and shook his head, “Don’t worry about it Riley. Yes Maya is still intimidating and kinda scary but I know she means well and it’s an….encouraging reminder that it’s quality Riley and Farkle time.”

“Good.” She replied and returned to her book. He picked up her bag of carrots and took a bite out of one.

He scooted in and read along the page of the book, “Oh this is where she…”

Riley turned to him and placed a hand over his mouth, “Don’t you dare spoil this for me!” He threw his head back laughing in hysterics.

“I still haven’t kicked that habit have I?” She joined him laughing and shook her head furiously.

The bell rang and Riley instantly stood up and gathered her belongings, “So wanna meet at the cafe after school?”

She placed her bag over her shoulder and pulled the book into her chest. He shook his head, “No I got my car today, I’ll meet you at your locker and we’ll head over?”

“Sure, see you then.” She turned around and glanced over her shoulder. He waved at her and she returned it with a small wave and smile. As soon as she was by the exit she noticed another one of Farkle’s admirers waltz up to him.

Riley chuckled to herself, these girls were just a little too forward. She knew Farkle - they weren’t going to win him over by following him around and laughing at everything he said. That’s why he chose Smackle, she was brains and beauty.

The bell rang and Riley exited her econ class and made her way to her locker. She started to pack her backpack with the books she needed and shut the door.

“Riley” She spun around and saw Farkle approaching her…with Chloe. Another girl from another class. Farkle pointed at Riley and said something she couldn’t quite catch. Chloe moved forward to give him a hug and he briefly embraced her and she departed.

A smile stretched on Riley’s face, “Hi Mr. Popular.”

Farkle shook his head, “Please don’t call me that.”

She shrugged her shoulders, “Sorry I can’t help myself. Everyone wants a piece of you, I am just honored to get to spend a little bit of time with you.”

Riley stated sarcastically and he snatched her backpack and put it over his shoulder, “Let’s go drama queen, not so lucky for you that you get to spend the rest of your day with me, studying. Yay!” He replied with just as much sarcastic tact.

He pulled her hand and walked her out of school. Riley noticed a few of the girls they passed by. Some whispered to each other, other girls glared and some did a combo of both.

She suddenly felt a bit self conscious, this was just a little too much negative attention. Riley slipped her hand from Farkle’s placing a piece of hair behind her ears.

“When does decathlon practice start?”

Farkle gripped the strap of Riley’s backpack on his shoulder as he carried his own in his hand, “Next Tuesday, you’re always welcome to join.”

She shook her head, “No thanks. With you, Thomas and Smackle you’ll already be unbeatable. I’m going to stick to cheerleading.”

He eyed her suspiciously, “How did you get out of today’s baseball game?”

They walked comfortably in step, it felt nice for Riley to spend one on one time with Farkle. It had felt like weeks since the last time it was just the two of them. Usually they’d get there chance when he’d climb up her fire escape but he was too busy nowadays. Too many fans blocking her way to him.

“JV squad tonight, and I mentioned I had a big quiz so they were cool with me skipping just as long as I attend homecoming game next week.”

Farkle nodded his head, “Right homecoming. That should be a fun night.”

Riley silently nodded her head. Truth was no one had asked her, so she wasn’t sure if she was even going. Rather than dwell on it she wanted to focus on the present, be in the moment with her best friend and not think about dances. In her experience dances weren’t her best moments.

They reached Farkle’s jeep, he opened the door for Riley and then proceeded to drop their bags off in the back seat.

He jumped in the driver’s seat and they took off to the cafe.

The pair drove around the block looking for parking. They settled on a spot down the block and made their way to Topanga’s settling in their usual spot by the door.

“Hi Aunt Katy!” Riley greeted her best friend’s mom. Over the past two summers Riley had worked there and the two have gotten surprisingly close.

“Riley, hey baby doll how was school?” She handed her a milkshake and a piece of pie.

“It was okay, Maya’s working on the latest masterpiece so couldn’t make lunch.“

Katy placed an arm around around her, "Well you know her, Shawn and I offered to take her to her favorite rib joint but she yelled at me to go away so she could work.”

“Artists.” They simultaneously said and then broke into laughing fits.

“Hi Mrs. Hunter.” Farkle walked up behind the two and offered to take the pie and milkshake from Riley.

“Oh hello THE Farkle.” She greeted with her longtime nickname, now there was more emphasis on “the” since his popularity increased. 

He side smirked, “How’s your day going, could we help you with anything?” If there was one thing he learned from Maya in particular it was to be selfless, which is probably why all the girls swooned. He was attentive, caring and exuded the gentleman aspects everyone wanted from a boyfriend.

She motioned them away, “No don’t let me interrupt, you two get to studying. I’m going to make up some sandwiches for your dinner tonight, with Riley’s stuffed backpack over there I can tell you’re in for a long night.”

They both replied with a thanks and made their way to their studying area. Riley and Farkle both completed their other work assignments and then focused on their AP Lit work.

They had been quizzing each other for over an hour with their study guide when Leila from Farkle’s AP Government class walked in.

“Farkle!” She called out and made her way in between them on the couch to give Farkle a friendly embrace.

Riley smiled, “Hey you’re Señorita Leila right? I think we have Spanish III together. I’m Riley.”

They politely shook hands.

Leila gleamed, “Farkle I didn’t know I had class with your girlfriend.”


Testosterone Thursday

Not The Greatest Fan Of Michael Phelps (Too Much Hype Around Him) Or Ryan Lochte (Not Much Of A Personality). But Nathan Adrian…

Whoa, Nellie! He Is…

 Sexy As Hell, Baby!