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TFA ship names as consumer product brands
  • Finnpoe - Swedish furniture retailer, huge in the catalog business
  • Stormpilot - mid- to high-end headphones (“Beats By Stormpilot”), currently experiencing a surge in demand in international markets
  • Poefinn - sustainably sourced frozen gourmet seafood, recently landed a profile in the NYT (feature photo: the CEO gazing soulfully out at an extremely blue Atlantic Ocean, dark curls artfully tousled)
  • Finnrey - has made old-fashioned kitchen appliances since the 1800s, currently experiencing a revival among Millennials thanks to hip retro designs and a savvy marketing campaign, has an AMAZING stand mixer
  • Reyfinn - hunting rifle manufacturer, recently got into archery hunting, not as well-known as bigger name brands but has been selling reliable gear since 1956
  • Jedistorm - FitBit knockoff, popular in China where young people have hacked them into becoming a strange new dating trend somehow
  • Reylo - athletic clothing line designed by an up-and-coming hip-hop artist with Yeezy aspirations
  • R*ylo - local DJ/producer hoping to hit it big soon, will be opening for Passion Pit this Saturday at your favorite dance venue downtown
  • Kylux - ready-to-wear wannabe designer clothing brand available at mid-level mall retailers, particularly popular among young, upwardly mobile white women
  • Reylux - a big box home improvement retailer’s in-store brand of light fixtures and accessories
  • Kypoe - athletic drinks, fortified with the latest trendy superfood appropriated from South America
  • Darkpilot - AAA cyberpunk video game, wildly popular despite criticism that it’s “too derivative,” already on its fourth sequel
  • Jedistormpilot - one single absurdly expensive coffee brewing machine, designed within an inch of its life, currently being shopped around to coffee shops that have just spent thousands on the previous fashionably expensive coffee brewing machine
  • Finnreypoe - USB and memory card manufacturer, quietly supplies for bigger name brands
  • Poefinnrey - Engineering/architecture firm famous for narrowly losing the bid to build a controversial new Olympic stadium
  • Poerey - charming children’s TV show, currently playing on the iPad of the child nearest you
  • Jedipilot - Fast-casual chain restaurant widespread in Europe (pronounced “jeh-di-pi-LOH”)
My Opinion on the Women's Figure Skating Results

I repeat, MY OPINION. If you don’t agree with me, I don’t care. This is what I think. I am not Korean or Russian by the way. 

Kim Yuna deserved the gold and was robbed of the gold medal. 

Disclaimer: I am not hating on Sotnikova at all. She is a good skater, but I am just pointing out flaws in the judging. She did nothing wrong, so I am no way trying to talk bad about her. I just want to point out things I have seen from research and knowledge of the sport, so please don’t send me hate mail. She simply skated her FS, and the judges are who I am criticizing. 

  • First of all, before we get to the FS, I just want to tell you all that A JUDGE GAVE YUNA A 0 ON HER TRIPLE FLIP IN THE SHORT PROGRAM. She had no problem with that jump and has always executed it cleanly.. When I was reading the scorecards earlier, I was apalled by the 0 on it. Other judges gave her 2’s mostly with a few 1’s- a 0 is absolutely ridiculous. There was no problem with the 3F. Why was she given a 0? And who gave her the 0?
  • Sotnikova two-footed a landing on the double toe loop then stumbled out of her double loop in her 3F+2T+2Lo combination. She still received a GOE of -0.90 on this.
  • 131.63 was Sotnikova’s previous personal best on her FS (from January’s European Championships). That is around 18 points lower than her FS score from the Sochi Olympics. 202.36 was her total SP+FS score at the European Championships, yet she scored 224.59 total at the Olympics.
  • External image

    Sotnikova’s scorecard. You can see that the circled column’s judge gave her extremely high GOE scores. This judge gave her a 3 when other judges gave her as low as a -1. Almost all of this judge’s GOEs were 3’s… The judge in the second column also gave Sotnikova 2’s and 3’s only, bar the -1. 
  • External image
    Kim Yuna’s scorecard. The circled column’s judge gave out only 1’s and 2’s, mostly 1’s though. The judge in the fourth column also gave out eight 1’s, the same as the second column judge.
  • There were no judges on the panel from USA or South Korea during the FS. Two judges that have been brought into the controversy:
    1) Alla Shekhovtseva- She is married to Valentin Piseev, the DIRECTOR OF THE RUSSIAN SKATING FEDERATION. 
    2) Yuri Balkov (Ukrainian)- Previously was suspended for one year after being caught trying to fix an ice dancing match in the 1998 Olympics.
  • Sotnikova had 7 triples, and Mao Asada had 8 triples including a triple axel, the hardest jump. If Sotnikova had that high of a technical, which was what put her ahead of Kim Yuna, Mao Asada was severely underscored, especially in the technical area. She landed 8 triples cleanly as well as other jumps, while Sotnikova landed 7 triples but also made two errors on other jumps. [Mao’s FS= 144, Sotnikova=149] 
  • Sotnikova scored just below Kima Yuna’s flawless FS in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics that received the highest score under the new ISU judging system. That essentially means that Sotnikova’s FS at the 2014 Sochi Olympics was the greatest [with this judging system] if she did not mess up her 3F+2T+2Lo. However, compared side by side, there is no way that Sotnikova’s score should be equal or above Kim Yuna’s FS from Vancouver. 
  • Many well-known names in figure skating have spoken up and said that they think that Kim Yuna should have won and that there is no way that Sotnikova’s scores can be that high. 
  • Ashley Wagner and others are calling out and criticizing the sport’s judging.
    “They need to get rid of the anonymous judging” -Ashley Wagner
  • The technical panel was led by Alexander Lakernik, who just so happens to be the vice president of the Russian skating federation… 
  • An Olympic figure skating official spoke up addressing this controversy, said that judging panel was slanted towards Sotnikova. [SEE FULL ARTICLE HERE]
  • Sotnikova skated in her home country
  • Kim Yuna is retiring and delivered a near-flawless SP+FS at the 2014 Olympics- she is truly a legend and one of the best women figure skaters that we have seen. She should’ve joined Katarina Witt and Sonja Henie as the only women that have won 2 Olympic gold medals in women’s figure skating. Katarina Witt was also stunned and confused with the outrageous results and scores.



Kim Yuna is one of the greatest figure skaters that we have seen in women’s figure skating. She ended her career with near-flawless programs at the Olympics, but only won the silver. She was ROBBED of the gold medal and deserved it. She holds the record for the SP, FS, and total combined score under the new ISU judging system, proving her elite status. She is truly a queen, and she is one of my biggest inspirations. Not only is she a queen on the ice, but she is also such a kindhearted person, frequently participating in charity events and donating money to charity. I look up to her and respect her so much, and I am sad to see such a great in the sport retire. She has proved to everyone in the world that she is great, and she will always be remembered as one of the greatest. If only she could stick around for the 2018 Olympics in S.Korea, her home country. She has shown, though, that she is able to win in a different country that is not her motherland. 

Kim Yuna was robbed of her deserved gold medal. She has maintained a good attitude about the silver, and I really respect her for that. Because she is not so distraught over her silver, I am not going to hold on to such bitter feelings over it all, though I am still upset. What happened happened. I know that she skated beautifully and pretty much flawlessly. It has truly been a blessing to see her grace the ice for the past years, and I will never forget what she has brought to the sport. She goes out a champion, and she will always remain a champion to me. 

Thank you, Queen Yuna, for everything. 

It’s funny to see the subtle things that Koreans do to protest the outcome of the women’s figure skating competition.  Yeah, we kinda do hold grudges (ask Apolo Ohno).  

Case in point: during yesterday’s telecast of the Figure Skating Gala Exhibition, when panning into the shot of all of the skaters on the ice, SBS (a Korean TV network) conveniently places credits over the face of Adelina Sotnikova.  What’s even funnier is that the names on the credits belong to the guy in editing and the crew that shot the footage.  



The Winter Olympics, Empty Stadiums, and the Redrawing of Russian Football History

By Domm Norris

More so than any other nation across Europe, politics is a powerful beast in Russian society, and its influence has had a significant impact upon the way in which football has evolved throughout the post-Soviet era. Recent reports of political strength may have been focused on the Black Sea, but such developments also look set to inflict further lasting damage upon the face of football. Kuban Krasnodar are currently under the spotlight as reports surface of a radical reshaping of football in the city, which is as much about filling expensive voids in far-off locations, as working to protect the future of one of the country’s most beloved clubs.

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Friendly Reminder

I just wanna say not to paint an entire country based on how only a portion of their citizens react. For example, (I’m gonna use America because I’m American don’t hate me for it) a lot of Americans are mad about the Wright Brothers not inventing planes first - HOWEVER - not every American is upset about this. It’s shocking because that’s what we were always taught in school, but a lot of people know that American education is westernized and are perfectly content with being given new correct information.

But in the same breath - using the Portuguese alphabet for the Parade of Nations makes SO MUCH SENSE EVEN IF YOU ARE AMERICAN! Portuguese is the main language in Brazil, why would they change their alphabet for another countries benefit? They’re the hosts, they can organize the event however they want. America is just a guest.

Sakurai Sho Goes See Momoiro Clover-z Concert
*this is from a few days ago, but I thought it was cute so I decided to translate it anyway*

in a recent magazine interview (The Television COLORS vol. 7 Black), Arashi’s Sakurai Sho revealed that he had attended idol group Momoiro Clover-z’s concert held at the (controversial) National Olympic Stadium in March 2014. Thinking back on the concert, he commented, “I was touched. (laughs)”.

Previously, MomoClo have guested on several of Arashi’s variety shows, and Arash members have always been known to be kind to the group as senpai in the idol world. On one hand, MomoClo members have also been known to enjoy Arashi’s concert DVDs and such, and during concerts MomoClo’s leader Momota Kanako has even done impersonations of Arashi members. To MomoClo, Arashi is not only their senpai, but also “a group of reliable oniisans”. 

However, it is extremely rare for Johnny’s talents to reveal that they have attended concerts of other female idol groups. This shows not only how much Arashi likes MomoClo, but also how they also respect them as fellow artists.