olympic camp


Olympic National Park

definitely the most varied terrain within a single national park that we’ve experienced yet. With our good friends from Philadelphia coming out for a visit, we planned a week-long tour with the goal of spending time in the mountains, along the coast, into the rainforest, and of course all of the camping along the way.

This trip was a special one for us and we documented it much better with video footage for a future video. Til then, here’s the photos:

  1. Entering into the Quinault rain forest, there were basically 2 colors out there: light green and dark green
  2. Full group shot thanks to a self timer. Set up after we hiked Hurricane Ridge.
  3. Slow mornings in camp
  4. Simple breakfasts…
  5. …cooked on the fire
  6. the view behind camp - Loop E in Heart o the hills campground
  7. Perfect spot for the tensile tree tent, not so much for a solar setup
  8. Rear door is developing a nice patina after 2+ years on the road
  9. Roger and Jamie, our original adventure crew.
  10. Mark shooting video, apparently unaware of the tides.

National Park Signs -  Part I

I’ve now been to 28 US National Parks over the past 4 years. The experience has been truly amazing.

Character Birth and Rebirth

Death isn’t just of the physical body, death is of the ego. Ego death. A lot of young people in general who have a hankering for death who think ‘I need to kill myself’, thoughts of suicide, those are not wrong. Those feelings aren’t wrong.

To want to die to yourself, to want to commit suicide is not wrong; it’s just that you’re looking at it the wrong way. It is not a physical suicide, it is not a physical death, it is a character or an ego death. Who you are right now, if you’re watching this and you have the feeling of wanting to kill yourself, or if you have the feeling of ‘I want to die’, it’s good. Just know that you’re looking at it the wrong way, you must die, your ego must die. Who you are today is no longer resourceful for who you’re going to be, who you are to be next.

For you to fulfill your greatest purpose here on this planet in this lifetime you have to have multiple deaths to immature versions of yourself so that you could be reborn as a stronger version of yourself. That’s how the process goes.

Who you are today might need to die for you to do what you need to do in your next phase.

- Elliot Hulse