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Here’s how human athletes (our very BEST human athletes) measure up against a few other members of the animal kingdom. We don’t look too good.

BUT there is one physical activity where humans actually do pretty well. In fact, we might be better than every other species on planet earth. Watch Skunk Bear’s latest video to learn more:

Man Crush Monday: Joe Kovacs

The Olympics are only a few weeks away, and one of the athletes I’m most excited to see in action is sexy shot putter Joe Kovacs. 

The man is gorgeous. Exactly my type. He’s 6′0, 276 lbs of beefy, and has an adorable face. He looks like a cuddly teddy bear that I’d love snuggle with. 

Rio will be Kovacs first Olympics. He’s currently the world record holder in shot put, which he won in Beijing last year. 

Joe is also a fellow Pennsylvanian, which makes me like him even more. He hails from Bethlehem, PA. He’s only 27. I have no idea how long shot put throwers careers usually last, but hopefully this big sexy man has a long one ahead of him. 

When I think of my vision of the perfect man Joe Kovacs is definitely what comes to mind. Hopefully he brings home the gold! 

Q. Out of all the lives you’ve had so far, what’s the most astonishing production you’ve had?!

Sho: It was the flying at our 10th anniversary at Kokuritsu National Stadium.
Because the set was the highest spot,
I never thought I could fly in the air to the platform bearing the Olympic Torch.
If I think about it even now, my hands begin to sweat.

in 9 days


when you realize you’re going to thE FUCKING OLYMPICS AHHHH

p.s. this is Jacob Pebley, rising sophomore for the Cal Bears and current National Team member for the 200 back. he out touched defending gold medalist Tyler Clary in a shocking upset to punch his ticket to Rio. his post race interview was super sweet- he got all choked up bc his mom passed away 10 years ago and all he wanted was to make her proud. Jacob, I KNOW your mom is looking down on you so damn proud. :’)


My Hero!

Nate Ebner and His Mates On USA Eagles Have Done More For Rugby In The USA Than Any Other Men!

You Are A True Sport Stud, Sir! And so Are Your Mates!!

Woof, Baby!

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USA Olympic Swim Team 2016 - Carpool Karaoke