olympic babes

Old [but new] photo of Neymar with Davi Lucca and Thiago Maia after the Olympic final | 20.08.16

the northern lights are calling, the sirens scream our names;

[part 1]


Patrícia Mamona and Susana Costa of Portugal qualify for the Triple Jump final in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in 9th and 11th place respectively, making Portugal the only country with two athletes in the final.

Ok but Magnus and Alec as Olympic athletes

Omg all this Olympic stuff makes me think of a ton of malec sports au’s
- Like imagine Alec being an Olympic swimmer for the American team (seriously he has the perfect body type)
- And Magnus is like is on the Indonesian gymnastics team or something.
- Izzy is on the women’s gymnastics team, and when Alec goes to see Izzy compete he sees Magnus and he’s like *o*.
- And Magnus sees him too and goes to see Alec swim and then he’s like *o*.
- And they randomly meet eachother and they end up taking long walks round Rio and be totally turisty and take pictures together at the Cristo Redentor statue and flirt like crazy.
- and Alec has never been swimming so well in his life because he’s totally in love.
- Magnus ends up winning gold in the men’s all round individuals two days before Alec’s 400m final.
- and Alec thinks Magnus just went home.
- but right before the final he spots him in the audience and ends up winning gold.
- and the first thing he does is run to Magnus and gives I’m a big smooch right there in front of the whole world.