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Pang Qing & Tong Jian’s free skate to “The Man of La Mancha” at the 2010 Winter Olympics received a then-record-breaking score of 141.81. They were first in the free skate segment and won the silver medal overall with a score of 213.31.


Our overall view on this album is that it lacks cohesiveness, it often contradicts Fifth Harmony’s feminist views, the solo distribution is disgusting in many of the songs and Camila’s screechy voice is very prevalent. All in all, I was expecting so much better. Oh well. Overall this album gets ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3 stars). 

TRACK 1: That’s My Girl

L - A catchy, upbeat song, not my favourite but amazing that it’s on the Rio Olympics ad. 4/10

V - Very upbeat, I like the whole message. Not much I can say about this song other than its one of my favorites. 8/10

TRACK 2: Work From Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

L - Why does Camila over do her runs in every live performance? I skip this every time I hear it.. not great. It’s repetitive and boring. The music video is fire tho. 3/10

V - So overplayed. But definitely a step up from worth it. 5/10.

TRACK 3: The Life

L - An okay song but don’t make it a single! Camila sings basically every verse in this song, so it sucks overall. Lyrically, it’s okay. 2/10

V - Very underrated. Only people with high intelligence would understand this song, overlooking the fact that Camila leads, 15/10.

TRACK 4: Write On Me

L - I liked this song when I first heard it but really? Camila acted like this was lyrically the strongest song on the album when in reality, I have no idea why I’d want someone to write on me. The music video was very pretty and visually appealing, nothing special tho. 2/10

V - Cute song, but boring and makes no sense. It has a shitty metaphor, or wasn’t delivered properly. -10/10.

TRACK 5: I Lied

L - Everything about this song is pretty amazing. MAKE IT A SINGLE PLEASE. 10/10

V - Normani did a high note. Enough said. 20/10.

TRACK 6: All In My Head (Flex) ft. Fetty Wap 

L - I liked the live performance at the BBMA’s of this song and I’m happy that it’s lead by Dinah, but it’s nothing special or outstanding. 6/10

V - This song is shit without fetty wap. Lauren saves it with the pre chorus. 9/10.

TRACK 7: Squeeze

L - I love the message of this song, it’s catchy and cute, but every time I hear the word “squeeze” I cant help but feel like theyre talking about squeezing (choking) me to death, lol. 9/10

V - Okay. Its average, nothing special but I kind of liked it. 7/10.

TRACK 8: Gonna Get Better

L - Beautiful song, well done fifth harmony! And Ally slayed on this track. 11/10

V - I was pleasantly surprised by this song. Not bad. Dinah lifted this song up to the heavens after effortlessly singing her high note at the end. 10/10.

TRACK 9: Scared Of Happy

L - The beat in the song is lit, but the message of the song is dumb, lol, lyrically it makes 0 sense. 3/10

V - This song makes no sense. How the fuck can you be scared of happy??? Next. -10/10.

TRACK 10: Not That Kinda Girl ft. Missy Elliot

L - This track sucks. 0/10

V - This is the slightly better version of “NO” except it sucks because it slut shames. Even the title suggests the misogynistic phrase “Not like the other girls” like bitch please. -100/10.

TRACK 11: Dope

L - Probably one of the best songs on this album, in my opinion. I don’t know what else to say but this song is pretty fucking dope. (pun intended) 10/10

V - Best song off of this god forsaken album. My ears healed hearing this after all the other songs. The chorus is fucking everything. 100/10.

TRACK 12: No Way

L - I vibed quite well with this song and I don’t skip it. Lyrically it is good, the tune is okay, but I can’t see this song getting big.. 8/10

V - Couldn’t find myself getting into it, sorry. 2/10.

TRACK 13: Worth It - No Rap

L - So they obviously wanted to revel in their most successful song and were unable to let it go. I feel as if including Worth It on their new album was a sign of weakness, perhaps an indication that they thought that their new songs wouldn’t reach the success that Worth It attained. -1/10

V - Can’t believe the girls had the DISRESPECT to bring this repetitive ass song and its horrible ass memories along with it. -20/10.

BONUS TRACK: 1000 Hands

This song should have definitely been on the actual album. Lyrically very good although I dont get why’d you want 1000 hands on you…. 

BONUS TRACK: Big Bad Wolf 

Again, should have been on the album, although it’s slightly misogynistic and cringe worthy. A catchy tune, nonetheless.

Rare Olympic Silver Drachm from Elis, Olympia

This is a rare Olympic coin that was used during the 132nd Olympiad in 252 BC through the 143rd Olympiad in 208 BC. The obverse shows an eagle with a hare in its talons. The reverse has a winged-thunderbolt and inscription.

The first Olympic coins were minted around 471 BC. The exact starting date of the Olympic games is not known, but written records start at 776 BC. The Olympics continued until 391 AD when the Emperor Theodosius ended the games. Of the four big sanctuaries - Olympia, Delphi, Isthmia, and Nemea - that hosted crown games during the Classical period, only Olympia had a regular coinage that was associated with its festival.

This coinage would serve as the only legal tender during the games. All foreign coins had to be exchanged. This exchange was done for a fee which went to pay for the upkeep of the sanctuary at Olympia. Besides being a source of income for the sanctuary, this exchange to a common currency made commerce easier as the home currencies of the various visitors were sometimes based on different weight standards. A common currency was also needed because one of the great attractions of the Olympic Festival was the vast market or fair that took place there at the same time as the games, drawing an immense audience of buyers and sellers from all over the Greek world.

The fact that there were a wide variety of denominations of Olympic coinage - staters (or didrachms), drachms, hemidrachms and obols - shows that these coins were for commerce and were not just souvenirs as was once thought.

(Official Statement) Woollim Entertainment, "Nam Woohyun is casted in 'Mongdang Branch School Olympic'".

Woollim Entertainment, the agency of Infinite announced on 14th that “it is true that Infinite Nam Woohyun is casted in ‘Mongdang Branch School Olympic’” and they added that “Nam Woohyun is casted as ‘Hyunwoo’ the teacher. He is challenging the screen for the first time through this movie.”
The movie Mongdang Branch School Olympic has webtoon as its original story, and it is touching drama, portraying the story in Mongdang branch school in country side of Kangwon-do. Shooting started last March 10th in Kangwon-do Koseong.

**trans by Hyon of InfiniteUpdates

So funny story. I was listening to an olympics ad when I got inspired by the music playing in the background to make a cool dub step song out of it. Here’s what it sounds like so far

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Why I’m Proud of the 15ers

Before jumping into my story, I have a small PSA:

For anyone new to the USWNT, Heather O’Reilly - or HAO - has had a long and successful career with the team aside from this past World Cup: Handpicked as Mia Hamm’s “replacement” and asked to wear her number. Well over 200 caps. 3 Olympic Gold Medals. Newly added World Cup Champion.

Now that that’s all cleared up…

When I was just beginning 4th grade at Saint Bartholomew’s School in East Brunswick, NJ (circa 2004), one of my first assignments was to research and write about a famous New Jerseyan. After turning in my paper, I had to dress the part and do a presentation to the class and their parents. While my friends were writing about “The Boss” and Bon Jovi, my mom forced me to do my project on Heather O’Reilly. At the time, I didn’t understand why I would do my project on my sisters’ friend and teammate, a family friend I often saw at church. “Mom, she’s not famous - no one knows who she is” I told her. Unfortunately, I was right. Although she was from my town, a local hero fresh off of winning her first Olympic gold medal with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, none of my friends (and most of their parents) had a clue who she was.

Fast forward to her second and third Olympic gold medals: most people in my town have either heard of her or the “Heather O’Reilly Outstanding Athlete Award,” an award given to 4 varsity athletes from our high school each year. If they were lucky enough, they might’ve caught an autograph or picture when she was in town - which, as the years go by, become fewer and far between. At this point, she was a name people knew but a person many didn’t, much like our other famous alumni. [I now feel obligated to mention, however, that Heather is the epitome of hometown pride. Everything she does and in every interview she gives, she is sure to mention the town she grew up in. I personally feel as though she is as proud of our town as our town is of her…She comes back as often as she can, runs soccer camps for little girls most summers, meets with our high school sports teams, and will always sign autographs and speak with anyone willing to approach her without ever tiring of it.] Even with her hometown and national fame - she was still only thought of when big games or tournaments came around. Not today.

It’s been a long time coming, but today, I can proudly tell you that Heather and the talented, hard working and successful female athletes on the USWNT are finally getting the attention and recognition they deserve and have deserved for many, many years. It’s been a long, tough and underrated journey, but this country and the opinion and stigma surrounding women’s sports are heading in the right direction. Everyone mocks me and wonders why I’m so personally proud of the USWNT, but this is why:

I can look back to my 4th grade self - dressed in a blue soccer uniform with “O’Reilly” and “17″ (her old number) taped onto my back - presenting to a crowd of people who didn’t recognize or understand my “famous New Jerseyan.” And then, I can look ahead to these past two weeks. And I can embrace this time of national celebration and recognition. And I can feel myself getting emotional at the NYC Victory Parade. And I can well up with pride and utter happiness when I see Heather on her own float, getting presented a key to New York City, winning an ESPY on national television, or having her own Sports Illustrated cover. And I feel sorry for those who still don’t understand why I’m so personally proud of this team and this sport. 

That is why I’m proud of this team. That is why America should be proud of this team. I may only be 20 years old, having only caught a glimpse of the progress, but I am honored to have been a part of such a journey, and I look forward to experiencing what’s to come. 

If anyone took the time to read the longest post ever, God bless and good night. I love my USWNT family. ❤⚽