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I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ Or ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ For Percabeth

“Coffee guy has a crush on you,” Piper says without preamble, flicking a page in her reading.

“Uh huh,” Annabeth mutters, dragging a highlighter over a line in her book. It’s only after she’s finished an irritated scribble in the margin that the words really penetrate. She glances up at her friend, who is leaning across the table looking amused. “What? No. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“I’m always ridiculous. And always right. He keeps refilling your coffee.”

Annabeth, who has been lost in a haze of architecture for longer than the hour Piper has been sitting in the cafe with her, has not really been aware of her drink being refilled. She’s reached for her mug when she wanted a drink, and the mug has always had coffee in it. The logical inconsistency between the amount of times she’d reached for the cup and the cup never being empty had not really jumped out at her until now.

“If he’s refilling my coffee and not yours, that just makes him rude.”

“Oh, no. He’s been refilling mine. When you started swearing at your book before, it nearly overflowed, and it wasn’t because he was scandalised.”

Annabeth sighs, refusing to glance over her shoulder at the coffee guy in question. It’s not like she doesn’t already know what he looks like, the guy is six foot tall with a build like an Olympian swimmer and a jawline that could cut glass. She manages to drag her brain to a halt before it starts listing things to compare his eye colour to: Piper is smirking at her reading in a way that suggests she’s learnt how to read minds.

“He was probably impressed with my command of the english language.”

“He was impressed with something, all right.” Piper shuts her folder with a snap. “Right, i’m done here.”

“That reading was fifty-one pages, you’re so full of shit.”

“The fact that you know how long my readings are is terrifying, you know that?”

“Do your homework!”

“Can’t hear you, running away to get a restraining order!” She’s halfway to the door by the time she sing-songs that, leaving Annabeth with her nearly empty coffee mug and a cafe full of people giving her the stink eye.

“If you need an alibi, I can testify that you’ve been here pretty much all day.”

Coffee guy has a nice voice. Warm, smooth, just this side of deep without sounding like the trailer guy. It takes Annabeth an embarrassing amount of time to register that she’s thinking this because he’s standing right next to her, holding a coffee pot. It’s a good thing her self control is world renowned, because she uses all of it to keep from jumping out of her skin.

“What? I - no, she’s joking. We’re friends. Really.”

His grin is distractingly crooked. “I’m convinced.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Annabeth mutters, hoping against hope that she’s not blushing, or something equally ridiculous.

“That’s probably not going to help in court.”

Her brain is - slowly - retreating out of coffee-and-study survival mode. A joke, she realises belatedly, and the rueful laugh escapes her before she can think to bite it back. And - something in coffee guy’s shoulders relaxes, just a little bit. Nervous, she thinks, and finds herself predisposed to like him. Smart boys know to think very carefully before approaching Annabeth Chase, and that’s the way she likes it.

She tucks an errant curl behind her ear. “I’ll plea insanity. Over-caffeination.” She glances down at her cup. “Actually, would you mind–?”

His face scrunches up with something like concern. “That’ll be your sixth cup.”

“Aren’t you the guy who’s been topping me up?”

“Grover seemed to think you might, I dunno, eat us or something if you ran out. I was protecting the good people of the cafe, but apparently cutting you off means stopping a murder.”

A groan escapes her, something like shame crawling up the back of her throat. Annabeth knows she’s got a serious case of resting bitch face (and she’ll fight anyone who suggests that’s a problem),but she doesn’t want the entire campus to be terrified of her.

Just wary.

“I’m not…actually some hyper-violent lady with a hair-trigger, honestly.”

“Oh hey no, I didn’t mean to–” And he’s groaning? He rubs the back of his neck, which is slowly turning red, and Annabeth starts to feel less off-kilter. “I’m bad at flirting.”

She’s definitely going to murder Piper. This is her fault somehow, Annabeth’s sure.

“Same,” she rushes out, before over-thinking can make this even messier. Her whole body feels energised, jittery, and she doesn’t think it’s the coffee. “Um. Just one more refill? To get me through the last bit of this chapter?”

“Wh - uh, right. Sure!” He squints at her. “You don’t mind?”

Annabeth rocks her mug from side to side, watching the dregs of her drink slosh from side to side. Black, no sugar. It seems like the safer option right now.

She takes a breath.

“Haven’t decided yet,” she says. “I’ll let you know when i’m done with this chapter.”

She’s not looking at him directly, but his grin is wide enough to be seen from space, let alone the corner of her eye.

“You got it,” he says happily, topping her mug off. He’s on the verge of pulling away when he pauses, like he’s remembered something. “It’s Percy, by the way. So you don’t have to keep calling me coffee guy.”

And then he’s gone, leaving Annabeth to seriously reconsider committing that murder.

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How do you think they would react to MC being like on a national level swimmer who dreams are the Olympics? Or state level (which is huge where i am from. Im australian and a swimmer and those are my dreams hahaha. Almost there tho!) - do RFA + V and Unknown along with them. ;--;

Oh my gosh, how exciting! When I see you’re famous and I see you on TV one day I’ll be like ‘Yeah I know them, they asked for a request on my Tumblr!’ Although I’m going to have to say I really don’t know much about swimming. All of my swimmer knowledge comes from watching Free! and like two Olympic matches so I’m sorry if the swimming terminology is incorrect! I still hope that you enjoy and good luck my friend!! :D 


  • Yoosung is so incredible hyped when you tell him that you’re a professional swimmer
  • He has a little bit of knowledge of swimming but he’s extremely eager to learn from you
  • Really enjoys watching you practice and cheers really loud for you
  • Yoosung is always waiting at the end for you with a towel in hand ready to wrap around you
  • When you tell Yoosung that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer he’s so shocked
  • He becomes one hundred times more supportive and will try to help out in any way that he can
  • Yoosung is so proud to call you his girlfriend and won’t stop supporting you until he sees you with that gold Olympic medal around your neck


  • Zen first thinks that by you being a swimmer you mean just like a casual swimmer
  • Oh no, you explain to Zen that you’re a professional swimmer and he’s so happy for you
  • He honestly just wants to see you succeed so he becomes your fanboy
  • Loves watching you practice and always gives you a huge hug afterwards because he’s just so happy for you
  • When you tell him that you’re trying to get to the Olympics, Zen think he might explode of happiness
  • He’s always there for you and even though he’s not a very good swimmer, will always encourage you Zen firmly believes that everyone should follow their dream and you’re no exception, so he decides to be there for you every step of the way until he sees you on the winner’s podium


  • Jaehee loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • She watches swimming on her off time so when she finds out that you’re a swimmer she’s so excited
  • Starts asking you a millions questions and honestly, it’s so cute to see her so excited
  • Jaehee almost fainted from excitment when you told her that you were trying to go to the Olympics someday
  • She helps you with a training regiment and basically becomes you’re new coach
  • Every single practice she’ll be there as well as your swim meets
  • She’s always waiting for you at the end and will hug you, jumping up and down when she sees your times
  • Watching you swim gives Jaehee something to be happy about and since seeing her happy makes you happy, you tell her that one day you’ll be standing on the podium with a gold medal with her at your side


  • Jumin is pleasantly surprised to find out that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s actually quite knowledgeable about swimming and even offers to hire a personal coach and trainer for you
  • He’ll rent out an entire swimming stadium for your to practice with and one of his favorite things to do is to bring Elizabeth the 3rd with him and watch you practice
  • When you tell Jumin that you’re trying to become an Olympic swimmer, he’s got his phone out trying to call the Olympic committee to get you in
  • You have to explain to him that you want to get in because you worke hard and not because of his status
  • He understands and makes sure to schedule his meetings around your matches since he loves watching you swim
  • Always waiting for you at the end to wrap you in a towel and tell you how proud he is of you
  • Jumin becomes extremely supportive of your swimming goals and promises that he won’t give up until you’ve won gold


  • Seven can hardly believe it when you tell him that you’re a swimmer!
  • He’s never really been into sports, but he’s always enjoyed watching swimming so now he’s hyped
  • Seven wants to hack into the Olympic committee’s system to get you in when you tell him that you dream of being an Olympian swimmer
  • You tell Seven to chill and if he wants to help, he can cheer you on instead
  • He agrees and goes to all of your practices and matches, making up ridiculous cheers but they’re actually pretty cute
  • Like when you’re doing the backstroke, Seven will yell “My girlfriend’s got backstroke for days!”
  • He always waits for you at the end and screams about how amazing you swam and how proud of you he is
  • Seven said that neither himself or you will rest until you become the most decorated Olympian swimmer


  • V absolutely loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • This boy is really interested in whatever you do, but becomes especially excited to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He can’t really see well enough to try and give you advice but he’ll tell you that he’s sure that you always do an amazing job
  • V took a photo of you swimming the breaststroke and it’s now his favorite picture ever and he keeps a copy with him at all times
  • Tries his best to go to every single one of your matches and always gets excited and cheers for you it’s the sweetest thing ever
  • He gives you so much encouragement when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and promises to always be there for you to cheer you on
  • V sincerely wants to see you succeed and promises that one day he’ll take a picture with you and your gold medal


  • Saeran is really interested and somewhat hesitant to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s not a great swimmer himself so he can get nervous around a huge pool of water
  • But seeing how happy you are when you talk about swimming makes him curious enough to watch your practices
  • Saeran’s eyes light up the first time he sees you swim and at that moment on, he becomes your number one supporter
  • He actually approaches you on teaching him how to swim better to which you happily agree of course
  • He gets super pumped when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and says that he’ll be there with you every step of the way
  • He’s always there at the end of each match to tell you how good you performed and to glare at the other swimmers
  • Saeran genuinely wants to see you succeed and tells you that he’ll stay by your side until you become a gold medalists

I feel like I should clarify that I talk about competing so much because there are plenty of competitors who do not set themselves up as #fitspo examples for your everyday normal person. They might share about their training here and there, but never in a prescriptive light. Think about Olympians or powerlifters or swimmers.

These other Instagram and YouTube accounts are ruining people’s lives because their “fans” (gag) are now trying to be in a caloric deficit and find macro friendly diet foods and buying a bunch of shit programming and supplements because they just don’t KNOW better. And these accounts take advantage of the uneducated, the weak, and the insecure. On top of being young and naive themselves in the best cases.


Testosterone Thursday

Not The Greatest Fan Of Michael Phelps (Too Much Hype Around Him) Or Ryan Lochte (Not Much Of A Personality). But Nathan Adrian…

Whoa, Nellie! He Is…

 Sexy As Hell, Baby!