the triathlon monster

T: mummy, look mummy, Olympic cycling! so cool

me: looking baby. wow, look at those sweet disks…

T: you want to be in the Olympics, don’t you?

me: well mummy might have passed on that, but there’s nothing stopping you from going.

T: [hops off the couch, walks around house with fake ‘checklist’] omg mummy, I need stuff to go to the Olympics. Stuff! I need a bike. like yours. that you lie down on. and black wheels. and that funny helmet, the one that makes you look like an alien. yeah, an alien helmet. and shoes. i need shoes. like yours. and goggles, aaand a wetsuit. o and I need sunglasses, I want to be so cool when I’m at the Olympics. Mum!!! I need SUNNNNglasses! …..