Shoutout to @the-official-pentacorn for tagging me! Thanks :)!

Name: Kelsey

Nickname: kels, kols, oltz, bae, cole sprouse, sprout

Gender: female

Orientation: straight..bi curious lately?

Ethnicity: white af

Star Sign: leo

Height: 160cm/ 5'3 feet

Time right now: 9:40am

Last thing I googled: “ni hao kylan” hahahah that old show on pbs I think

Favorite Bands: City and Colour, Bombay Bicycle Club, Man Overboard, Counterparts, Front Porch Step, Citizen, Turnover

Favorite Solo Artists: Bon Iver, Matt Corby, Lucy Rose, Ben Howard, James Bay, D.R.A.M., Bryson Tiller, Chris Brown, Parham, Kendrick Llamar, Lil Dicky

Song stuck in your head: Blood Sweat & Tears - BTS

Last movie I watched: Some movie about US politics I immediately fell asleep to

Last TV show I watched: Impractical Jokers

When did you create your blog: March 2017

What kind of stuff do you post: Pewdiepie and the occational personal post :)

When did your blog reach its peak: When @partypewds started following me/reblogging my stuff :)

Do you have any other blogs: Yeah my personal blog which I’d rather not say!

Do you get asks regularly: Not super regularly

Why you chose your URL: It’s one of pewd’s intros. ***REALLY LOUD WINDOWS XP STARTUP***

Following: 525

Posts: 188

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Pokémon Team: Instinct

Favorite colors: Forest green, black, bright yellow, any blue

Average hours of sleep: Around 5-7

Lucky Numbers: 420 69 ;)

Favorite manga characters: ??? hentai phineas and ferb

How many blankets do you sleep with: One

Dream job: I have no idea :( I’m confused about my life

Dream trip: I want to go climbing and skiing all over Europe, maybe spend some time in Alaska and Hawaii as well

Favorite book: I don’t have a favorite

What I’m wearing at the moment: lululemon sweatshirt and leggings combo

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