Phew. This took all day but have a round up of all my rubberhose kids so far. Im still fixin to add another one or two but this is a pretty good gang I got goin on here I think.

Meet the Gang:

Walter the Reaper: A very mellow angel of death who has been doin this job for so long that not much  phases him. Hes actually rather sweet but unfortunately overworked. He’d just like a lunch break to enjoy his favorite meal, a sandwhich.

Brunhilde and Odin the unicorns: These siblings are fixing to get into toon hell for some reason. They’re both tougher than nails and have been in more scraps than they can count. While they can use magic they are equally capable of handling situations with their fists.

Olson the Hellhound: He may look like a mutt but hes a powerful fiend from down below who likes to stir up trouble. While hes a rough n tumble type of guy he has his charm and can be quite the gentleman when he wants. 

Fierro Hellfire: Fierro runs a popular joint in toon hell where everyone visits to have a good time dancin and drinking. Fierro himself is a sweet lil guy who seems to know just about everyone and anything around here. Now what he does with that info is none of your business.


Rubberhose Doodle dump from the last week or so.

Hamme & Bean run a sweets shop and while their past is a bit sketchy their food is amazing. Its probably that secret ingredient they use. Id just recommend not getting too addicted to the candy there as some of their most frequent customers go missing after a time.

Also some toons Ive seen around I think are swell. This isnt everyone by any means but just the ones that came to mind. 
We got cuties from @badluckbetties @ragtimegoat @ragtimedevil @whip-the-dentist @devilswinginbendy @rustybirdcage