Night Of The Warrior (Ночь Воина)

Boris Olshansky

A Volhv (Cyrillic: Волхв), often shortened to Vlh. (Влх.), is a Slavic pagan priest, diviner and a sorcerer. He was something like a shaman and his magic was connected with the Slavic god Veles.
Tradition of Volhvs survived in some Slavic countries (mainly in Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Belarus) till the 19th century (but their names were various and volhvs’ role changed, because of christianization). After christianization they were considered to be the wisest men in villages. They were experts on folk beliefs and magic. Such men were important during the celebration of Dziady - they could summon the spirits of the dead. -Source Details


Snuggle Room:  Created at Ponderosa Tanzland. June 2014 

Rachell Clark and Rada Olshansky

A guided experienced based performance.  Beginning with 1 and ending with many, ‘Snuggle Room’ started with a intimate one on one encounter for each audience member and ended with what the title implies.  In a comfortable yet confined spaces, how do people decide to share space, interact and accommodate one and other when maybe, there is not enough room for all?