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Trees play an integral role in Middle-earth in various ways, and I’m fascinated by Tolkien’s term ‘Ent’, which is found to be derived from the Old English term for ‘Giant’ and conjures the specific mystical vision of trees taking human form. This vision is used to such a visually striking effect in the character Fangorn or Treebeard, who resides in the equally mystical Fangorn Forest in The Two Towers. - The dreams of trees unfold, by John Cockshaw

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One more illustration to finish for a book on #Tolkien called High Towers and Strong Places by Tim Furnish, to be released by Oloris Publishing.

All in all I created two cover illustrations and twenty-four interior ones, often depicting subjects I hadn’t tackled before (even during over twenty years of creating art inspired by Tolkien’s works) which was a cool challenge.

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you explain to me abit more about the lord of the rings read-along? I read one of your posts on it a while back and it sounded great.

The Lord of the Rings Read-Along is an… event, I guess?, that I’m planning for the spring. It starts in one week, and it’s going to be amazing.

It’s basically like an online book club. We’re reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, and at it’s most basic, it’s a bunch of people reading the same chapters at the same time. But then you toss in awesome things like discussions, collecting meta relating to each chapter, encouraging fanworks like playlists, fanart, fanfiction, etc, a Bingo Card game that will result in a few lucky people winning some prizes, and even some exclusive materials and excerpts from some pro authors at Oloris Publishing.

The goal of the Read-Along is to have fun (and, you know, read the books), so you can be as active or inactive as you want. We’ve got a real variety of readers, too. We’ve got everything from lifelong Tolkien experts to first-timers.

If you’re at all interested, check out tolkienreadalong.tumblr.com. You can ask any questions about our plans, or just follow along to see how it goes. The first event is a Launch Part on January 3rd, so that’ll be an opportunity to meet other readers.

As you can see, I’m quite excited about this! And if it goes well, there’s a definite possibility of another read-along for the Hobbit (or, who knows, even the Silmarillion?) So come check it out!