an oloid is a developable form discovered by Paul Schatz in 1929. when rolled, every point on the form touches the plane on which it is rolling, effectively drawing its own surface. this example measures 17cm and is handmade of polished and oiled beechwood. 



Furniture for a Changing Room

This series of furniture is based on previous research about objects in motion, the atmosphere of sports facilities as well as about materiality and shapes connoting flexibility, agility and confidence.

Stool, locker and lamp create a flexible composition inviting the user to handle the artifacts in a playful and agile mannor. The user can arrange the objects according to personal needs. The lively contrasts between intense colors / clean white, soft textiles / hard metal and solid surfaces / transparency create a rich tactile and visual experience enhancing active sensual perception. CRAWL, SWING AND SCORE create a transition zone introducing the user to 
sport situations.

Stool CRAWL: coated steel frame, paracord
Lamp SWING: coated steel frame, paracord, foam tape
Locker SCORE: coated steel frame, acrylic glass, pvc film, nylon mesh

Project 4th semester KHiO 2015

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It’s time for a brand new roundup with great design work to get your creative juices flowing. In today’s gallery we’ve collected 25 new stunning pieces from a wide mix of creative fields by talented designers from all over the world.

25 Years of Lane Poster by Thorbjørn Gudnason

SSU designed by Snask

Roma 23 by Firmalt

Plattfon Record Store by Marco Papiro

Spring by David Szalay

Bang & Olufsen by Andrew Guscott

Minimalist Shakespearean Posters
Submitted by M Perry .

Triboro Design

North Siders by Katherine Rainey

Etsy’s Autumn Winter Lookbook by Dittmar

Newsprint with gold foil print finish by Tomat

The Reef Book Cover


Hybrid Territories by Les Graphiquants

La voce della luce by Francesca Pavese

Fabrik by Sander Bullynck


Poster by Marin Design

DERZEIT Magazine Cover

Sycamore Street Press

Submitted by Vasil Enev.

Haigh + Martino

The Arabian Nights

Mrs. Dalloway Cover

Chanel Poster Ad by Valentina Badeanu

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Under what kind of spatial circumstances do people feel uneasy and insecure and what is the furniture’s role in these situations? Taking the feeling of exposure as a starting point, the changing room (of a fitness centre or an indoor swimming pool) is the chosen environment to work with. Becoming aware that fear and discomfort often goes along with feeling paralyzed, stuck and static, decision is made to focus on flexible structures and, as a next step, with shapes in motion. The research emphasizes the so-called Oloid and the work of Paul Schatz.

Project 4th semester KHiO 2015