Evolution of J.P. Morgan's Core Menu Innovation Microsite

This was my exploration of some “out-there” concepts for a conservative brand. 

Discussed “Simple but Sophisticated” concept with client; we were happy to see they liked this direction. 

I blew out a bit of a radical design (for said client) using a dramatic crop and really brought their blue into the color palate, as opposed to a stark white. We liked the idea of a close up on modern furniture - complex in design yet simple in beauty and shape. Changed to brand fonts + colors. Rookie mistake.

The blue is out. The crop is out. The furniture is out. But we still have the general architecture and headline statement. At this point I was informed that J.P. Morgan had a specific architecture styleguide and so it was back to the drawing board regarding pixel widths, padding, etc. 

And this is the final design. Take note, the client dropped the headline “Sophisticated made Simple”. At the near end of the design and architecture process, the client mentioned they needed more content sections. Ex: Leadership, In the News, “video coming soon” box and a slider for video and text.
It really came a long way, but I’m sure other projects have changed more. Small victories, small losses, but it is pretty insane how much your original intent can get snuffed over a couple months by one small change after another.
The live site: coremenuinnovation.com Developed by my co-worker, Mike. Art directed by Courtney. Project Managed by Kate. 

anonymous asked:

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crampillakarnstain asked:

So we totally already know that Laura's major is Journalism, Carmilla's Philosophy, LaF's Biology, but what about the other characters? LIke, Danny is probably literature or sports medicine, Kirsch' Bro-ology or sports, and Will, well he's not really in the picture at the moment but Perry???? Like, what is she possibly studying? Besides a minor in vampire staking and Home Ec?

She’s a German major.


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Bi-Ology Submissions!

Hello Everyone!  Please do not forget that Bi-Ology Zine: The Literary Magazine for Bisexuals is accepting submissions until Wednesday.  Do not forget to submit to the zine at bi.ology.zine@gmail.com or through the website.  If you aren’t sure about a topic or a piece that you want to submit, you can always ask me and I will get back to you!  We need submissions, though, so please don’t be afraid to send in work!

If you haven’t already checked out the zine prospects, please do. :)