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Want Patient’s Info Sent to Personal Phone? Upgrade EMR to “Hillary Mode”


Oak Park, IL–Dr. Demi Cratt, growing increasingly frustrated with logging in to review patient’s electronic medical records, finally called her hospital’s help desk for assistance. She was excited to discover a new upgrade to Hillary Mode, which would enable Dr. Cratt to receive HIP…

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Evolution of J.P. Morgan's Core Menu Innovation Microsite

This was my exploration of some “out-there” concepts for a conservative brand. 

Discussed “Simple but Sophisticated” concept with client; we were happy to see they liked this direction. 

I blew out a bit of a radical design (for said client) using a dramatic crop and really brought their blue into the color palate, as opposed to a stark white. We liked the idea of a close up on modern furniture - complex in design yet simple in beauty and shape. Changed to brand fonts + colors. Rookie mistake.

The blue is out. The crop is out. The furniture is out. But we still have the general architecture and headline statement. At this point I was informed that J.P. Morgan had a specific architecture styleguide and so it was back to the drawing board regarding pixel widths, padding, etc. 

And this is the final design. Take note, the client dropped the headline “Sophisticated made Simple”. At the near end of the design and architecture process, the client mentioned they needed more content sections. Ex: Leadership, In the News, “video coming soon” box and a slider for video and text.
It really came a long way, but I’m sure other projects have changed more. Small victories, small losses, but it is pretty insane how much your original intent can get snuffed over a couple months by one small change after another.
The live site: coremenuinnovation.com Developed by my co-worker, Mike. Art directed by Courtney. Project Managed by Kate. 

Comparison is the thief of all happiness. #charlestonsc
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William Carty - Thinktankdecoy
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metanoiawitch  asked:

Do you have any favorite "witchy" shops you go to that you would reccommend and aren't gonna put a dent in my wallet in the Sac area? Thanks for taking the time to read and (hopefully) answer!

Sure I can give you a list, usually each shop has its specialty so it’s always good to shop around, these are some of my favorites. :)

The blossoming path - fair oaks
Ology- old Sacramento
Garden of enchantment- old Sacramento
Botanica de la reina -Roseville flea market
Beers books - downtown Sacramento
Planet earth rising -old folsom
The almost perfect book store -Roseville

This week, learn about Fire Control Tower No. 23 in Cape May, #‎NewJersey‬. It is New Jersey’s only surviving World War II lookout tower that is restored and open to the public thanks to @capemaymac. Read the article at www.thehistorygirl.com

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I was tagged by @stylishstrology to answer the following questions

✿ rules: tag 10 blogs you wish to know better ✿ birthday: jan 25th ✿ gender: male ✿ relationship status: single ✿ zodiac sign: aquarius ✿ siblings: one older sister, two younger sisters ✿ favorite color: sunset orange ✿ pets: a Great Pyrenees & cat ✿ wake up times: during school 6:00 am during summer 10:00-11:00 am ✿ lemonade or ice tea: lemonade ✿ cats or dogs: dogs :-) ✿ day or night: day ✿ coke or pepsi: coke ✿ text or call: text ✿ met a celebrity: no ✿ smiles or eyes: eyes ✿ chapstick or lipstick: chapstick ✿ city or country: country ✿ last song i listened to: what would I do without you by Drew Holcomb & the neighbors
I tag: @astrolocherry @astrologyexplained @astroscendant @aquariusgod @leo-ology @zodiyactus @lameasstrology @astrofairies @garbageastrology @flawlessastrology

This home has caught my attention from afar for quite some time. Finally got to see it up close. #Detroit #Westside #NorthwestDetroit #QueenAnne #VictorianArchitecture #archi_ologie #oldhouselove #casasecasarios #houses_ofthe_world #beautifulhouseoldandnew #RawDetroit #PureMichigan #PureMittigan #MotorCityShooters #PureDetroit #DepictTheD #VisitDetroit #Michiganders #TheMidwestival #IGersDetroit #IGersMidwest #detroit_igers #ThisPlaceMatters #ThisPlaceMattersDetroit (at Northwest Detroit)

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drvra  asked:

Vinyl, dragons, lace! :--)

thank you bb and good job unknowingly picking previously unseen ones!

Vinyl: What is some of your favorite music?
dsdjjhdgsk Thanks. gay is my fave genre and within it my biggest loves over the last year have been y&y, troye sivan and frank ocean. other than those, some of the albums that have banged for me relentlessly this s/s season are mind of mine by zayn, skin by flume, lemonade by beyonce, nothing was the same by drake, nightday by zhu, kiasmos by kiasmos, new eyes by clean bandit, this is acting by sia and ology by gallant. my ass also belongs to the national, lorde, vw, foals, purity ring and literally so many others

Dragons: What makes you feel powerful, what breathes life into you?
doing things i know i’m good at in front of people is the best medicine for temporarily lowered self esteem. listening to those extra fire songs that are in the perfect bpm to walk to and walking to the beat is an amazing short term mood lift too, also wearing make up and washing my hair after like a week of doing neither

Lace: Your favorite things to wear?
these black chillout pants i own with the ankles rolled up but i obviously tore them after owning them for 2 weeks. my #1 favorite outfit is high waisted jeans with sneakers or oxfords and a t shirt bc its sooo easy to wear but looks so good and gay, if it’s chilly add a bomber or a flannel, if it’s hot make the jeans high waisted shorts or skirt, you cannot go wrong


The Physics of Flip Tricks | (Skate)ology (via Super Deluxe)

Yeeeeheeee, I got tagged by @dyorable! I love getting tagged no mater what it is. Thank you so much!

Always repost the rules, answer the random questions posted for you. Create 11 new questions and tag 11 people. Let the person who tagged you know that you answered.

1. what’s your favourite season and why?

Autumn, because my mom used to tell me when I was a kid that the wind sang a song too sweet for the leaves not to follow it and that’s why the leaves fall. Also, because of the holiday season and the warmth and the scenery.

2. fave album?

Of course, EX’ACT but apart from exo, Ology by Gallant.

3. apple or android?


4. what do you love most about your bias?

His sincerity.

5. favourite type of weather?

Sunny with a lot of puffy clouds.

6. top 10 played songs on itunes?

1. Tell Me What Is Love by Yoo Young Jin and D.O. 2. What If… by exo 3. Bourbon by Gallant 4. Moonlight by exo 5. My Turn to Cry (the Baekhyun version) 6. Talking to Myself by Gallant 7. Girlfriend by NAO 8. Bad Blood by NAO 9. First Love by exo 10. They Never Know by exo

7. what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

I’ve always wanted to go to the San Francisco Academy of Sciences, so that.

8. what was your dream job at 5 years old vs your dream job now?

At 5, Sailor Moon. Now, an animal photographer.

9. what’s an unpopular opinion of yours?

I don’t like chocolate ice cream or any variation of it.

10. who was your first kpop bias ever?

I wish I could say Kyungsoo, but Chanyeol because of Roommate.

11. do you tend to have a type when biasing (ie. the vocals or the rappers or the dancers)?

My brothers say I always go for the awkward and reserved types.

My questions to you:

1. What’s your favorite childhood show?

2. What’s one of your pet peeves?

3. If you had a ticket to any show or place in the world, where would you go?

4. Favorite movie genre?

5. What’s one of your dreams or wishes?

6. Who is your second bias?

7. Favorite time of day?

8. Last thing you ate?

9. If you got stuck on a deserted island, who would you bring and why?

10. How did you get introduced to exo?

11. At what moment did you know your bias was your bias?

I started struggling at 8, I’m so sorry. I had to dig into the people that I follow to get to 11 but I would really love to get to know you! Even though you don’t know me. Haha. tag: @modelsoo, @ksooslipring @3kpop2jagi1 @nini-dyo, @kyungsooisbigdaddy, @saintksoo, @suavesehun, @angelksoo, @c92, @dorkyksoo, @exogothline.