For everyone who’s never been to a BMTH concert

If you’re in the mosh pit, you will get hurt. Whether it’s a sore neck and feet in the morning, to being strangled, trampled on, pushed over, fractured/broken bones. Just be in mind that you have to be careful.

If you are on the barrier, or near the barrier, people will push you around, and people around me were knocked onto the ground. When Oliver gets close to the edge of stage, it gets worse, you will feel like you’re suffocating, if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks (which I do) or claustrophobia, please don’t be in the pit, be on the sides or the back. Because unless you are near a security guard, it’s most likely that no one is gonna notice you freaking out. It’s terrifying, and the only way that I came out of it was keeping up head up and looking at Oliver and mouthing/singing the words and focusing on the music.

DON’T GO ALONE. Make sure you have a friend with you, someone that’s got your back and you have theirs, so look after each other. If you are going alone and none of your friends can come, then make an effort to meet the people around you when you are in line or in the pit before the show.

Bring a small bag, or not one at all. Don’t bring a backpack because people will/might steal your shit in your bag.

If you have medium/long hair, KEEP YOUR HAIR TIED UP. Don’t use thin hair ties, use 2 if you can, do your best to not make your hair fall out. I have long as fuck hair and people were pulling my hair.

If you are lining up early, drink water. Even if there is no bathrooms around, stay hydrated because people can pass out from it in the pit, I was soaking head to toe in sweat and if I didn’t have water I would’ve passed out.

(This is an experience thing for me, I know this won’t be the same for others but I’m putting it out there anyway): DON’T GO IN THE PIT IF YOU HAVE A NEW OR FRESH TATTOO. I had people trying to move my arm out the way, and in the process they were scratching and bumping my tattoo and by the end of the night it was swollen and had scratch marks on it (It’s okay now, I took good care of it).

Crowdsurfing is cool but it’s really annoying. I hated the amount of people that were thrown on top of me.

Take lots of photos and videos because it’s a good experience to remember.

Even though lots of annoying shit happened last night, the emotions and seeing the band made it worth it :)))


He’s such a babe. I can’t believe he’s real tbh first time seeing him in real life


Let’s get this absolute beaut to No.1 before it even comes out! Reblog! Reblog! Reblog!

I was in the middle on the barrier, hated everyone around me because it literally felt like I was suffocating but I got to have Oliver at least a metre away from me the entire time

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