There. Now can all y’all stop spreading rumours and leave them in peace. All this gossiping just ruins both of their images, just let them do what they wanna do. He’s asked for space on both Hannah and himself, which means just stop. I love them both to bits, so leave em be. Thanks

I hate the sun.
I hate how it makes me open my eyes. I would sooner sleep. Sometimes my head scares me when I sleep, but it’s not so bad.
At least it’s not real.
The sun forces me to go outside. I don’t like it outside.
Inside, I can pretend I’m just a shadow.
You can’t hurt a shadow. It’s impossible to touch them or hold them or make them cry. They don’t feel anything, not ever.
When it’s dark I can shut my eyes and the whole world dies around me.
And all the things that make me sad die too.
But then the sun wakes mr and all my fears are born again.
Most people will tell you they’re scared of the dark.
They don’t see it’s the light that gets us killed.
—  Oliver Sykes, Raised By Raptors Edition Number One

Just wanted to let you guys know about some really horrible news.

Oliver has become really ill, and has been diagnosed with Acute Laryngitis, and the doctors recommended that he does not continue with the tour. Therefore, the rest of the Australian shows (I think they still had some scheduled), the New Zealand show (which it has been postponed twice now and people are upset about it) and the Singapore/Asia shows also.

I was really looking forward to it, but just like everyone else (or at least some people), I want him to get better before anything. And the new dates will be in early 2017.

But I’m letting everyone else know because I think Oli needs some reassuring words, if you refer to his last insta post, he was upset about cancelling Adelaide’s show. And I think lucky Jordan Fish gets to go home and look after his baby boy. So I think now I may be able to do the BMTH Book! But let’s see how the time goes.