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I'm also following you for those reasons, I love the catholic 'aesthetics' but I recently began to consider the faith seriously? I was raised non-religous so I've always thought of myself as agnostic, but for the past year or so I've felt such a strong sort of...warmth from catholicism, like I'm being drawn to it in a way I can't really describe. Like maybe I'm feeling God's presence, idk. I'm going to visit a few catholic churches near me and start talking to people about it though

Yeah, I understand you. It was like that with me also. At first, I just liked looking at all those beautiful catholic pictures olnile, then I started to go to beautiful churches and cathedrals in Europe, then I started to pray the Rosary alone in secret, then I went to my first Mass… My first Masses and visits to Catholic churches were like visits to Heaven! God gave me so much grace!
This blog is called “Aesthetics..“ because I know that people like a e s t  h e  t i c blogs and stuff I try to be interesting haha. Actually, my blog is about SeRIOUS HARDCORE CATHOLICISM as I see it. But I think that beauty comes from God and leads us to Him.