Olmponies - “Cave ponies”

A race of pony found living in complete darkness of the equestrian subterranian cave systems.

Their appearance can be quite intimidating and eerie - a slim and elongated body with a bulkier head, devoid of any distinguishing features apart from their mouth. Their coatless skin is pale, slimy and sensitive to light. Their limbs are thin and fragile.

The respiratory system consists of bright red gills that are attached to their body mostly on the head, the back or even the tail and are capable of collecting oxygen from both air and water, but since their “gills” are quite fragile, they prefer a calm, watery environment, where they graze on algae and fungi.

Adapted to zero light conditions, they lack eyes , but make up for it with a range of other keen senses, as evidenced by their bulky snouts and larger ears. Their sense of smell is very sharp as well as their hearing. Their most fascinating attribute, however, are their complex electroreceptors, that detect weak electric fields in other living beings, which allow them to discern emotions, feelings and sometimes even thoughts from the electrical activity of a persons heart and nervous system. 

Contrasting their eerie appearance, they are known to be peaceful and caring creatures, known to help and guide lost ponies safely out of the caves…