Takahashi Minami - Captainship "reinstatement" irregularity points to graduation? "My turn is getting nearer"

Translated from this Sponichi interview.

Oshima Yuko’s graduation is just on the horizon(6/2). As someone who has been supporting AKB48 together for the past 8 years, what is going through Takahashi Minami mind on the brink of their concert at National Olmpic Stadium?

The impending sense of crisis that Takahashi bears has somewhat meterialized during the Daisokaku the other day. Takahashi has been reinstated as a captain once again. Someone who is practically AKB’s face, the captain post has been passed from her hands to Shinoda Mariko & subsequently Yokoyama Yui. As 48Group advances upon its alternation of generation course, it is an irregularity for someone who has left a post to make a come back again.

Takamina: When it was announced, honestly I thought to myself, “Eh, captain again in this kind of timing?”. Because as soukantoku I have been observing with a step back. But it was probably an inevitable decision. When sokaku(reshuffle) was announced, my first thought went to captains. I could imagine one of them being Yokoyama, but other than her, who else?… I thought. We have a shortage of potential captains. The moment it was announced, I made a resolve to “rebuild Team A once again”.

With the ace & Team K’s captain & strongest partner Oshima’s graduation, it is certain that Takahashi’s burden will increase instantly. Recently we have asked Oshima if she has any junior that she place her hopes on after graduation. After thinking about it for a while, the answer that came back was not any of the junior’s names but was “I wish for Takamina to do her best”.

Takamina: I understand (the reason behind Yuko’s answer). I’ll do my best.

Takahashi answered with a silent smile.

Takamina: But after all these time, I can’t become Yuko. I can only be myself. Up until now, AKB had only 1 sun, but from now onwards, we should not only have 1 but many suns. With many suns, it will lead us towards revitalization. I will do my best to help with that in mind.

With the consecutive graduation of initial stage members, her own graduation is not that far in the future.

Takamina: I think my turn is getting nearer so this would be my ‘last captainship’.

She expressed strong determination towards AKB’s reconstruction.