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my word thank you so so sosoosossoo much for the documentary to olly and suzi, Wild Art on your youtube channel. i watched it last night. how amazing i've been looking for it for years. quick question though, where exactly is the small mention of damon in it? i was probably too tipsy and skipped over it :p

Oh thanks! :’) I’m so happy we could help (sorry the volume is so low on it tho, not sure how to fix that. Listen with headphones and its much better). 

I don’t even think they mention Damon’s name, the interviewer just asks Suzi about her “successful partner” and if his money ever goes towards their expeditions (such a rude question really). She says no and that what she does with Olly is completely separate and her own thing. It should be around 37:00

This is the program we’re talking about too in case anyone else wants to see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EadmOeUy-o

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collin and ollie? as a serious ship?

As a “these two would compliment each other so well and would be adorable” ship. Let me illustrate:

  • Both are the right hand man/assistant to a very trying, morally dubious person with a track record of exploiting people
  • Both of their jobs involve trying to stop said morally dubious person from doing morally dubious things, and advising them in regards to their actions
  • Voice of reason^2
  • Neither of them get paid enough to do this
  • They’re both considered lackeys
  • Ollie is the heart of the gang and Collin is clearly the heart of the Journalism club
  • Trying to keep their relationship on the downlow from their respective groups?? Or at the very least keeping it away from Suzy.
  • Rival gang romances (does the Journalism Club count as a gang) (I feel like it should)
  • Ollie is very calm and level headed where Collin seems to get anxious easily, while trying to be level headed
  • Big and Tall + Short and Small
  • The big tough one with a scary face and the small frazzled one that no one seems to take seriously for some reason
  • Their ship name would be Collie how freaking adorable is that
Suzi is not shy, but her reserve at times approaches guardedness. She was raised in London by South African parents who had fled their country’s intolerance for heterogeneous coupling - her father is white, her mother is black - and she credits much of her wanderlust to the stultifying insularity of the suburb where she grew up. Suzi fades out when the conversation turns to guns and gadgets but is, by Olly’s admission, ‘a very good shot’. She hates the cold but has spent months in the Arctic. She hates the water but has dived with great white sharks off the South African coast. If Olly tends towards drama, Suzi is all about understatement. “The thing about Antartica”, she says of the three months they spent there in 2005, “was, it was all scary. Being under the water, being under the ice, being on the boat - every part of it was quite uptight.”

Taken from ‘Predatory Nature’ an article on Olly and Suzi’s trip to Alaska.

Mens Vogue, 2006.