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my word thank you so so sosoosossoo much for the documentary to olly and suzi, Wild Art on your youtube channel. i watched it last night. how amazing i've been looking for it for years. quick question though, where exactly is the small mention of damon in it? i was probably too tipsy and skipped over it :p

Oh thanks! :’) I’m so happy we could help (sorry the volume is so low on it tho, not sure how to fix that. Listen with headphones and its much better). 

I don’t even think they mention Damon’s name, the interviewer just asks Suzi about her “successful partner” and if his money ever goes towards their expeditions (such a rude question really). She says no and that what she does with Olly is completely separate and her own thing. It should be around 37:00

This is the program we’re talking about too in case anyone else wants to see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EadmOeUy-o