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*Special details: Lyng has bad eyesight and his magical jewelry also acts partially as a hearing aid; both Belinda and Ana take after their fathers; Ollie is the oldest and has terrible fashion sense so Auriana picks out his clothes; both twins are designed with their family’s color schemes: red, green, blue, violet, grey, and black


Alleph looked down at the sword that’d just been thrust through his chest. His mind went blank. He didn’t know what had happened, they were just some enemies, only a bit higher leveled. He’d let himself get distracted. His mind then went to the other troll that’d been with him.

Ollapa. He looked up at him and tried to look like he was ok.

D-don’t worry! S-sorry, I got d.. distrαcted. I’m going to .. be f-f…

The sword was pulled away from him, and he promptly collapsed to the ground.

Midnight Ride: 5SOS Kids Imagine

A little throwback Ollie and Dex to distract you guys while you wait for the second part of “Eve”!

The sound of a motorcycle’s engine stirred the youngest Hemmings from her slumber. She propped her head up, her untamed blonde locks falling around her face as she struggled to open her vibrant eyes. Still half asleep she wondered why in the hell Beau Irwin would be coming to her house at nearly two in the morning.

Her phone buzzed and Ollie blindly searched the sheets, only to come up empty. She stumbled out of bed and located her phone in her purse. She glanced at the ID before putting the phone to her ear.

“Dex? What the hell?” She muttered and yawned.

“Get dressed and come outside!” Dex ordered, his voice sounding like he had just downed a full can of Red Bull.

“What the fuck is going on, Dexter?” She asked, walking over to her window and spotted Dex straddling his brother’s bike with a proud smile stretched over his face.

He pointed upwards at Ollie in her window before lifting the second helmet, indicating that it was meant for her to wear.

“I’ll be right out.” Ollie said, promptly hanging up the phone and searching her floor for acceptable clothing.

She didn’t even dare to question how fourteen year old Dex got a hold of his brother’s bike.

Tuna mewled as Ollie’s hand skimmed her back. With the cat’s dark coloring, it wasn’t always easy to spot her among Ollie’s mostly black wardrobe.

“Sorry, Tun.” Ollie whispered as she pulled on a pair of boyfriend jeans followed by a flannel that was more than likely Jack’s and laced her converse.

She gently lifted the cat into her arms and tiptoed her way to her sister’s room. She set Tuna down on the bed to be with Cassie and Luna. Ollie then crawled over to Cassie’s window and pushed it open before rolling out and shutting it again behind her without even stirring her older sister. She walked out to the edge of the roof and jumped onto the branch of the sturdy tree that stood to the side of the Hemmings’ house before climbing her way down. Ollie’s feet hit the ground and she was running to meet Dex in the driveway.

“Hop on!” Dex called to her, patting the spot on the bike behind him; a spot usually designated for Thea.

Ollie gladly followed his instructions whilst grabbing the helmet he held out for her and positioning it on her head.

“Dex. This is possibly the craziest thing you’ve ever done!” Ollie called out over the motor’s engine.

“I know! It’s great. Grab on!” He replied.

Ollie wrapped her arms around Dex’s waist as adrenaline pushed through both of their veins at Dex peeling out of the Hemmings’ driveway and onto the street.

They drove carefully along the more crowded streets, but Ollie still clung to him tightly, causing a stupid smile to grace his face the entire time.

They rode for hours, speeding down empty streets while laughing and screeching with joy until they noticed the sun rising just above the horizon, signalling that they needed to go back home.

Dex dropped off Ollie first and smiled at the sight of her running to the tree, her long, wind-blown and messy locks flying behind her. He drove the short distance home and placed his brother’s bike in the exact place he had left it, with both helmets beneath the seat. Dex silently prayed he wouldn’t notice as he left the garage and walked into the house. He could hear Beau stirring upstairs and prayed again that he wouldn’t know Dex had touched his most prized possession. But as he reflected on the glance he had stolen of Ollie on the back of the bike holding onto him, her lips and cheeks red, and her hair as wild as her electric blue eyes, he realized it was absolutely and totally worth it.

Breaking news! There has been a massive break out in the Phoenix Zoo. There are currently lions, tigers, snakes, jaguars, wolves and orangoutangs. The animals are (unknowingly) under the control of Jacquelyn Wilde, and are not harming any humans*, but are generally wreaking general havoc. Residents of Phoenix are currently being advised to stay put, and the schools are most likely on lock down. The animals will be caught and detained as quickly as possible. This mini event will be lasting for 24 hours. 

*There were several casualties and one death, when Jackie lost control of one of the tigers. 

No one aside from Oliver and Jackie are aware who or what is under this attack. Oliver Puckerman has been arrested at the scene of the crime, and Jackie escaped just in time.

◦ Keith is a self taught dancer - He took up dancing to convey his emotions in a way he found easy, and because of this he still uses dance as a form of self help to this day
     ↳ He prefers ballet over most other styles of dance

• Allura and Keith totally get together at least once a week to do each other’s hair and to gossip with each other about their crushes

◦ Keith is really clingy, though it’s in no way intentional

• If you play Welcome to the Black Parade in front of him there’s a 60% chance he’ll cry by the first note
     ↳ The previous being said, Keith is not a pretty crier - Once he starts he literally can’t stop

◦ Keith is anxious about almost everything you could possibly be anxious about - He is actually terrified of everything and thinks that every tiny mistake is his fault

•Keith and Pidge trust each other very deeply, because of this they often get together in the wee hours of the morning to talk to each other about their concerns and deepest fears

◦ Lance was Keith’s first kiss AND BOY HOWDY WAS IT EVER BAD
     ↳ Keith was probably shaking so bad that they missed each others lips and Lance probably laughed at him half way through it oh geez

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