olly x caroline

reasons you should ship olly and caroline:

  • they’ve literally made out and kissed each other on national tv 
  • they call each other ‘tv husband’ and 'tv wife’
  • they have each other’s mothers on speed dial and are bffs with each others mothers wtf 
  • olly was watching caroline on strictly before he went on stage at a gig!!
  • on the night of the strictly final olly tweeted about nothing but caroline literally
  • olly went to see her in training for strictly and went to the live shows - and he was way happier about it than her boyfriend
  • she jumped him when he visited ????? literally where is your chill
  • olly pranked her for his show 
  • grimmy played olly when caroline was on the show and she got all flustered
  • they both prank called each other for call or delete wtf sort it out
  • not even making this shit up but his last two albums have songs about her on them
  • radio shows on christmas + new years!!!
  • when they presented their show together all they did was dance and make sex jokes about each other
  • also olly touched her butt
  • there are magazines that want them together more than we fans do
  • they fancied each other before they even met 
  • if you’re not convinced by now then you’re dumb bye
X Factor: Olly Murs Slams Simon Cowell For Encouraging Caroline Flack Romance Rumours

Ooft, Olly Murs is one of those people who is just so lovely that we can’t imagine him ever getting angry, which is why his latest rant about Simon Cowell has left us a little bit shocked.

We mean, he must mean serious business.

The X Factor host has been left angry after his boss, Simon, spurred on romance rumours between Olly and his co-host, Caroline Flack, in the wake of Olly splitting from his long-term girlfriend.

We mean, to be fair, it was probably way, way too soon for Simon to be making such remarks.

The music mogul recently revealed that he kinda ‘shipped’ Olly and Caz, wanting them to get together because they have fab chemistry ‘n’ stuff, and Ols is not happy with the telly judge adding so much fuel to the fire.

Speaking on ITV’s Loose Women, the 31-year-old ranted: “It’s so silly because I’ve obviously just gone through a break-up with my girlfriend which has been quite sad and quite a difficult couple of weeks so I’m going to have words with Simon about that.

“But me and Caroline have always said a hundred times in interviews that we’re never going to get together, we’re just really good mates.

“Simon’s always just trying to stir it up, but we’re just great friends, but it’s been a difficult couple of weeks.”

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We’re sure it has, babes, we’re sure it has - and no doubt headlines about Olly and Caroline getting it on were the last thing that the star’s ex wanted to see so soon after the split.

A source recently dished that the break-up was incredibly tough for Olly, sharing: “The split has just happened and it is very raw for Olly, he still feels numb.

“He always worried that his relationship would struggle because he’d always put his career first.”

Never mind, love, ater a whole load of ice cream and a few fab nights out with your friends, you’ll be back to your old self in no time.


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dance with me tonight ~ chapter nine

word count: 1,216

rating: K

a/n: okay maybe i lied when i said i didn’t have enough for a chapter, i have more than i thought i did. i’m really not the biggest fan of this chapter and i’m only posting it because it’s been 4 months since i last updated! the next chapter will be better, i promise :)

When they arrived at their children’s school, Olly sighed as he looked at the sign above the entrance, realising this was the last thing he wanted to happen. He took Caroline’s hand in his own and gave it a squeeze for reassurance, to ensure her it would be okay, before they walked, hand in hand, towards the school’s main office. When they explained why they’d been called and who it was they were waiting for, they were directed to one of the free offices to wait whilst they went to find their children and explain to them their parents were waiting so they could talk their issues over.

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