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Do you have any songs that remind you of Lauriver? I have so manyyy 😂 Like have you ever heard This Love by Taylor Swift? That song SCREAMS Lauriver!

SO MANY my friend, so so many. i’ll list a few now.

  • bottom of the ocean - miley cyrus
    • because of the shipwreck y’know
  • right place, right time - olly murs
    • “doors fly open, you’re the cure for all my fears” for all the times oliver knocked on laurel’s door
  • when i look at you, miley cyrus
    • “you appear just like a dream to me” 5x08 feels
  • unconditionally, katy perry
    • “come just as you are to me, don’t need apologies” because she always always always forgave him even when he didn’t deserve it
  • lovesong, adele
    • “i’ll always love you” just… because
  • one and only, adele
    • “i promise i’m worthy to hold in your arms” you know

and honestly loads more but i can’t think of them right now!! literally so many, almost any love song but these are the only ones i can think of off the top of my head.

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Can you do a imagine based is the song " Wrapped Up " by Olly Murs? With Kuroo that he's wrapped up with his s/o

You’ve got me wrapped up around your finger, I’d do anything for your love now

Kuroo, can I kiss you? I need to make sure this lipstick doesn’t bleed.” His partner asks. They were in the mall, and the store had attracted his partner. He didn’t necessarily mind giving them a kiss, but when he saw the dark red color on their lips he began to worry.

When they gave him a pout, he bit back a groan. He was whipped, and he’d do anything to make them smile. He smiles and nods, bending his head down just a bit so they could peck his lips.

“Oh, it does. That’s a shame, I really liked that color.” They smile sheepishly, wiping a thumb over their boyfriend’s lips.

Your body fits on mine like a glove

It was early morning, so early that many people would think Kuroo was crazy for being up such a time. His partner was still asleep, snuggled into the curve of his body like they were made to do so.

His hand was twiddling with a strand of hair, examining it like a piece of gold. The color was perfect, and it was so soft, and the shampoo they used smelled so good.

With a sigh Kuroo drops his hand from their head and lets it lay limp on the cool sheets. He tried not to think about how much they’d taken over his thoughts over the course of their relationship, tried not to think about how they smiled and laughed.

Nonetheless, he still finds himself kissing their forehead before trying to drift back into a dreamless sleep.

And I don’t really mind Spiderman kissing you as long as you’re planning on sticking around

He’d been lounging on his old bunk bed from his younger years, his legs folding comically as he tried to fit himself on the small top bunk. Despite his efforts his head still hung off the side.

The distorted and upside down image of his partner’s face clouded his vision, making him smile. “You’re such a dork.” They smile and shake their head, looking at him fondly. He feels the tips of his ears darken in color, and he really hopes they don’t notice it.

Kuroo grunts and he slides his body back, his shoulders now handing off the bed. Their eyes widen as his face gets closer, but they’re mostly scared that he’s going to fall off. It wasn’t like it would’ve been the first time.

The black haired male chuckles at their expression before placing a poorly centered kiss to their lips. They flush in the slightest. “Please don’t tell me you just Spiderman kissed me from your childhood bunk bed.” They groan, covering their face with their hands.

His partner’s cute reaction didn’t help his predicament, but the more he thought about it, the more he thought he wouldn’t mind his accelerated heartbeat as long as they decided to stick with him.

You got me so, so wrapped up.