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Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 7) Junior Year: Chowder & Farmer

Dare or dare. Again. The whole Haus is here, plus Lardo, Chowder, March and some of her volleyball ladies (most of whom Holster recognises as former hookups, ouch, maybe his New Year’s resolution should be for his dick to calm the fuck down).

Nursey and Dex were kicked out of this game early on for ‘harshing the mellow’ by arguing: Jack promptly ordered them back to their dorm to co-write a 3000 word essay on the value of teamwork. Holster is pretty sure this was intended as a chirp, but Nursey and Dex shuffled away without questioning it. Why has no one else spotted that Jack has an evil sense of humour? If he cared about anything other than hockey he could be like a criminal mastermind.

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Song: Beautiful to me by Olly Murs

Marcus Flint x Oliver Wood AU
for @slytherdornet‘s Halloween challenge

Marcus has been by his side for a long time now, Oliver thinks. It’s just sometimes he forgets about it. You can’t blame him, though, since Marcus seems to forget about it himself.

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I made this dress for one of my Mayors, And decided I’d share. Enjoy!