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“I don’t think you’ll find a better personality in sports when it comes to being a good friend and being a supportive, positive teammate.”  Carl Hagelin on Marc-André Fleury

I spend all my money on books. I dropped out of school when I was 16 to become an actor, and I feel like the best way to improve my mind is to read. Margaret Atwood, Haruki Murakami, and all the Beat writers - ‘On The Road’ is an absolute classic. And 'The Secret History’ by Donna Tartt. If they ever make that into a film, I’m going to kill everybody to get it.
—  Olly Alexander for NYLON Magazine (May 2010)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Janis will ever get a good boyfriend, that would ya know help her out mentally ?

Janis has had a good boyfriend. When Olly was 8 Janis met a guy at her club who had his own business, was sweet and loved Janis very much. He saw how she was living and let her and Olly move in with him, she cleaned up her act, quit the drugs still drank but was living much better. Olly loved it and she was happier too but a big problem with Janis is she is self-sabotaging self-punishing and when things are good she fucks it up. One night while her boyfriend was away on a trip for work  Janis robbed him blind, stole valuables from around the house pawned and sold them used some of the money to go on a drug binge basically trashed the place made Olly help her pack her things and they moved back to her shitty apartment.

she’s not good at relationships and gets involved with men who are bad for her most of the time. I think in order for her to get better she has to want to seek help and then she has to be stable enough before getting into good relationship that way any little mishap or miscommunication or feeling of “abandonment” won’t make her relapse, push or scare them away.

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Quick question based on the hypothetical daughters you made for Olly from a long time ago. How would Janice be around her grandkids? And alternatively, how would they feel about their grandma?

ooo good question! Janis isn’t really into kids lol and she really isn’t into Olly,  she’s not very motherly so I think she would have little to no relationship with them. I think she would treat them sort of how she treats Olly as an adult  she pretty much avoids or ignores him unless she needs something

as for the kids feeling towards her, I think it depends on who their mother is. Olly loves his mom to death even though she treats him bad so his kids would care for her but how they treat her would depend on the mom. example: if your mom doesn't get along with your dad’s sis aunt Jane then chances are she’s not going to be the first person you hug at Thanksgiving. Trish doesn’t like Janis and how she uses Olly so Lilly would be standoff-ish to Janis. Veruca gets along fine with Janis so Lola would be more affectionate to her 

Number 5 | Alfie Solomons

Request: @tomhiddleeston I was wondering if you could do a sort of continuation of the Pregnancy oneshot where Reader and Alfie’s child is taking their first step or something at the bakery? Or Alfie takes their child to the bakery for the first time and Reader gets mad haha

“We need to give her a name… it’s been a few days, Alf”



“Git for short.”

“We’re not calling our daughter bloody Blume-Gitte.”

“Love, it’s Jewish. You can’t—“

“I can and I bloody well will. No.”

“All right then, ‘ow bout Betty?”

“She’s not a middle-aged washer woman either.”

“Now that’s just rude, that is, pet.”

“Well, I’d like it if you took this seriously. Not something off the top of your head, like the dogs. Biscuit, Sherbet… Tommy.”

“Oi, right, listen. They weren’t off the top of me ‘ead, was they? They were very well thought out.”


“You tryin’ to tell me that those names don’t suit.”

You thought about it for a minute and you couldn’t think of a smart response. He was right.

“Thought so.”

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English Please- Olli Maatta

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Alright I don’t feel well and am not in a good mood so short intro today. Enjoy!

Warning: like one cuss word

Anon Request: Im so amazed at how you have time to write so much and how quickly requests come up I love you?!! Anyway when you have time could you be able to write one with olli maatta where he gets nervous over something and just starts rambling in Finnish and you don’t understand anything?? thanks once more for writing us everything ❤️❤️


              Your boyfriend was driving you crazy all day.

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