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Number 5 | Alfie Solomons

Request: @tomhiddleeston I was wondering if you could do a sort of continuation of the Pregnancy oneshot where Reader and Alfie’s child is taking their first step or something at the bakery? Or Alfie takes their child to the bakery for the first time and Reader gets mad haha

“We need to give her a name… it’s been a few days, Alf”



“Git for short.”

“We’re not calling our daughter bloody Blume-Gitte.”

“Love, it’s Jewish. You can’t—“

“I can and I bloody well will. No.”

“All right then, ‘ow bout Betty?”

“She’s not a middle-aged washer woman either.”

“Now that’s just rude, that is, pet.”

“Well, I’d like it if you took this seriously. Not something off the top of your head, like the dogs. Biscuit, Sherbet… Tommy.”

“Oi, right, listen. They weren’t off the top of me ‘ead, was they? They were very well thought out.”


“You tryin’ to tell me that those names don’t suit.”

You thought about it for a minute and you couldn’t think of a smart response. He was right.

“Thought so.”

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Alfie Solomons x Reader

Hello!! May I please request a Alfie x Reader fic where someone lies to reader saying cain plans to break up with her. Then soon after Alfie has an accident/is injured and temporarily loses his memory and the reader doesn’t remind him that’s she’s his girlfriend to spare them the break up talk and because she doesn’t see the point if he doesn’t want her anyway. But then he gets his memory back and confronts her about not having told him about their relationship. Happy ending pls! Thanks love ❤

You loved Alfie Solomons with all your heart. So when you had heard a certain rumor going around, it broke your heart. You tried to not think about it when you were around him, but it was inevitable. He had tried question you to see if you would tell him what was on your mind, but you held your ground.

You would stay awake at night and wonder when he was going to do it and if he wanted to, then why was he still in bed next to you with his arms around your torso. You would often fall asleep after a few tears would fall from your eyes and when you woke, you’d have a few more. Then he’d ask if something was wrong and all you could say was that you had had a nightmare.

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Why do neurotypicals try to ‘relate’ to you when you tell them about the side effects of your mental disability

Like i tell someone how straining it is to have no memory at all, how im unable to remember family and friends birthday, failing every test ive ever taken because i cant retain the information when i study, going for days without eating because i forget im hungry

and they have the audacitiy to say ‘oh yeah well i sometimes forget stuff and its super annoying!haha ur not alone :^)’

is that supposed to make me feel better or??? i dont know? 

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 7) Junior Year: Chowder & Farmer

Dare or dare. Again. The whole Haus is here, plus Lardo, Chowder, March and some of her volleyball ladies (most of whom Holster recognises as former hookups, ouch, maybe his New Year’s resolution should be for his dick to calm the fuck down).

Nursey and Dex were kicked out of this game early on for ‘harshing the mellow’ by arguing: Jack promptly ordered them back to their dorm to co-write a 3000 word essay on the value of teamwork. Holster is pretty sure this was intended as a chirp, but Nursey and Dex shuffled away without questioning it. Why has no one else spotted that Jack has an evil sense of humour? If he cared about anything other than hockey he could be like a criminal mastermind.

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