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katanaxqueen  asked:

So I've been following you for some time but have just recently come across the arrow+incorrect quote sets and literally can not stop scrolling, liking, and laughing. I've honestly never seen anything else so brilliant. If I could follow you again just for that, I would. Anyways, that concludes this slightly stalkerish sounding messages. Keep up the awesome work ;)

Awh, thank you! :)

I love making the incorrect quote things, they’re easy and hilarious. It’s a win-win. I have a ton of stuff lined up to be posted in the coming week, Text Posts, incorrect quotes, recaps, valentines day cards, etc. So be on the look out for more of them!

Coliver is….. really bad at being broken up


Rosie finished getting ready, turning her head to find Olly only to see he wasn’t still in her bed where she had last left him. “Olly?” She called out softly, glancing around the room though it was clear. Stepping out of her bedroom, she called his name, this time a bit louder. “Olly? Where are you?” She was curious, eyebrows knit together as she tried to find the boy who had effectively gone missing from her  apartment, or so it seemed. 

Teen Dad Bruce || Open Rp

The two year old giggled excitedly as the dog licked his face.

“Awe, Ollie Buddy gave you kisses too.” He chuckled as he watched his son and his dog interact. Sure it was tough being a single dad and finishing up a doctorate with online college but moments like these made  it so worth while. He went over to the door when he heard a knock and opened it slightly cautiously.