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Searching: Part 2

Summary: On each and everyone’s wrist, there is the name of both your soulmate and enemy. You discover that your wrists both say the same thing; a boy named Peter.


You couldn’t believe your ears. For a minute, you almost thought you misheard him. Could this boy be the one your meant for and the one who will bring your life come tumbling down? This handsome, devil of a boy couldn’t be the Peter that your wrists prophesied. Was that why he smiled as he looked at your wrists? When you looked quickly down at his wrists, you didn’t see any names. You felt your face fall a little, but you recovered when you saw the joy in his eyes.

“Well (Y/N), it’s very nice to meet you. I’m sorry for the Lost Boys, they can get a little carried away sometimes” he said smirking. “They just like to play games.”

“It’s ok. I just hope hope me being the only girl doesn’t make them want to willingly hand me over to some scary pirates.”

“ I won’t let them hurt you” Peter said, his face stone cold. You wanted to trust him so badly, but if this really was the Peter that would be your enemy, then you needed to keep your distance. 

“So, can you use some more of your magic to fly us back to that camp of yours?” You smirked. 

“Say no more.” Peter grabbed your waist and he flew you back to the camp, while you tried the whole flight to stop grinning like an idiot.


It been three weeks since you were brought to Neverland. They had been the best and worst three weeks of your life. The Lost Boys had accepted you as one of them, and some even considered you as a mother figure. You contributed to all the daily chores, and in return, the boys taught you all about the wildlife on the island. Everyone had truly accepted you as an equal, all except Peter. For the first two weeks, you felt like you two had gotten a lot closer. You even thought maybe he liked you, as more than just friends. But this past week, he had been acting rude to all the Lost Boys and you, especially. But finally you had had enough.

It was a hot, muggy day and the forest seemed to radiate heat for all sides. You and a group of the Lost Boys were out gathering fruits and plants for camp. Some of the younger boys had grown tired and sluggish because of the heat.

“(Y/N), I’m tireeeedddd.”

“Can you please take a break?” said Oliver, one of the littlest boys at camp. He had golden brown hair and green eyes that could melt your heart. Especially when he used those eyes to get what he wanted. You knew Peter would be mad that you guys were taking a break, but you pushed that thought to the back of your mind. You all deserved a break in this heat. And you exactly where to take the boys to have lots of fun.


As you arrived to the shore, you realized that this was one of the best ideas you had ever had. The sunshine sparkled on the water, and the water seemed to call your name. You picked Oliver up and threw him over your shoulder. He giggled and cried out in happiness.

“I’m gonna throw you in the water!!” You started giggling and ran into the water. You dove head first into the water, not caring about the clothes. The water felt cold upon your skin, and the warmth left your body. As you popped your head back, you saw the other Lost Boys splashing and playing in the water. This was the greatest idea! You swam back to shore, and sat on one of the rocks close to the water so that you could keep your feet in. You watched as Steven built a sand castle in the sand with Steven and Sebastian, the twins. Those three were your favorite out of the group and you couldn’t imagine your life without them.

“(Y/N), come build with us!”

“Yeah!! Pleeeeeaaasssseee!” You smiled and started towards the two boys when suddenly you saw Peter flying for the beach. And he did not look happy.

“What the hell is going on here?! You are all supposed to be working!” The littlest boys cowered in fear, and Oliver and the twins tried to hide behind your back. No matter what Peter did, no matter how badly he treated you, you would not let him treat your boys harshly. “Do I need to remind you who the ruler of this island is?” Peter said, grinding his teeth into a nasty grin.

“Peter, don’t hurt the Lost Boys. It was all my idea.”

“You stupid girl!” You grimaced when he called you stupid, but you couldn’t falter. Not in front of the boys. 

“I know that we were supposed to be working. But Oliver and some of the other boys were tired and couldn’t stand the heat. We needed a break.” You attempted to protect the rest of the boys with your body, though it was no use. If Peter had his mind set, he would stop at nothing. Peter Pan never fails.

“Of course you did! Look at you!” He said, a look of distaste in his eyes. As you eyed you up and down with disgust, you couldn’t take it anymore. The harassment, the torture, and certainly not him calling you fat. You couldn’t believe he would stoop to that level. As his eyes travelled up your body, he saw the pain and hurt in your eyes. 

He regretted it. He regretted ever hurting you. Though Peter would never say it aloud, he had loved you since the day you had come to the island. 

But what’s done is done. Before the tears could spill out of your eyes, you grabbed the little bit of pixie dust you had collected from the forest and sprinkled over you and the group of Lost Boys. In your head, you wished to be transported back to camp, and in a blink of an eye, you were there.

You let the Lost Boys run off and play in their tents. You just needed time to yourself, time to let out all the anger and sadness that you felt. But not in front of the boys. And certainly not in front of Oliver and the twins. 


As you packed up some food and water, you said goodbye to Oliver and the twins.

“You’re coming back, right (Y/N)?”

“Please don’t leave us. We love you,” said the twins, almost in tears. you gave them each a big hug.

“Of course. I’ll be back before you wake up. Now go play.” The twins tottered off, going to join the other boys in a game. “And as for you Oliver, I promise I will come back.” You couldn’t bear to leave him, but you needed to be alone. 

“Ok. I love you (Y/N).”

“I love you too Ollie” you said, kissing his little forehead.

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed part two! I had such positivity for part one to make a part two. I plan on continuing to finish this little series, so if you guys like it, be sure to let me know! xoxoxo -Taylor

Imagine you have been dating Loki for almost a year now. For over a week now Loki, who has been redeemed of his past actions and is a member of the Avengers alongside you, and Thor have been away tending to minor disturbances across the nine realms before they spiral out of control.

You have been greatly missing his company, so much that news of a huge party consisting of the heroes/heroines who defend the Earth taking place at Stark Tower doesn’t interest you. However the rest of the team encourages you to go instead of moping around your room, grudgingly you agree.

At first the party is going great and you find yourself enjoying it, but as the evening carries on some of the men become a little too forward with their remarks to your beauty.

Uncomfortable you decide to call it a night and make to leave, but suddenly the music stops. That catches your attention and you turn back around as ‘Did You Miss Me?’ by Olly Murs starts to play and you gasp seeing Loki making the most swag-tastic entrance ever, sweeping you away to dance and ending the song with a very passionate kiss and a wink, “Did you miss me?”

Imagine #81- Mitch Marner

“Puppy Lovin”

Having dated Mitch for a few years now it was no brainer that you would go with him to wherever he ended up going to for hockey. So now you found yourself moving into a little apartment in Toronto with him as he got ready for training camp. It was cute, small but cute, honestly you’re just happy to be with Mitch. Right now you guys were unpacking and organizing, “hopefully I’ll be here for awhile and one day we’ll be laughing at our little first place together” he says looking over you with his cheesy grin, “Yeah I agree, there is just something missing about here?”. You say, hoping Mitch was picking up on your hint, based off his smile, you think he did. “You really want a dog (Y/N)?” you smile, “More than anything”. He gives you hug and promises tomorrow you guys can go for a dog. So for the rest of the  night you continued to work on unpacking and by the time you were all done, the place really did feel homey.

Beings as it was your first morning together in your new apartment, you decided to wake up a little earlier than Mitch and surprise him with breakfast. About halfway through making pancakes a sleepy Mitch made his way into the kitchen to join you, “trying to butter me up for this dog (Y/N)?” he says his arms snaking around your waist. “Maybe or maybe I just love you” you say turning around to give him the kiss, he deepens the kiss but the smell of pancakes starting to burn broke you guys apart, “at least we can do that whenever we want now” he says with a wink. You roll your eyes at him laughing and set down the pancakes on the table, eating breakfast together was something you definitely think you could get used to.

After breakfast you both got ready for your big day ahead, finally getting a puppy. Your parents always told you no to getting one and Mitch always promised you that one day he would get you one- well today is that day. “I asked some guys on the team where to go for a dog and they gave me some places for us to check out, you ready?” you laugh, “yes I am, thank you so much for doing this Mitch” you say giving him a quick kiss. “Anything to make you happy (Y/N)” he says taking your hand and walking out of the apartment together.

It was love at first sight as soon as you walked into the first pet store, a little brown yorkie caught both yours and Mitch’s eyes. “This is the one” you say pointing at the dog, “I would have to agree on that that is the cutest dog I have ever seen” Mitch says reaching to pick it up. The sight of Mitch holding the dog warmed your heart instantly, “Is he a keeper?” the sales associate asks you smiling, “My boyfriend? A big time keeper”. The associate laughs, “I meant the dog but that is very cute, young love” you felt yourself blush, “Oh yeah the dog is too” you say with a laugh as Mitch makes his way over. “You like the dog (Y/N)?” “I love it, it’s a boy” Mitch smiles at you and then down at the puppy, “Hi little guy you ready to be the newest Marner?” you laugh at his puppy voice and ask to hold the dog for yourself. Mitch passes over the little dog and goes over to pay for everything while you look around at all the dog accessories you guys were going to need.

When Mitch comes back over you were holding up something you knew you could not leave without, a little doggie Leafs jersey. “Oh my God we have to buy that do you think we can get my number put on it?” you let out a laugh, “I think I can find a way to manage that” you say also putting the jersey up to be paid for. Together you walked out of the store with the dog on a leash, still unnamed. After much deliberation and arguing you guys concurred that the perfect name for your newest addition was Ollie.

The rest of the night was spent with you and Mitch laying on the floor in your living room playing with little Ollie. “Thank you Mitch, not just for the dog but for everything,” he smiles at you, “Of course(Y/N) I love you so much, and I love little Ollie too” he says kissing you as the dog runs in between the two of you, “I love you too Mitchy, and Ollie”.


Rosie finished getting ready, turning her head to find Olly only to see he wasn’t still in her bed where she had last left him. “Olly?” She called out softly, glancing around the room though it was clear. Stepping out of her bedroom, she called his name, this time a bit louder. “Olly? Where are you?” She was curious, eyebrows knit together as she tried to find the boy who had effectively gone missing from her  apartment, or so it seemed. 

Teen Dad Bruce || Open Rp

The two year old giggled excitedly as the dog licked his face.

“Awe, Ollie Buddy gave you kisses too.” He chuckled as he watched his son and his dog interact. Sure it was tough being a single dad and finishing up a doctorate with online college but moments like these made  it so worth while. He went over to the door when he heard a knock and opened it slightly cautiously.