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Song: Cake by the Ocean - DNCE

Anonymous said:How do you dance in the club? TO HAVE FUN

Ollie is being a party pooper. BB was having fun too.


Ollie’s Special Announcement

Oliver: “I have decided that I am adopting every single one of you sweet, sweet children.” He smiles “Now come over here and give mama Ollie a big hug!” 

Allen: “Goddamn it, Oliver, you don’t need more ki-”

“Shush it and embrace your new siblings, mister, before you get grounded!”


We love the continuity whenever the characters show the overlap in the clothes they own (which shows that they don’t wear it once and then discard it), especially when it applies to similar situations. 

See, for example, the sartorial splendor of Spencer’s French Governess look above, or the X-Men trench coat, which we dearly miss