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Do you have tips on finding a name? I have names I kinda like but not enough to want to go by any of them.

The only thing I can really say that will really be of help to you is don’t rush picking a new name

my suggestion is to take like a week for each name to just sit with them, research their histories and meanings, or say them out loud

you also might want to try writing it out in a sentence you might use often (example: “my name is Aspen”) or in different contexts, next to your last name and any other ways you can think of to get a feeling for them

the name you find should be like a wand from Ollivanders tbh 

if it’s the right name, it’ll pick you :)

-Mod Aspen


Y’all know what these are? You think these are books? Pamphlets? Guns? Boxes? No. You’re 1000% wrong. This is a room. Filled. With goddamn wands. Every single fucking box contains a wand that you choose out of dozens of possible models. You know how many shelves there are? Lots. Lots of shelves. Wanna know what this place is called? It’s fucking Ollivanders at Universal studios where you get that wand and you can Wingardium Leviosa the shit out of stuff. If you don’t want a unique wand you can also choose the wand of your favorite hp character. I myself got an elder wand. The shop is ‘magical’ so you know how I got my wand? I was browsing the shelves looking for the perfect wand for my slytherin self and a wand jumps out of the shelf. Into my hands. I feel great.

[[When I found out that you could get a wand from Ollivander’s back when the Wizarding World of Harry Potter first opened, I was ecstatic. I had been dreaming of doing so ever since seeing the first movie at age five. When we got there, I managed to be a part of the very first group to enter the attraction for the day. However, much to my despair, the man picked a small 6-year-old named Rhonda. I was devastated and close to tears. It’s been several years since then and I’m still jealous of Rhonda.]]


Went to Diagon Alley. Got me my Moneys from Gringotts. Went to Ollivanders and got me my Wand. Did all the spells everywhere. Passed through Platform 9 and ¾. Rode the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade. Did all the spells around there. Got me a Butterbeer. Went to Hogwarts. #done