Since I get asked about it a lot and also since Pottermore recently added their wand quiz back to the site, I thought I’d make a post and talk about my custom Pottermore wand. 


I simply sent them a screencap of my wand and after a few weeks, I got it in the mail! Being the embarrassingly huge Harry Potter nerd that I am, I have bought quite a few high-quality wands in my time - and this is BY FAR my favorite! The fact that it is personalized and looks identical to the wand in my Pottermore profile makes it perfect. <3 


so we’re at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and we went into Ollivander’s not really knowing what to expect but I wanted a wand so we go in with a group of about 30 ppl and I’m timid and Ollivander comes over and picks me out of the group. I’m in panic but I choke out my name. he gently takes my hand, I’m shaking, and he pulls me forward and does his script thing with picking wands. I think it’s just a show and I’m trying not to have a panic attack so after we “find” my right wand I offer it back and he tells me the wand was picked for me and I could purchase it. so naturally my husbando jumps all over that and buys it. 1 in 30!!! which doesn’t seem like much but for me that was quite the experience and I had to take a long rest to calm my heart and body after.

it was really sweet what Ollivander said too ;;v;; I can’t remember it but he did call me beautiful which made my face go red haha. when he asked my age tho and I said 25 he stopped for a brief moment and blinked saying “what really?????” and that made me feel a little good haha XD

it’s been a great trip but my body can’t take much more so we’re heading back to the hotel. idk I just wanted to relay that story bc I wasn’t expecting it and it’s my first time here ;;v;;

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