It seems Ollie the kitten has grown to enjoy being bottle fed.

The bottle provided by the vet had a nipple that was too big for Ollie.  Once Ryan switched to this bottle from Petco, Ollie had a much easier time suckling. 


After Bacon got over his excitement of seeing a kitten (first through a glass door, then through his crate), we let Bacon come into the same room. 

Bacon was incredibly patient, and also very intuitive about Ollie’s tiny baby size.  Bacon lay down to get eye level with Ollie, and let Ollie crawl all over his face.  Totally sweet pit bull, no?

And, of course, Ollie was not at all scared.  What’s there to be scared of?  (Ollie the Kitten)


Ollie’s a little bigger, but still treats Bacon the same – as his personal jungle gym, chew toy, playmate, nanny, patient guardian

Add “cozy blanket” to that list.  (Ollie the Kitten)

Ollie: Heyyy?… Guyyys?  Where are you going without Ollie?? 

Ollie gets super upset if we leave him by himself.  He can tell when we’re packing up to go out - check out the developing panic in his eyes. 

Arg… feel…so… guilty… (Ollie the Kitten)

This is the lid to the cardboard box Ollie likes to play in.  (Ollie the Kitten)


Ollie’s not allowed in the bedroom.  That cardboard wall keeps him out (…for now.)  But it doesn’t keep him from waiting for us patiently – even if he’s …very…sleepy… (Ollie the Kitten)


(Ollie the Kitten)

Oh sh.  Abandon all hope of containment.   (Ollie the Kitten)

Ollie in his cardboard box.  He can’t make it out of the box by himself…yet. (Ollie the Kitten)


Playtime is exhausting.  (Ollie the Kitten)

P.S. Encouraging Ollie to play with our hands is probably going to bite us in the butt later on.

We try to give this little biter some things other than our fingers and feet to naom naom on.  At this point, he will pounce and bite anything that moves.  (Ollie the Kitten)