Samarkand is mentioned in a CNN article about wonderful Greg Williams being named as the BAFTA inaugural Photographer in Residence. So the (golden) journey to Samarkand continues, yay..!

The photographer and his artist brother, Olly Williams, are currently in the midst of writing and directing their first feature film about post-traumatic stress disorder, something Williams suffered with after being in Sierra Leone, Burma and Chechnya. Describing it as a cathartic experience, the film, entitled Samarkand, is going to be about a British SAS veteran trying to get his life back after a traumatic experience. Tom Hardy, who Williams has photographed on numerous occasions, is to play the lead.

Photo credit: by @gregwilliamsphotography (March 1, 2015)  #Samarkand script session with #TomHardy in Calgary early this morning


Some of our favorite DC Couples in honor of Valentine’s Day. 


                               i caught you watching me under the light
                                                 can i be your line?
                                   they say it’s easy to leave you behind
                                                 i don’t wanna try.

Calling all Olly Alexander fans !!!

Ollys birthday is coming up in July and I was thinking of putting together a little Happy birthday fan video for him…

If all the olly fans want to get involved it would make his birthday extra special for him

So if you want to send pictures like
- A picture of you and Olly
- A peace of fan art
- A birthday card
- A picture of an Olly birthday cake
- A happy birthday poster
- Maybe a flag of your country to show how wide spread his fanbase is….
Or anything else you can think of

If you want to send videos (15 - 30 seconds)
-A happy birthday msg
-A group happy birthday msg
-A happy birthday song
-A video of you playing a y&y song on what ever intrument you can play

Any other ideas are welcome , this is a group effort 😊

So if any of you lovelys are interested just send me a private mail

Thanks 😘😘😘😘


Olly Alexander in Dazed & Confused

This Bright Star hits Paris and Enters the Void

Olly Alexander was in two very different films that premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival – Jane Campion’s Bright Star, a whimsical biopic of Keats starring Ben Whishaw in which he played the poet’s sickly brother, and Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void, a 162-minute drug-soaked trip around Tokyo with splashes of sex from an angle you have never seen before. “It was my first film,” laughs Olly. “I went from a kids’ TV show (BBC’S Summerhill) to crying screaming and taking drugs in Tokyo.”

Gaspar is famously method in his approach. “We did a very intense club scene,” he smiles. “There was a free bar from noon until four int he morning so everyone got fucked. Working with Gaspar is like tumbling head first down a rabbit hole. It’s exciting but terrifying.”

His next film is the star-studded, mega-budgeted Gulliver’s Travels. “The cast are all comedy geniuses like Jack Black, Jason Segal, Catherine Tate and James Corden, so the hardest thing was not cracking up,” he says. “Billy Connelly plays my dad and he became my life guru. I once said to him that I thought acting was a selfish job because we’re not helping anyone and he said, "Stop right there” You entertain people and that serves a great purpose!“

Now, it seems Hollywood beckons "There are amazing directors over there,” says Olly. “I don’t know if I would ever move to LA though. I can’t imagine doing Bikram  yoga and having goji berries for breakfast.”

Dazed and Confused