Nihilists don’t believe in anything, except maybe dental hygiene, and that includes flavor!  Instead of some minty fresh dream toothpaste, Nihilist Toothpaste puts a dollop of reality on your brush.  

Brushing your teeth delicious taste of absolutely NOTHING!  What a second, how is this a fun product?  I meed to talk to the Perpetual Kid buying team!   This is a perfect present for your favorite philosopher, a moody teenager or a fan of The Big Lebowski… I guess.

No flavor, no color… nothing.

Each tube contains 2.5 oz. of plain, flavorless paste.

I spent the weekend in the mountains at Olivia and Jon’s wedding and I am  having the worst withdrawals. This is painful. So many wonderful people in one place with so much love in their hearts.

I am dying for all of the photos to be up on facebook. NEED.

Breakin’ out the wine woot woot! This naked grape moscato tastes just like regular white grape juice. We’ll see how white wine treats my head since red wine has been triggering massive headaches and hangovers for the past year despite my stellar drinking history. Apparently they are a known migraine trigger. Sorry reds. I love you but I must leave you.


Watching Marie Antoinette made me want to dig up photos from that one Mardi Gras party in college where Tyler made me a paper wig and we were all awesomely drunk.

Tyler (the guy in the first picture and the one just behind me in the bottom pic) borrowed that corset for drag and still has it. Hmph.