Rough scans from a walk in Shorne Woods Country Park last year. 

My dads crutch is on the other side of him in the first picture, but its kind of weird to see a picture where he looks like he’s walking un-aided. I pretty much rely on a crutch (well, cane) to walk short distances now, wheelchair for anything else. 

My dads disability and mine aren’t linked in anyway, purely coincidental that we require similar aids. 

Yes I know they’re yellower than Sunny-D.


FuseBox Studios, New England House, Brighton, 13th of August 2013

- Ollie Gapper

This is location two, inside FuseBox Studios. The building its located in is a monstrous and quite “town centre” typical brutalist structure which couldn’t juxtapose the interior space more perfectly. 

I’m travelling around the south of the UK and then France for the next 2 weeks as part of a commission with Re:Create, an EU funded project. Most of my stuff will be showing itself here on the dedicated blog. Kind of like Postcards From America but not in America and without Magnum photographers and the only similarity is the live blog really…

Lots of new material to come from myself and my very talented peers!