ollie walker

Ollie exhibited some new work at The Nude Collection this last weekend. The Nude Collection is a international exhibition, hosted by the IAC, that celebrates the nude form. The show is at Gallery Golmock, Itaewon, South Korea and will be running over the next two weeks. 

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or just pop into AWEH and show some love there, as that’s what he spends most of his time doing now days. >> aweh.tv


The Killer Drones (Open for Unknown Mortal Orchestra)

The guys played a great show. Unfortunately most of the pictures I took on the La Sardina didn’t come out that well, except this shot of guitarist, Jason Sanders.

Black and White Photos

Camera: Olympus XA2

Film: AGFA 35mm Retro 400s 

The one color photo

Camera: La Sardina

Film: Fuji X-Tra 400

Photos © olliewalker