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FrUK Spring Festival 2k17!

Day 2 - Make a Wish

“Jacques Bonnefoy visits his Grandfather’s house after his death, knowing that the only thing the old man let him was an old trunk with all his souvenirs after his trips around the world. Little he knew that around those things he would find a pretty old  (and girly)  vessel that could turns all his wishes become true…”

Or, Jacques finds a cute british genie inside a magic object who is more than willing to make his wishes come true.

notanormalgirl13-deactivated201  asked:

*gasp!* how dare you make me ship olly and mystery lady at the bar together! (No but seriously, cutest comic ever) (P.s: please check out my fan art I did on my blog, love you!)

HAHA sorry! The girls name is Medi, she’s my friend koffinkorps’s OC. Medi works at the rockabilly bar “Black Rose” Olly hangs out at  sometimes! they became really good friends and as you all know Olly is a hoe and used to date her as well but they remain good friends now <3 Thank you and awwww I cant wait to see it <3

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here's a yellow rose for oliver, because he deserves it and because yellow roses are a symbol of friendship. will you be my friend, ollie?

Ollie takes the rose from you and puts it to his nose. “I love the smell of roses,” he says softly before looking up at you with a sweet smile. “Of course I’ll be your friend!” He takes the rose and puts it in a glass of water on his desk where he can see it while he works.

hey uuuh i’m trying to come up with middle names (for when i change my name) and i was wondering if any of y’all have any suggestions? i already have one in mind (aidan) but i also wanna see what y’all think, i guess? i’d really appreciate it

also they can either be gender-neutral or male-sounding, either one’s fine. something that you think would sound nice with oliver. thanks pals