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Ollie, YOU’RE an Ewok.  I have a tag that says it so it must be true. 

Happy Stars Wars Day everyone!

And what better way to celebrate than with a completely brand new version of Malcolm Explains Star Wars also known as The Greatest Conversation in the History of Ever (and also incidentally the source of my avatar).

  • Cully: This Cup Juice is basically rat poison. Everybody's wasted.
  • Sid: *sniffles* I didn't even say one thing. And then she asked me the whole thing, and I didn't even do it once.
  • Phil: I'm like an elephant, okay? If I walk into a room, it's like, okay, he's in there.
  • Flower: *hic* I'm gonna tell you that... that bitch over there *points at someone* I'm... I'm not gonna tell you that... I don't have to brag.
  • Geno: *giggles* bababooey. *snickers*
  • Dumo: turn the music down! *nonsensical rambling and offkey drunk singing*
  • Olli: *rambling off in rapid-fire Finnish*
  • Hainsey: *busts out laughing and then cough-hacks a little*
  • Sully: *dancing nonsensically to the beat*

Alfie Solomons X reader

Request: thank you so much!my idea would be an Alfie and wife reader(I had Queenie Goldstein personality in mind), I know he’s the big,scary bear, but he’d be a whimp and totally do anything his wife asks of him and pretty much kisses the ground she walks. what do you think?

can you do one where alfie and reader fight and he thinks she’s left him but she hasn’t?

Author’s note: this is HELLLAAAAA long I am sorry, but enjoy!

Alfie barely ever lets you see his “work” side, as you call it. To you, he was a true gentleman who worshipped the ground you walked on, but to others, he was the cold, scary Alfie Solomons. He barely ever let his scary bear personality slip through around you.

But on this particular day, he came home in a big gurn, slamming the door behind him as he walked into your house and slumped on the chair. Normally you would stand behind his chair rubbing your hands down his chest while laying kisses on his neck. This was normally enough to make him calm down and snap out his mood. But you weren’t having the best day either, you had just found out your grandfather was pretty sick, very sick in fact. You didn’t know if you were ever going to see him again at this rate but you kept yourself calm and didn’t let alfie know that you were upset. It was a busy few weeks business wise for him and he would drop everything for you, you knew that would jepordise a few deals he was working on if he wasn’t giving it all of his attention.

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Okay, so we know Bucky ollied out fell off the train (insert big NOOOO here)

“Aw dang it” - actual line

But like

How’d he lose the arm?

was it wolves was it wolves

ar maidin | alfie solomons

Built around my headcanon that Alfie never goddamn sleeps, someone save this man and bring him some warm milk and a blanket already.

Camden didn’t seem to have a cycle to the day and night so much as it had disorienting, sudden switch-overs. There was the bustle of work in the day, the burst of fun in the evening, the outright chaos of the night. There was never really a lull, except a clear hour before the dawn when everything seemed to stop. Too late for revellers, too early for workers, peace found a home here, nestled up to the buildings and slumbered.

You should have been slumbering too, wrapped up in the outrageously expensive sheets Alfie insisted on but never actually seemed to sleep in. Yet here you were, heels clacking down the damp steps of an illegal distillery.

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Spain - Alfie Solomons

Request: can i ask for a fic where you spent some time in spain and speak fluent spanish but nobody would guess it and the shelbys find out and use it for business? Or with alfie or whatever you feel like (: maybe like alfie/tommy/john/arthur think its sexy when you speak spanish?

Spain - Alfie Solomons

You stood by the corner of the street, far enough away from the bakery that no one would pay attention to you loitering there. Though it was an unusual business endeavor you had been sent to London to speak to an Alfred Solomons about the export of his whiskey to Spain. You had grown up in Spain to a Spanish mother and an English father. With new export laws your father hoped to capitalize on a business that other Spaniards had not tapped into yet. English whiskey.  

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Oliver:</b> Laugh all you want Poppets, but twenty years from now I can guarantee to you that I will be Jacque's second husband!<p/><b>Jacque:</b> What happened to my first husband?<p/><b>Oliver:</b> ....Nothing you can prove<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Lookie Here

Summary: Reader is Alfie’s sister and she’s just every bit as fun as he is.

Characters: Reader, Alfie Solomons, Ollie, Thomas Shelby, ‘bakers’

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Word Count: 491

AN: This is my first Peaky Blinders Imagine please be nice about it.

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