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What we got was 4 minutes of Mark talking about s4 in a very Mark way. I’m sure you can guess. He says ‘125 year old spoiler’ when referring to the end of TST. He then talks about TLD being an 'emotional wringer’ and an 'emotional punch in the gut.’ He did not officially announce the title of TFP, still trying to keep it on the down-low (even though it isn’t). HE TALKS ABOUT TFP BEING 'THE BREAKING POINT OF EVERYTHING THATS BEEN BUILT UP OVER THE LAST SIX YEARS’ (!!!!) AND THAT 'THINGS WILL N E V E R B E T H E S A M E. SHERLOCK COMES TO A SHATTERING CLIMAX LIKE A GREAT PIECE OF MUSIC.’

So yeah. That’s what we got. Don’t know if they’ll be dropping it tonight or tomorrow or ever but there it is. TJLC is real. This is Ollie Asa Elric, signing off. (Also there was some het shit with the baby in the beginning but it’s still fake. I don’t know her.)

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Summary: Reader is Alfie’s sister and she’s just every bit as fun as he is.

Characters: Reader, Alfie Solomons, Ollie, Thomas Shelby, ‘bakers’

Fandom: Peaky Blinders

Word Count: 491

AN: This is my first Peaky Blinders Imagine please be nice about it.

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so, ep11 happened, and i just want to take a moment to think about yuri fuckin plisetsky

bc from his POV: you spend your whole life training for these competitions, getting to train under your idol (viktor - theres no way little yuri didnt idolize him) & work under the same coach as said idol.. and then said idol just. ollys the fuck off to japan bc of some drunk pole dancer. youre confused & pissed. you work your ass off all season, you curse and swear and train and near the end of it your hero is just staring happily at his engagement ring, and youre ready to just move on, bc as far as youre concerned, hes dead

but you cant move on past viktor nikforov, bc youre skating his routine, breaking his record, & getting compared to him over and over again.

yuri plisetsky, no matter how far he goes, is going to be compared to viktor. viktors scores, viktors hair (really, yakov?), viktors legacy. in all reality, for yuri to rly beat vitkors legacy, he needs to win the GPF 6 fucking times in a row - and thats 6 years of talk about breaking viktors records, and that is going to suck

yuri is stuck in viktors shadow, & im not too sure hes ever going to fully break out of it

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Imagine Oliver going out with Viktor, okay? Now imagine everyone being a little concerned because Viktor is this toughass lookin' dude and Oliver is tiny by comparison. Now imagine Allen walking in on them fucking because he hears someone screaming and he just sees poor Viktor squealing his head off while Ollie fucks him senseless. Now imagine Allen running off because he's having trouble comprehending what he just witnessed. G o o d b y e


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Day Together-Oliver Queen x Reader

A/N: a little bit of smut…okay maybe more than a little….when I was writing this, I asked myself ‘what am I doing?’

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“Nu-uh. You are coming back to bed.” You wrapped the sheet around you and reached out to Oliver who was getting dressed. You knew that he was going out but you were pretty against the idea of him leaving you. “Ollie. Shirt off and climb back into bed.”

Oliver returned to your shared bed but he kept his shirt on. You sighed quietly to yourself and you knew why. He hated all of the scarring on his body. You curled up against him and kissed his lips lightly. His hand gripped the back of your neck as his teeth pulled your bottom lips a little. 

Your hands went underneath his shirt and you pulled the clothing over his head. Your eyes went straight to the scars on his torso and traced your fingers over them, kissing each one until he turned over and you did the same with the ones on his back.

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Oliver let out a content sigh and smiled. It was the first time in a while that the pair of you spent some time together. Oliver went back to sleep and you stayed and watched him because he looked so much younger and less troubled. It was a relief for you seeing as he always looked so disturbed and hurt. When you were certain that he was asleep, you threw on his discarded shirt and made breakfast for him.

You didn’t like leaving before he was awake as he would usually panic if he woke up without you. He was always wary that being the Arrow would catch up with him and that one day you would be taken as revenge or used as bait. It petrified him that you would get hurt or worse, killed. 

You plated up the food and made coffee for you both. You carried it back to the bedroom and placed it on the bedside table. You stroked his cheeks and gently tried to wake him. “Ollie, Oliver. Wake up.” He began to stir and groan a little before he finally opened his eyes. “I made breakfast, get up.”

Oliver sat up and kissed the side of your head. He reached over you and brought the tray to the pair of you. He ate heartily and happily and it made your heart flutter a little. He made you so happy. “This is great, Y/N.” He spoke through a mouth full of food. You playfully scolded him and laughed.


After you both finished eating, Oliver was leaving to go to work. You pounced on him and refused to let him leave. He was a little annoyed but you kissed and sucked his neck. You sucked on his neck hard, you wanted to leave marks all over him like he did with you. “You’re not going anywhere today. We are going to spend the day in bed with each other and eat only pizza. Diggs and Felicity know that already.”

Oliver let out a sigh of defeat and when he didn’t come back to bed, you threw a pillow at him. “Hey, that’s my pillow. I’m going to have a shower. You’re free to join me if you like.” Oliver sent you a suggestive smile and you debated it in your head. 

You followed him into the shower and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. You wanted to make it a show for Oliver. You slid the shirt down your shoulders and left it there so that he could see a little bit of skin from your shoulders and all of your legs. You turned away from him and let the shirt drop, a sharp exhale is heard behind you. 

Oliver wrapped his arms behind you and ground his hips against your ass, his member was hard and throbbing. He turned you around and held you against the sink, his fingers hooked the inside of your underwear and pulled the flimsy fabric down your legs. 

Your wetness glistened in the light and Oliver pulled your right leg over his shoulder and he licked a long stripe along your slit. You cried out and tugged at his hair. Whilst he lapped up your juices, he pumped two fingers in and out of you rhythmically slowly. He loved to see you squirm underneath him and beg for more. The pad of his thumb toyed with your clit and before you could orgasm, he thrust inside of you. He let you accommodate to his size before he moved. You met his pace and he nipped at your breasts. His grip held you up but his lips were making you fall onto him. 

When you climaxed, your walls clenched around Oliver and he let out a guttural groan as he came inside of you. You collapsed onto his sweaty body and tried to catch your breath. Oliver sat you down and switched on the water. He carried you into the shower once it was warm and he held you up still. 


“Are you okay to walk?” Oliver had a smug smile on his face and you jokingly punched him. He laughed it off and carried you back to bed. He kissed you and held you close. His beautiful blue eyes bore into you. You didn’t even need to speak yet he knew exactly what you were thinking. “Y/N, do you think I did the right thing with William?”

You blinked at him a few times before his question really registered in your head and you kissed him briefly. “Oliver, don’t do this to yourself. Of course, you did the right thing. I promise you.” You stroked his face and he got up. You let him have a little bit of time alone before you went after him. After ten minutes, you found Oliver sat on the sofa with his head in his hands. You pulled him close to your body and the both of you just sat there in a comfortable silence.

He looked up at you and you wiped the tears from his face and he buried his head into your shoulder and you comforted him. You stayed there until he was ready to talk. “I love you, Oliver Queen. You whispered into his hair.

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By the time dinner came around, the pair of you were starving and luckily you were prepared. You had ordered a pizza to be delivered and when the doorbell rang, you forced Oliver to answer the door. “Babe, come out for pizza.” Oliver shouted despite you knowing that food had arrived.

You walked over to him but you were sore and a little tired. He switched on the tv and you grabbed a slice of pizza and shoved it down your throat. Oliver did the same and the pair of you watched some mindless show until you fell asleep on his shoulder.

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think abt rickon between shaggy and ghost looking down at his dead brother on that table 8)

think abt shaggy and ghost watching over jon

think abt rickon watching over him 2 after he gets over his “IM GONNA MURDER EVERYONE”

things i need in my life right now: ALL OF THE ABOVE

but also consider once Jon is back alive Shaggy & Ghost taking turns
to take Rickon on their back to run around Castle Black’s yard

Fears. (closed)



  Lance was always scared of separation or just being left alone. Not only that but being taken or captured. Sadly all of which were sure to happen. Humans were a very, curious and persistent race. They had to know everything about, space, the mountains, the forests, the Sea. Everything. So, as the humans started to explore the sea, his people had to be a lot more cautious. Merfolk were very good at hiding and staying alive, but…that wasn’t living. That was just staying in small caverns, and only going out for food during bad weather.. Humans couldn’t deal with the strong currents. 

   Another thing Human’s loved to do, take. They loved to take and take and take until there was no more left. If they discovered them, who knew what would happen, would they be hunted? Or viewed as a race and asked to join a country. Either way, Lance wasn’t sure about any of this, it was all, rumors, or just stories. Some would go on about how they were caught and actually released. Others claim that they had to fight to get away. Whatever the case, it caused most of his people to move to rougher waters, where humans wouldn’t dare to venture in fear of drowning, or downing their ship. Except for Lance. 

   He wasn’t sure how he ended up here exactly, his rather large family and he were separated by a current so strong he couldn’t even swim against it. And now, he was..here. In tropical waters, nothing too horrible. There was plenty to eat, and no one to have to fight over it. That was until one night. It was storming, and he was in the open ocean. Clearly no one would be out here, the rough waters were too much of a threat, or so he thought. Before he knew it, as he was scooping up a crab, netting closed in around him, and his blood ran cold as he started to get pulled to the surface. His eyes widened as he struggled trying to swim down, trying to force himself down…but they weren’t lifting this by hand, there had to be a machine of some kind. He pressed himself against the netting as he could see the surface, trying to stay hidden for as long as he could, hoping it would break, or someone would cut the line. But no…he was pulled into the air, gasping as his gills started to fade away as he no longer needed them.

   His blue tail curled closer to him as he saw the look in the men’s eyes. It wasn’t amazement or wonder as they looked to the creature they had just stumbled upon. It was greed. He glared at them with his blue eyes, daring not to speak, if they knew he spoke, they might try to get information out of him. Either way, he was quickly moved. Thrown into a create, and shoved into the corner. He thrashed, trying to break the box, but it was no use…he was just hurting himself at this point.

   Months later, he still had no idea where he was, all he knew was he was thrown into glass tank, after glass tank. Shown off, to humans like a fucking prize. He hated it, hated all these eyes looking at him, flashes of light, he hated everything about the humans. And now, sitting in at least a larger tank, as he was probably expected to move. He managed to tangle to seaweed into a hammock like structure as he rested in there. His tail dangling off as it shimmer in the artificial light. He wasn’t tan cause merfolk were tan…no, he was tank cause he loved the sun…and that was something he would never see again. 

   All he’d hear was the fake waves, children screaming and tapping on the glass. And the buzzer that sometimes dropped fish in his tank to eat. Though he’d wait to eat till night. He wasn’t a show, he was a living thing for fucks sake. There is no way he’d hunt, and give these people what they wanted. And as for right now, he remained where he was, his tail swaying slowly, as the majority of himself was hidden in the seaweed. But that didn’t stop the crowd from showing up everyday and taking pictures, and tapping on the glass. 

I’m sorry but can you imagine:



Roy and Kori eavesdropping not-so-subtly on all of Jason’s conversations with Batman and the rest of the Batfam and swooping in whenever things get a little heated. Like Roy’s just ‘lol sorry we gotta go do mission stuff’ and Kori just sorta hovers threateningly with a sweet smile until they gtfo of there. Jason acts all annoyed but doesn’t do anything to stop it.

Kori sticking to Roy’s side whenever Green Arrow is even within the vicinity, and Jason just slowly and methodically sharpens all his knives and cleans his guns without taking his eyes off of Ollie for a second which makes him super uncomfortable.

Roy and Jason torn between sticking up for Kori when some drama from Tamaran comes calling and letting it go because she doesn’t need their help she’s got this shit handled.

They all watch a movie but as soon as a scene involving beatings, clowns and or death-by-explosions comes up Roy turns it off right away and asks Jason if he’s okay with them watching this or finding something else.

Kori keeping eyes on her boys in the field whenever they go out but becoming super-hawk around Jason/Roy whenever they’re around Gotham/Star City.

Jason coming in late from a job finding the redheads passed out on the couch and sighing and rolling his eyes and grumbling a lot but covering them in a blanket even though Kori’s a walking furnace.

Jason being literally the greatest godfather to Lian and Mar’i. Batman is constantly worried about those children being around the Red Hood but he is just the best he paints their nails and does their hair and talks about boys (or girls) with them and doesn’t tell them squat about what he and their parents actually get up to.

Roy and Kori going out of their way to find the Joker after his umpteenth escape from Arkham and just beating the ever-living shit out of him before handing him over to the Batfam like ‘it’s not us that’s going to kill him’.

Kori the saint of all saints doesn’t bother Jason when he’s in angst-mode just sorta sits with him makes him hot chocolate sings to him etc. Roy does everything within his power to find what upset his friend and get rid of that shit right away because his friend is sad, dammit, and that is not okay.

Jason being all ‘grr I’m a loner’ but as soon as Roy calls him he is there in a heartbeat.

Roy and Kori being the family Jason never really had and Jason and Kori being the friends Roy never had and Jason and Roy being the happiness Kori never knew she wanted.


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Sonny and Rafael coming back to their apartment after dropping Ollie off at college and truly realizing that their babies aren't babies anymore

Okay but this ask just made me SO SAD, ANON, WHAT THE FUCK.