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Take A Walk // An upbeat mix to make you ready for spring

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i just want you to keep this in mind.

aradia’s attitude towards death is, pretty justifiably, a bit unusual. she finds it fascinating and is at ease with it happening, because she knows it has to happen! 


that does not mean she wants her friends to die. she cares extremely deeply about her friends. see also: the reason she got killed in the first place. vriska crippled tavros, and aradia’s first feelings were guilt that she couldn’t do anything, anger over what happened, and a desire for revenge–which she acted on, of course! that’s not the reaction you’d get from someone who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone she knows.

she’s also incredibly forgiving–not only does she hold no ill will towards sollux (i mean, it wasn’t his fault at ALL but it would be understandable to be a bit wary of someone who was used as your murder weapon!), but she’s actually hanging out with vriska, aka THE GIRL WHO FUCKING KILLED HER.

so yeah, she cares a whole fucking lot.

and her views on death certainly don’t mean she’s in cahoots with le, as people continue to suggest. while she doesn’t like to think of herself as either good or evil, that doesn’t mean she’s amoral, and it doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. (if anything it means she probably has a firmer grasp on how morality actually works than people looking at things from a strict “good and evil” lens; i think at this point she knows that “good” people can do evil things, and “evil” people can do good things, and as such simply chooses not to label herself!)

in addition to saying she’s not allied with him and never will be, she outright refers to le as a “monster”, and coming from her, that’s pretty fucking strong. this is a girl who, like i said, seems to have forgiven her murderer, mind you–except in moments of anger, she rarely seems to speak truly ill of anyone. and she’s shown to be completely calm in this scene, so i’d say that single word shows a lot of disgust towards his actions.

aradia is someone who’s far more intimately acquainted with death than most–in a way, i’d actually say she “gets” death a bit better than many of her dead peers, given her time spent as a ghost and her vantage point as a god tier time player. she knows it has to happen, she views it as a natural thing that may as well be celebrated just like any other event…and none of that means she’s going to be happy about her friends dropping like flies.

*drops mic, ollies off the stage*